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Some miscellaneous things. I’d like to draw more ToA but I’ve gotten quite distracted with Bravely Default recently, so… >3>

translation: “Yuki, I… I love you.”


So SoulCalibur V has officially been announced and this new Tekken CG Anime

Namco held a press conference just a few hours ago in Dubai entitled “Level up”, and basically those 2 are (in my opinion) the only splashy announcements that are worth mentioning. 517 kata lagi


More 3DS Screens

Driver 3D

Tales of Abyss

Namco Bandai is readying a 3DS entry in the Tales series. But not an original one. The publisher announced today that it is working on a 3DS port of PlayStation 2’s Tales of the Abyss for release some time in 2011.

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Pictures pictures, everywhere!

So from last time, I opened up Photoshop again…and suddenly I couldn’t stop!  I get like this every now and then, when I just wanna keep drawing, painting, coloring, what have you.  359 kata lagi

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Haven't seen me in a while, eh?

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Haven’t seen me since school ended.  This is mainly due to the lack of good internet at home which has, suddenly and blessedly, been relieved.  220 kata lagi

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Bump of Chicken

Grup band fav salah satunya Bump of chicken Saya suka denger lagu yang judulnya karma

do you like this song?

if you like it please leave  a  comment… 127 kata lagi


Megurine Luka: Ah~ my Goddess~ ^^

When i heard the news of Crypton Future Media going to announced 3rd virtual singer in character vocal series. I was so nervous, and hope the third singer would be a female and prayed very hard hope that my wish came true. 212 kata lagi