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Welcome to the new species of ape!

Big news in the atheist community. A new species of ape has been discovered. A phylogenetic study has just concluded that this kind of orang-utan speciated 700,000 years ago whereas the other two species of orang-utan separated from each other 400,000 years ago. 164 kata lagi

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The Newly Discovered And Nearly Extinct Tapanuli Orangutan Species

Up to today, there were two known Orangutan species, both critically endangered. There are about 4,000 more Sumatran orangutans (Pongo abelii) than Bornean orangutans ( 331 kata lagi


New Orangutan Species Discovered

The Tapanuli orangutan has recently been classified as the third species of orangutan, and only the seventh living species of great ape.

The species is isolated to a mountainous region of Sumatra, though unfortunately only 800 remain in the wild. 136 kata lagi



Price : IDR 87,500

Size: 250 gr

Type : Arabica

Arabica coffee grown on 1200 – 1400m altitude in Aeksabaon, South Tapanuli. It is finished under semi washed process followed by medium roast, developing a herby aroma. 31 kata lagi

Akhirnya Jalan Tarutung - Sibolga Diupgrade, Lebar jadi 7 meter!!

source : http://www.antarasumut.com/berita/163935/jalan-tarutung-sibolga-diperlebar-dengan-biaya-rp298-m

Akhirny Jalan Tarutung – Sibolga dilebarkan menjadi 7 meter…padahal dari taun 80-an statusny ud Jalan Negara, baru sekarang di-upgrade secara serius, dulu cuma tambal lapis tambal lapis diulang-ulang setiap ada rusak… 411 kata lagi

North Sumatra / Sumatra Utara