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I open my window to flashes and screams

An utterly chaotic sidewalk scene

They all want a quote, want a pose, want a smile

Looks like I’m stuck here for the next little while… 238 kata lagi


Ink, Almeida

..or, given the vast quantity of real and herbal cigarettes smoked continually through the production, STINK.

See what we did there?

To be fair, we were warned in advance by a sternly worded email from the Almeida. 772 kata lagi

"I'm Not Having That!"

It came as a shock,

A sensationalist presenter of a tabloid talk show,

Dead, killed, live on TV.

He had been crouched low,

In front of the set. 129 kata lagi

The Role of the British Media, Put Simply

By Campaign Agent William Fawcett

The vast plurality of the British press is often what makes British politics so interesting and unpredictable, and demonstrates a key cornerstone of democracy. 2.957 kata lagi

Politics Put Simply