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Drishyam Review: Packed with suspense, loose on performance!

Drishyam is not a horror-movie but the fear factor remains alive through the movie. The base line of the movie is so real that by the end of it you would be grappling with: ‘What if it happens to me or my family…?” 976 kata lagi


The Singham man is back with vengeance! This time he fights an intellectual battle to protect the one thing he holds dearest: his family. The story of a common man staring palpable fear in the eyes and guiding his family to the safer shore. 18 kata lagi


Drishyam: Review

Bollywood has the right to make any movie they want. They can ‘borrow’ from regional language films. They can ‘remake’. They can adapt stories to their own setting. 449 kata lagi


Drishyam has strong opening weekend!

Ajay Devgn and Tabu mystery thriller, has clocked in an impressive Rs 8.5 Crores nett on its opening Friday (including paid previews) with solid growth projected in evening and night shows! 184 kata lagi

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Movie Review: परिवार की मजबूती का एहसास कराएगी 'दृश्यम'

कलाकार: अजय देवगन, श्रेया सरन, तब्बू, रजत कपूर, इशिता दत्ता, कमलेश सावंत
निर्माता: कुमार मंगत पाठक, अभिषेक पाठक, अजीत अंधारे
निर्देशक: निशिकांत कामत
कहानी: जीतू जोसफ

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By now Drishyam – the original Malayalam version with Mohanlal – is like one of the epics. It’s as if the story is part of Indian folklore and everybody is remaking it and has their own version of it. 671 kata lagi



DRISHYAM was first made in Malayalam in 2013, remade in Telugu as DRUSHYAM and in Kannada as DRUSHYA in 2014 and remade in Tamil as PAPANASAM a few months back and last week the Hindi remake was released as DRiSHYAM. 557 kata lagi