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Christmas, Childhood, and Cable Spaghetti

A story by Moss Hart narrated by José Ferrer reminds this blogger of a story from his own childhood

At Christmastime, I often hearken back to… 1.685 kata lagi


ESP8266 as a Tape Drive

1976 was the year the Apple I was released, one of several computers based on the MOS 6502 chip. MOS itself released the KIM-1 (Keyboard Input Monitor) initially to demonstrate the power of the chip. 265 kata lagi

Classic Hacks

Use Old Tape Player as Audio Amplifier

Days are gone when tape players were used for listening to music, in fact those oldies can still be used, don’t worry you don’t have to buy cassettes, you can modify them to amplify the audio output of your smartphone or your iPod. 54 kata lagi


Mockingbirds: Versatile Voices in Plain Plumage

Mockingbirds: Versatile Voices in Plain Plumage

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a…

1.347 kata lagi

Zing atangin kan phur nghal em em, khua pawh a favang khua ruih tawh a. Masi tih lohah chuan thingtlang naupangin kan nghahhlelh em em thin chu lo zawh ni kha a ni. 962 kata lagi

Thu Ngaihnawm

Five Dolls For An August Moon

A great cast gathers on Mario Bava’s J&B Island.

Everyone hits the J&B pretty hard after they find the first body.

Maurice Poli even drinks from the bottle…. 30 kata lagi


Cross Current

Philippe Leroy enjoys his J&B right from the bottle, naturally.

A haunting J&B image.

A little morning after J&B.

Verson Jetorix: “Good Euro ambience flick with Philippe Leroy, Elga Andersen, Franco Ressel, Ivan Rassimov, and Rosanna Yanni, all of whom drink J&B and some of whom survive the nonsensical, twisty murder plot.”