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Dear Anthony,

There are many things I’d like to write to you, but for now, I’d rather just mention the meaning of my new tattoo, my first tattoo, a tattoo for you. 591 kata lagi

Weekend vibe

My weekend went by quite quietly. I was at my parents house, played with my dogs and cats and didn’t do anything. Just rested and slept a lot. 99 kata lagi

Putosyap Meme set: Gakky Amura/Wino-fied




What do you think of this, guys?

Yui Aragaki

Piercing or Tattoos?

Day 8: Last one for today! This one is actually for today so ALL CAUGHT UP! So, Piercing or tattoos.

I do have a piercing. I have my ears pierced, but I can not wear my earrings all the time. 434 kata lagi

4 x This Week: Cool Stuff, Hot Days, Characters and Eyepatches

So this week, in a nutshell:

  1. It’s 100° F outside right now. As a child of autumn/winter/rain/snow, I am less than pleased.
  2. So, quick question. …
  3. 285 kata lagi

Guest Spot: Dave Simpson and Lewis Parkin in Milan

On the 5th – 8th July, Dave Simpson and Lewis Parkin will be guesting at Man’s Ruin in Milan! This is a great opportunity to get yourself something great from a tattooer you might not normally be able to get to. 70 kata lagi