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TBC : mon nouveau défi

Top Body Challenge

Après avoir fait le BBG quasiment deux fois et avoir complètement stoppé le sport pendant 1 mois et demi, j’ai préféré ne pas continuer avec le BBG 2. 454 more words

Non Classé

Everything old is new again

Tonight, I had my first choir rehearsal with a “large” choir. I, along with several other church members, had cajoled and convinced several “former” choir members to join the choir for a few special numbers on, and leading up to Anniversary Sunday. 156 more words


Karazhan, my favorite raid

I read this Breakfast topic on Blizzard Watch earlier and it made me think of all the memories I have from all the different raids. 500 more words


Why a blog?

Good question! It’s not like I have nothing better to do with my time, right?

I just thought a blog would be a good place to prattle on, as I am prone to do in choir rehearsals. 74 more words


Will Be Back Soon

Hello (Internet) World!!

I’ve already broken my new years resolution! Only one post this month! But I conscientiously made the decision to put this blog on pause this month because of uni exams. 33 more words


Transition Tuesday

Or is that supposed to be “Transformation Tuesday”?
Who cares.

For me, it is Transition Tuesday. We all know that I REALLY excel at transition times. 117 more words


Ask The Tree Pt. 1 // I'm starting a novel, here is a taste

Authors Note: As I transition into college, I want to start a novel-length work. It will be written in stream-of-consciousness style poetry, and the plot is still in development. 146 more words