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The box was brown, taped up. There were two symbols on it. One big arrow pointing upwards, saying ‘this way up’. The other showing a wine glass: fragile. 839 more words


The Disguised Mary Sue And The Unlikeable Heroine

This question has occurred to me a lot since I started The Beast’s Curse: Why are heroines nowadays a stereotypical disguised Mary Sue

We all know the Mary Sue, an idealized character or a wish-fulfillment of the writer (if you want to know more click the… 469 more words


The Beast's Curse - Chapter 1 (1/2)

Hello everyone! I’ve wanted to share some more of my work- especially now that I want to overhaul the plot of my story. So I’ve decided to post the first half of Chapter 1 of  1.338 more words


Not a Fairy Tale

Thanks to the Picture Prompt#2 by The Book Club. Thanks TBC for all the motivation to write!

“Definitely the prettiest at this ball!”, thought Cinders as she admired her reflection on the wall to wall mirrors of the ball room at Charming’s palace. 854 more words

Writing Exercises

Case #005: Sekilas Tentang TBC

Selama saya berada di Puskesmas Ngrambe, bila tidak ada tugas di luar (penyuluhan, pos gizi balita, dll), biasanya saya stay di balai pengobatan (BP) untuk melayani pasien. 140 more words

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