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tape recorder

let us come together now
with our ballads and sonnets
our chicken scratch on paper napkins
on gum wrappers, old receipts, you get it… 216 more words


Letter: Memorizing times tables is a must

Re: Make way for more math for students — and teachers, Jan. 31.

As I read all of the recent Citizen pieces on math problems, and the opinions on the pros and cons of memorization, I thought of my dad, Colin Leitch. 211 more words


My.Daily.Distraction ~ Post 101: Puzzling Memories

Circa 1968: Mississauga, Ontario

To help celebrate the arrival of a weekend my Mother would occasionally come home from work on a Friday night with a brand new and unopened jigsaw puzzle. 745 more words


Tape Recorder.

Does anyone remember these?  I do, my dad had one.  Not only did he record music, he also recorded programmes and films off the TV :-)


Manufacturers and foreign trade firms in Eastern Bloc dealing with the Radio Equipment


Zrzeszenie Przedsiębiorstw Przemysłu Elektronicznego UNITRA, Warszawa
Exporter/Importer: PHZ UNITRA, Warszawa
(The most important manufacturer in Eastern Bloc having wide variety of products and models; some models were made under the licence from GRUNDIG, West Germany and THOMSON, France) 269 more words

Staring at my apple tree

I was a lot of things when I was four, but most importantly, I fancied myself a song writer. I would sit on my bed, tape recorder in hand, trying to get the best recording I could. 215 more words

Everyday Clichés

The Politics Of Dancing (vol. 27): (Music): Look wot you dun (to me)!

Dear me, such a long way I’ve come. It’s unbelievable remembering I was already there during the Antique times, punctuating the main events in the lives of the sovereigns and seigneurs, when not lulling their courts later on. 1.215 more words