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No I am not talking about dating

But rather friendships or relationships with your family

When you are at your darkest times you usually go to a friend or family member… 425 kata lagi


exodus as a summary of the gospel

led sg discussion tonight on exodus 13(endish part) to 14 (end), about the crossing of the red sea. preparing was super humbling (limited time, i.e. between the time i dropped ahcs off at daycare and going to work + not sure if people were coming + can God use this to feed people? 553 kata lagi


#PeduliKitaPeduliTBC -- Saatnya Kita Peduli TBC!

Hi Scribblers!

Udah lama banget nih ga ada postingan baru. Nah di post baru kali ini, kita mau nulis sesuatu yang berfaedah nih! *eh tapi dari dulu tulisan kita emang berfaedah sih… hehehehe* 397 kata lagi



Tahun lalu, beberapa hari setelah broke up, kondisi badan gue menurun. Akibat ga nafsu makan berhari-hari. Yes I know, silly.

Beberapa minggu kemudian, gue dapet tugas untuk Business Trip ke Surabaya.. 890 kata lagi

Daily Life

easter 2018 sermon thoughts

a sermon on john 20:1-18 today at tbc for easter sunday, of how the disciples and then mary magdalene came to the tomb and Jesus appears and asks 2 direct/probing questions — why are you weeping, and what are you looking for? 584 kata lagi


When my baby got Jaundice...

Hello Mommies,

Today my baby is 5.5 months old. I am writing this article in hindsight as I feel the period of her being diagnosed with jaundice was really painful for me as a mother. 525 kata lagi