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Photo:Tabu & Sonali have a blast partying!

Photo:Tabu & Sonali have a blast partying!

Yesteryear actresses Sonali Bendre and Tabu have been seen partying with friends recently….…..Read More…………

Haider – Conditioned Minds And Their Repercussions

Review of Movie Haider


Film Haider brings the pain of Kashimiris on screen during the peak years of militancy. Though the story is of one family but efforts have been made to portray the Kashmir crisis which lingers on till today. 1.268 kata lagi

Arte Prohibido.

Gracias a la gran cantidad de tabúes y represiones que se tiene contra el cuerpo humano. Volviéndolo prohibido de ver, haciendo que sea algo deseado, aun cuando todos los hombres tenemos penes y todas la mujeres vagina, se nos vuelve incomodo ver el de alguien más, cuando biológicamente lucen igual. 327 kata lagi


Aus St.Gallen - aktuelle Meldung: Ein Tabu mitten in der Gesellschaft

Ein topaktuller Bericht zu diesem spannenden Topic!

Alkohol trinken ist so selbstverständlich, dass über die Schattenseiten kaum jemand spricht. Dabei kennt mindestens jeder dritte jemanden, der zu viel trinkt, sagen Fachleute. 833 kata lagi

St.Gallen: Politik

Iruvar: Okay, Is It My Fault That I Didn't Understand This Movie? Or Is It Because I Needed To Know 60 Years of DMK History?

I was watching this movie so closely!  So closely!  I know the drill with Ratnam films, he just drops in these little bits and then moves on so you can’t look away for a second.   2.867 kata lagi

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São Paulo supera jejum de vitórias fora de casa e marca primeiro gol de falta no ano

Ao vencer o Botafogo por 1 a 0, pela estreia do Campeonato Brasileiro, neste domingo (15), em Volta Redonda, o São Paulo conseguiu superar dois jejuns nesta temporada: o de vitórias fora de casa e gols de falta. 190 kata lagi


Talvar (Guilty) 2015

Talvar (Guilty) opened last September at the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). So what is it about?

Per the Storyline at IMDB:

The story revolves around the mysterious murder cases of a 14-year girl, Shruti Tandon and the domestic help, Khempal who worked at her place. 549 kata lagi