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Throwback Thursday: The Dark Side

Thursdays are dedicated to previous posts or pictures with stories attached to them. Some serious, some happy and some funny — a little bit of everything! 372 kata lagi


Handpoked Art

I learned how to “stick n poke” or “hand poke” when I was 15. I sadly don’t have the patience to sit and do them. My friend recently learned how and I love them. 41 kata lagi

First Tattoo 

Yesterday I got my first tattoo. It’s a funny story because even though I’ve been planning to get this tattoo for a few years now, it still happened rather unplanned and randomly. 450 kata lagi


Thought that I would talk about tattoos and show you all just a few of mine! If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, you should defiantly think have a good think about what you want… As it is going to be on you forever! 339 kata lagi


Kylie Jenner Got a New Butt Tattoo

Kylie Jenner decided to get some new ink from her boyfriend, Tyga’s, personal tattoo artist. She reportedly got the words “before sanity” across her butt cheek. 21 kata lagi


Taboo Tattoo - Episodes 1-4

My reviews for Episodes 1-4 of Taboo Tattoo are up on Anime News Network. For my full thoughts, check out the links below!

Episodes 1-3… 99 kata lagi

Anime Review

New Tattoo: Worker Bee

BUZZ BUZZ. I got my first chest tattoo! And it’s a worker bee! I was going to get in on my throat but wussed out… haha. 60 kata lagi