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18 Awesome Abstract and Cubist Style Tattoos by Mike Boyd

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London-based tattoo artist Mike Boyd has become well-known for his abstract and cubist style tattoos. Mike works out of The Circle in Soho, London but also does a fair amount of travelling to conventions and conferences where you can also book him for work. 150 kata lagi


New Beginnings

I tossed around the idea of starting a new blog for a long time. I have had several over the last decade and a half and they usually become whiny or distracted. 560 kata lagi


Will Pete and His Wife Actually Get Tattoos Together?

Last week, Pete let us in on a conversation he had with his wife that they were thinking about getting matching couple tattoos.

We had a phone call about it and Mike just happened to be going to a Tattoo & Music Fest in Providence so he asked someone getting a tattoo along with some tattoo artists. 96 kata lagi


Compass Tattoo Design

I designed this as a personal request from a close friend of mine. Since I had never drawn feathers before, it actually took me a couple tries before I got them just the way that I wanted. 10 kata lagi


Orange sundae

Dress: Boho (Orange/Lara) by Eskarina NEW InspirationSL
Hair: Mico (Orange Browns) by DeLa NEWish
Tattoo: Margarita (Black/Dark/Maitreya) by Nanika NEW @ SaNaRae
Body:  113 kata lagi