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The holocircus

To distract Lumpy while she tends to dinner, Malla sits him down at a holotable to watch a circus program. She leans down to one of the four control panels inset around the table’s edge, presses a few buttons, and the program begins. 843 kata lagi

Volumetric Projection

OWPC: Appliance

The following items were found at our local public school. There is a room set up as a mini-museum, and BFF was too embarrassed to stand next to me while I took random photos of all these old items. 47 kata lagi


Vietnamese Dong - Showing $0.47 - Avoid Private Exchanges

By: Dominick Giammarino Hi everyone, please watch the video below, email whoever you want, tell them to subscribe to the newsletter. This article is updated as of Tuesday 9/2/2014, also check my new page on the Vietnamese Dong currency I have heard that private exchanges have taken place, I am
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Feeling My Age

This is how I felt when asking the man at OfficeMax where the tape recorders were and he advised me they are digital now…

Small things that matter-Audio Recording!!!

Early evening on the weekend’s used to be a busy time . It was the time to make sure the tape recorder is at right distance from TV speakers, the cassette is loaded and ready to record. 804 kata lagi

Wanna hunt ghosts?

Do you love all things that go bump in the night? Excited that Halloween is around the Corner because it’s your chance to gorge yourself on TV shows and Movies about Ghosts? 249 kata lagi

When Life Was (Possibly) Easier

The older people among us will remember life without electronics.

The family home phone was mounted to the wall; we did not know what a computer is; at work, we used type-writers and made copies with carbon paper and stencils. 475 kata lagi