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A look back: maxon DC motors in analogue tape recorders.

1977: The Commodore PET computer is first sold; Atari released its Video Computer system; The Porsche 928 is unveiled at the Geneva Motor show; and Uher-Werke released the SG 630 hi-fi tape recorder (with 4 maxon DC motors inside). 195 kata lagi

DC Servo Motor

Reelin' In The Years

We all know what memories bring
They bring diamonds and rust
– Joan Baez
About a year ago my brother and I were helping our parents sort out their attic. 3.994 kata lagi

Vintage RadioShack REALISTIC 7A7 REEL TO REEL Tape Recorder Japan - For Parts 

Vintage RadioShack REALISTIC 7A7 REEL TO REEL Tape Recorder Japan – For Parts 

This unit is being sold for parts & repair or as a collectible. 54 kata lagi

On EBay

The holocircus

To distract Lumpy while she tends to dinner, Malla sits him down at a holotable to watch a circus program. She leans down to one of the four control panels inset around the table’s edge, presses a few buttons, and the program begins. 843 kata lagi

Volumetric Projection

OWPC: Appliance

The following items were found at our local public school. There is a room set up as a mini-museum, and BFF was too embarrassed to stand next to me while I took random photos of all these old items. 47 kata lagi


Vietnamese Dong - Showing $0.47 - Avoid Private Exchanges

By: Dominick Giammarino Hi everyone, please watch the video below, email whoever you want, tell them to subscribe to the newsletter. This article is updated as of Tuesday 9/2/2014, also check my new page on the Vietnamese Dong currency I have heard that private exchanges have taken place, I am
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