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Enterprischool (Chapter 11)

Title : Enterprischool

Main Cast : Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang

Sub cast : find by yourself

Genre : GXG

Author : nxviaif 1.328 kata lagi

[DL FANSITE] TYMINION0309 (Taeyeon's Fansite)


The Album was compiled by Enticing Waves

Name: TYMINION0309 (Taeyeon’s Fansite) [@enticingwaves27]

Size: 135 MB (142,093,453 bytes)

Content: 75 Files, 16 Folders

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For Ginger: A Gift From Snoopy

“Keep looking up. That’s the secret of life.”
“A lot of people have caught my eye. But you were the only one that caught my heart.”

768 kata lagi

Married Zonk

Aku berdiam diri didalam kamar luas ini. Meratapi hidup yang sangat tidak berpihak kepadaku. 852 kata lagi