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Playing With the Time [Chapter 1]

Tittle : Playing With the Time

Main Cast : Tiffany Hwang, Kim Taeyeon

Other Cast : Find by yourself

Genre : Yuri (G x G) 1.836 kata lagi



Drive Me Crazy

Pairing: Taeyeon/Tiffany.

PG-13; ex girlfriends, same apartment, three months. What could possibly go wrong?


The Only One I Care About

Pairing: Taeyeon/Jessica. 45 kata lagi



You and that smile of yours. Eye-smile, the thing that made you this popular in the first place… everyone remembered you by it and by that small mistakes while calling yourself ‘Mushroom’. 1.569 kata lagi


7 Years

Title : 7 Years | Writer : Sumi | Length : Ficlet | Cast : TaeNy | Genre : Romance| Out Of Character | Typo(S) | Yuri | Not Real… 738 kata lagi


Silhouette 27

Title: Silhouette
Cast: SNSD, F(x), Girl’s Day, KARA and other
Genre: Yuri (girl x girl), fantasy (maybe), Adventure (maybe), gaje :v
Author: AkbGG

Chapter Sebelumnya.. 9.183 kata lagi

Drive Me Crazy (1)

They broke up. Hurtful words were said to each other, some things that you couldn’t take back even if you want to. They said enough – to the point were you don’t want to look at each others face ever again. 2.211 kata lagi