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My Newest Accessory

This post is a bunch of word vomit and will probably have many grammatical errors so bear with me. I recently got my first and more than likely my only tattoo.  2.291 kata lagi

About Me

How did I get my Tattoo?

After my breakup, I have created a bucket list of goals that I would want to achieve as a person not anymore committed to anyone. The first on the list is to get my first tattoo! 268 kata lagi

Art And Landscape


My next class I’m teaching is Archery. Arrows.

My surgeon has to mark my eye on surgery day with…Arrows.

Arrows point to True North.

An arrow must be pulled back before launching forward… 62 kata lagi


Getting your first tattoo (Tips)

Okay so you’re getting your first tattoo, I’m sure you’re super nervous, so here are some things to help you:

1. Do a lot of research on the place/person you’re getting the tattoo from. 144 kata lagi

These Cool-Girl Temporary Tattoos Are The Next Big Thing in Faux Ink

If you’ve been anywhere near the beach (or the Indio desert) during the last year or so, you’ve likely spotted Flash Tattoos—those bold metallic temporary tattoos that were… 336 kata lagi


How the mind wanders

Hay Hay,

As always it’s been a while.


So we have moved again :-), and I have got a new job at the harvester *I love it* so busy all the time and the people who work there are ace. 832 kata lagi