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Dena picked out this beautiful combination from @anatometalinc for her new conch and tragus piercings by Sarah. Come see what else we have for you! <3… 44 kata lagi

Black Cat Collective

A Scottish Hodge Podge

You know the drill by now. Pull up “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” by Natalie Cole today.

By waiting two weeks to write a new post, I have unwittingly given myself a nearly impossible task. 1.381 kata lagi

night ocean filled with glints

Being is not what it seems,
nor nonbeing.
The world’s existence
is not in the world.

If your guide is the ego,
do not rely on luck for help.

112 kata lagi

Fan Tattoos

Been meaning to dedicate posts purely to the latest, cool fan tattoo I’ve come across, so let’s start, shall we?!

Check out this one a fan has of Wolverine meshed with Tigger. 31 kata lagi


Henna Tattoo Tutorial

So ever since I went to Dubai last year, I’ve become slightly obsessed with Henna (or┬áMehndi). For┬áthose of you who don’t know what Henna is, it’s a reddish-brown paste made from the leaves of the Henna plant, which has been used for thousands of years to make hair dye and temporary body art. 301 kata lagi


Primary Countdown

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The phone rings non-stop from pollsters, the mailbox is full of slick colorful ads from super pacs and one cannot go to a diner without running into a candidate. 74 kata lagi