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How to decorate with table runners

Table runners can be use for formal occasion, casual or even playful. This provides a perfect guide or path to keep multiple centerpieces or serving dishes in line. 433 kata lagi

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Meet the new family member !

Hello ! This September is a special month for us since we’re joining pop up bazaar for the very first time, and launch new collections at the same time. 156 kata lagi

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Watercolor as table runner, why not?

Watercolors bring a delicate touch to interiors, there’s no enforcement to confine them within frames to be just as wall arts. One of the greatest things about watercolor is how many different ways it can be used throughout décor. 416 kata lagi

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Lurik edition : ethnic touch into your modern home

Hello folks!

For the very first post today, we’re so happy to announce that we’re just launched a special edition in the context of Indonesian Independence Day 2016. 112 kata lagi

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