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Hex Appeal: Say you love Satan!

OV’s merch wing- Hex Appeal- has teamed up with Berlin based tattooer Alice of the Dead for a a diabolical embroidered patch! Packaged with a header card also featuring art by Alice, this 3.5″ x 3.5″ iron on backed patch is a great way to show your eternal love for ol’ Scratch. 47 kata lagi

Occult Vibrations

Tatouage temporaire

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Chaque fois que je vois un beau tatouage sur quelqu’un, je suis tenté d’obtenir encré moi-même. Mais je ne suis pas une personne qui voudrait faire étalage d’un tatouage partout où je vais et donc je n’aime pas le tatouage permanent. 506 kata lagi

Tatouage éphémère

Not so for ever

Ok ayer escribir que quiero algo por siempre. sin embargo soy cientifica vivo de la experimentación.

Desde anoche he estado queriendo algo por siempre. Algo mio que dure para un buen rato que sea YO la que decida que se vaya. 312 kata lagi


i got a tattoo today. it is a drawing of the skyline, depicting the most memorable structures of the city i was born in and have lived in ever since. 152 kata lagi



In modern society, tattoos have become such a popular and common form of art. Whether it be a small flower on someones wrist, or a sleeve of multi-colored designs, I seem to see tattoos everywhere I go. 528 kata lagi