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Singer Tam Tam releases new single 'If Ya Luv' feat. B.I.Z

The singer and songwriter of hip hop known internationally as Tam Tam has released her latest single, “If Ya Luv,” feat. B.I.Z. The much-awaited single track has been published on the Thowed Off Ent. 456 more words

Mark Wastell: Vibra Trent

Linear Obsessional 3-inch CDr and download

A lovely archival release from Linear Obsessional, documenting a 2006 outing in Nottingham for Wastell’s solo tam-tam piece, Vibra. In his release notes, Wastell says that it was conceived as a tribute to the artist, musician and writer Roger Sutherland. 194 more words

Tam Tam and Au Revoir to Montreal

When we first arrived at the hostel we were told about “Tam Tam” which happens every Sunday in Montreal; well during the summer anyway. Groups of people go down to the park “to play drums and sell little bracelets”. 1.089 more words


First stop: Montréal, Mont Royal

Spring . . .

It could be felt on the mountain !!

The ecstasy of being able to show your belly button again, to feel warmth on your skin, to smell, to lie on a kind and cozy grassy patch . 82 more words

Tuned Gongs

I haven’t updated the percussion section in quite a while.  Here’s a quick remedy.

Tuned Gongs.

First off, what is a gong?  By definition, a gong must have a definite pitch.   381 more words


29th March 1972. From Films to Bingo.

J Arthur Rank, a Methodist, would turn in his grave at the thought of his film business ending as a gambling empire.

The films of J Arthur Rank who died Today in 1972 are best remembered for being preceded by the reverberating sound recorded on the Chinese ‘tam- tam’ and showing the muscular beater of a giant gong, the boxer ‘Bombardier’ Billy Wells. 364 more words