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My favourite cafés in Ljubljana

This will be one of those less text, more photos post, because I think the photos will speak for themselves. You’ve probably learnt by now that I’m a huge coffee lover (I’m writing this post while drinking a cup of it:)). 406 kata lagi

Tam Tam in Action

When the weather is nice and sunny head over to Parc Jean Mance in Montreal and join hundreds of people playing any kind of percussions (Tam Tam) and just chilling enjoying the beat. 22 kata lagi


Taplow Car Boot

Sunday morning we went to the Taplow Car Boot. The weather was fantastic and we managed to pick up some additional garden seating. These two little TamTam plastic seats will be great for BBQ’s and only cost £5.


Morocco road trip, part 3: A night in the desert

Read part 1 and part 2 of Tom’s Saharan adventure.

The fall was not a heavy one but it was enough for me to stay lying down as I caught my breath. 593 kata lagi