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Kris Jenner Hid O.J. Simpson Murder Weapon, Tabloid Alleges

Robert Kardashian Sr. may have used Kris Jenner to hide evidence that O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson, a tabloid alleges.

Oh yes. Of all the rumors connecting Kris Jenner to O.J. 17 kata lagi

Trust in science

As with every other week, the last 10 days has brought a slew of tabloid stories, linking various things with causing or curing cancer:

GOOD: … 866 kata lagi

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Leave The Gossip To The Tabloids

Good morning Gentlemen, today’s topic is on the subject of gossip. What once was something I thought only happened among grandmother’s, or surrounding Hollywood celebrities, has appeared to have taken on a new direction since the age of social media. 265 kata lagi

Gentleman's Code

60s Homo Shaming: The Plight of the Male Homosexual

Issue #31 of the 60s sleaze tabloid, National Informer Reader has a lot to say about the desperate life of homos.  It alternately sounds like a recruitment because they make it all sound so fun, but it’s clearly a shaming, guilt piece, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to read now! 86 kata lagi

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