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Following the Easter Bunny down the rabbit hole!...

Easter is nearly upon us. For many this means little more than a surplus of hot cross buns, a nausea-fuelled orgy of chocolate eggs and a chance to spend some time trawling through the aisles of the local DIY stores. 961 kata lagi

Perangai - Kelompok Seni Jering Mudo

Pertunjukan komposisi musik “Perangai” oleh kelompok seni Jering Mudo (KSJM). Pada pembukaan OtaRabuMalam 16 (Diskusi dan bedah karya Muka Beda Rupa) di Pandopo Karawitan ISI Padangpanjang. 60 kata lagi


Timkat Times in Gondar

What is a Timkat exactly? I’m probably not the best person to explain this colorful religious holiday that Ethiopian Orthodox Christians celebrate every January 19th; I’m ever so tempted to let the photos speak for themselves. 414 kata lagi



Last weekend, in continuation of our holiday celebrations, was the Ethiopian feast of “Timkat”. This Orthodox holiday, the Ethiopian version of “Epiphany,” commemorates the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River and his revelation as being the Son of God. 441 kata lagi

Timkat Festival in pictures

Colourful Timkat festival is the Orthodox Ethiopian celebration of Epiphany, that takes place every 19th January. We chose some of our favourite photos of the ceremony at Lalibela in Northern Ethiopia, one of the country’s holiest cities and among the best places to attend the event. 131 kata lagi


Komposisi Musik Tradisional Bengkulu 2013 "TABIK BEREDAI"

Perjuangan akan memberikan hasil yang terbaik. Ingat itu semua harus melalui sebuah proses ….! 33 kata lagi