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DeLorean Diaries (part 4)

My metamorphosis had been interrupted—not quite human, not quite sentient ooze, I was a being in flux, caught between states of matter. That I looked no different on the outside was little indicator of my condition. 800 kata lagi


Nvidia Quadro GP100: Big Pascal, HBM2, and NVLink comes to workstations

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

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Nvidia unveils new GTX Titan X: 11 teraflops, 12GB GDDR5X, just $1,200Nvidia has brought its biggest fully enabled Pascal GPU out of the custom server-only market and into workstations. 627 kata lagi


Review: Silent Child by Sarah A Denzil.

My 4* review:

I have to say that I was very intrigued by the blurb of this book. The idea that your six year old son goes missing, assumed drowned, but then returns from the dead ten years later only a few miles from home, his body telling a horrific story of what he had been through during the last ten years, but his voice appears to have gone, he does not utter a single word, he cannot tell you where he has been or who had taken him. 448 kata lagi

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Buy TBC - Eradicate Poverty

The Billion Coin (TBC)  as at today sells for more than USD 1000 per TBC (more than NGN 500,000/TBC). In a short while, it’ll be going for over 800,000 Naira per TBC. 69 kata lagi

20160828 malacca trip day 3

soon, it’s the last day of the trip, half-day, to be specified.

as the returned bus was scheduled at 2.30pm, we don’t really have time to go far. 149 kata lagi


Book Review:The Doppelgänger

Title:  The Doppelgänger

Author:  Prateek Yadav

Pages: 170 pages

Plot: The perfect plan for the perfect heist-a team of con-men, foolproof disguise and a painting worth millions, nothing could have gone wrong. 319 kata lagi