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Tele - Pangururan Road (Toba Lake, North Sumatra)

This very panoramic provincial road connecting Dolok Sanggu’ & Tele (Humbang Hasundutan District) to Pangururan (capital of Samosir District). The road strecthes to about 25 km from the upper mountain up to the lowest point right on the coastal side of Toba Lake… 312 kata lagi

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Libur Natal

Selamat menikmati ibadah dan libur Natal sambil menikmati lagu-lagu Natal dalam bahasa Tapanuli


More from the 'Kroncong General' of Indonesia... Rudi Pirngadie and his Krontjong Beat!

Awhile back I posted a link to two albums on my youtube channel on Evergreen Records, the love-child of Brigadier General Rudi Pirngadie. Now here’s two more amazing albums from this bizarre nook of Indonesian music. 86 kata lagi

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