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Today Is National Honesty Day So Here Are My 10 Lies That Keep Me Up At Night

Today is National Honesty Day and I’m officially an open book. I’m prepared to share my list of things I’ve lied about and come clean once and for all. 421 kata lagi

The Music Journey #1 80's, Tape recorders & Milk Bottles,

4 years old and didn’t know any better, there I was my whole life ahead of me. I picked up the milk bottle (don’t know if milk floats still go about) and I started to create a song of sorts.. 275 kata lagi


Cassette Collections and Classic Songs - My Childhood Memories

A few days ago, we celebrated our company anniversary. The best thing I could say about the event is, I performed for a song. It’s been several years since last I did. 332 kata lagi


Listen to Lionlimb’s Latest Album ‘Tape Recorder’ Streaming on Noisey

Lionlimb’s upcoming album which is set to be released February 23 on Bayonet Records is now available to stream via Noisey on Soundcloud. Tape Recorder… 77 kata lagi


Christmas, Childhood, and Cable Spaghetti

A story by Moss Hart narrated by José Ferrer reminds this blogger of a story from his own childhood

At Christmastime, I often hearken back to… 1.685 kata lagi


ESP8266 as a Tape Drive

1976 was the year the Apple I was released, one of several computers based on the MOS 6502 chip. MOS itself released the KIM-1 (Keyboard Input Monitor) initially to demonstrate the power of the chip. 265 kata lagi

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