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The Amazing Race S29 - Finale Recap - Home Run!

It’s the final showdown between Team LoLo, Will & Grace and Mom & Dad! I must admit I wasn’t very keen going into this season, but it really has given us the goods. 814 kata lagi

Reality Tv

ALONE, by Grasps_

Fresh Aggressive bass tunes from TAR collective, Grasps_ brings us a dank EP of hard-hitting experimental club tunes. Grab the project now via Bandcamp and your chosen price.

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Tervan Tie

Somewhere in the marshy forests before Kajaani runs an invisible border, the watershed. From this line the water no longer flows southwards, but to the northwest in the Gulf of Bothnia. 270 kata lagi

Baltic Sea Tour

Siavash Amini - Christoph Berg - Olivier Alary

Siavash Amini – Tar (hallow ground)

 Τι άλλο μένει να ειπωθεί για τον Ιρανό δημιουργό Siavash Amini; Το μόνο που έχει αλλάξει από τότε που πρωτοασχοληθήκαμε μαζί του και μετά τις συνεργασίες του με τον Zenjungle και τον Matt Finney είναι η ευρεία αναγνώριση του έργου του στον χώρο της σύγχρονης πειραματικής-ορχηστρικής μουσικής. 25 kata lagi


Siavash Amini ~ TAR

Earlier this year, we predicted a trend toward darker music, and Siavash Animi‘s TAR is certainly a step in this direction.  Seeking to translate fear into sound, the Iranian artist covers traditional instruments (Nima Aghiani’s violin, Pouya Pour-Amin’s double bass) with thick, angry drone.   436 kata lagi

Richard Allen

Substantial Reduction in Review Effort Required to Demonstrate Adequate Recall

Measuring the recall achieved to within +/- 5% to demonstrate that a production is defensible can require reviewing a substantial number of random documents.  For a case of modest size, the amount of review required to measure recall can be larger than the amount of review required to actually find the responsive documents with predictive coding.  833 kata lagi