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This is the situation, now make the best of it

Yesterday I found myself annoyed because something didn’t go how I wanted it to. It was only a little thing but it left me feeling really arsey (for lack of a better word). 184 kata lagi


Feeling down... there is hope!

Like everyone I have days where I just feel really bummed out and nothing I do can change this. Sometimes it lasts for ages and is really frequent. 338 kata lagi


Giving up alcohol... but not for the reason you think

So I’m on holiday with my family in a lovely place. It’s sunny, there’s a hot tub and we’re eating out or having a bbq every single day. 310 kata lagi


Anaconda Vice - James Stansfield

“In this town, everyone submits.. until now.”

When Lucas Winter, a retired professional wrestler, runs out of gas on a dark and desolate road, his only thoughts are on getting to the lights of the small town up ahead, getting some gas, and getting out of there…only things aren’t quite what they seem in the tiny town of Anaconda. 

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Book Review

A magical place...

I’m on holiday with my family this week in St Ives. It’s honestly one of my favourite places in the world!

This is why:

I took all of these this morning. 132 kata lagi


Check out my article on Patheos.com: "Could This Woman Bring Down The Southern Baptist Convention?"

There are certain iconic civil rights pictures we all remember— powerful images marking a pivotal moment in time.

Could the next great civil rights picture be taken at the SBC’s annual meeting this week?  14 kata lagi

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Fulfilment at Work

I work in a lab analysing animal feed. It’s okay work, it’s useful and the people are nice. However, it’s not fulfilling for me. I want a job where I actually make a difference in people’s lives in any way. 378 kata lagi