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I was coaching the early session this morning and as usual I cut getting to the poolside as fine as possible. We were looking at technique today so my lane was introduced to my concept of mindful swimming. 745 kata lagi

Random Thoughts

Schaudenfruede at the Supermarket

Caught myself tonight  breaking my rule!

I was riveted by a tabloid at Jewel. I’m one of those shameless people who will pull up to an aisle that’s closed, park my cart and read whatever I want without buying it. 247 kata lagi

On Men, Abusers and Family Homicide

I’ve been thinking a lot about this article. I’ve no idea who the Last Psychiatrist is, but they wrote this back in 2010. They aren’t Australian, but it doesn’t much matter because Australia has a really, really bad Domestic Violence problem. 1.230 kata lagi


Trump Ages Backwards

The Benjamin-Button-phenomenon has sprung to life in none other than US President Donald Trump, a recent medical hoax confirmed. Except the subject is becoming more stupid the younger he gets. 333 kata lagi

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