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The Purpose of The Speech Bubbles

As well as painting, drilling, sawing and measuring in preparation for the degree show, I have also been creating the display for my tabloids.

I plan to have speech and thought bubbles floating above the plinth or surface in which my tabloids will sit. 133 kata lagi


It's not a secret

Alan Rickman, Terry Wogan, Victoria Wood.

Three of the unsettlingly high number of celebrities that the world has already lost in 2016. But why have I focused on these three in particular? 470 kata lagi


My tabloids arrived today!

The colours came out very nicely the 55gsm paper, and I love the added newspaper-esque black tab in the top corner of each page. 153 kata lagi


Tabloid Claims Prince was Murdered

I get that tabloids need to make money. And to make money, they have to make up stories or put bait and switch headlines on their covers. 236 kata lagi


Dear The Daily Mail,

You know the typical story, I’m sat in the library composing a rousing essay on international relations or a dissertation on some distant philosophical theory, I’m losing interest and the will to live quickly. 363 kata lagi


Method Man On Watching His Back In The Entertainment Industry [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Rapper, producer and actor Method Man is no stranger to dealing with tabloid drama. He hung out with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show in-studio and talked about how gossip & tabloid media can be too messy. 156 kata lagi