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To the Chong Suu and a Giant Lenin Head

Monday, my first week day back in site, was Kyrgyz Independence Day.  With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Kyrgyzstan became the first of the… 386 kata lagi


Over the Mountains and a Dead Horse

And… I’m back in Talas again.  The last three weeks in Kengesh were a lot of fun, but it was time to come back to site and work.  337 kata lagi


Back over the Mountains

After six weeks of getting to know Kara Suu and Talas it was finally time to head back to Kengesh for the third (and final) phase of my Peace Corps training. 289 kata lagi


The Road to Talas

After the ceremonies in Bishkek, Damira and I took a taxi to the huge autovuzal (bus station) where busses, mashrutkas, and taxis leave for destinations all over the country.  453 kata lagi


Living in Kayseri

Hello everyone! My name is Taha; I am from Yozgat, a well-known city in Turkey. I am really glad to give you guys some information about the… 632 kata lagi


Headed to Talas

Friday was the day that many of us had been waiting for: It was site placement day.  We were all going to find out where in Kyrgyzstan we would be spending the next two years.  425 kata lagi


Spring 2015 updates

I have uploaded some new files for learning (Feb. 24th):(click below) Full updates available now.

Raga Tilak Kamod Introduction and Raga Bahar; Also see on those pages – composition in Raga Tilak Kamod (“Neer Bharan Kaiseh Jaaoon Sakhi Ab”). 10 kata lagi