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Non eveniment: Opera devine soap opera. Roman telenovelist la Muzeul Național al Literaturii Române

Publicarea autobiografiei a devenit o modă pentru majoritatea artiștilor lirici care s-au retras din activitate. Succesul acestor cărți este variabil, în funcție de celebritatea solistului respectiv, dar și de autor. 80 kata lagi

Non Valori

The Monster, The Sun and A Tale of Hack Journalism

They are not idiots. They’re hacks.

I’ve written on this blog before about my quiet love for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It’s a book I studied and one, as a teenager, I felt a lot of kinship with. 699 kata lagi


Mötley Crüe Drummer, Tommy Lee, beaten up by his own son.

Tommy Lee, the infamous drummer from 80s rock band Mötley Crüe, has shared a shocking picture tonight on Instagram of his bust up lip. But, it’s not from a old fashioned rock n’ roll bar brawl, in which you would expect, the attacker was his son. 106 kata lagi


Subject: urgent team meeting

To: ward12staffall

CC: Michelle Latifa (Clinical Lead – Hawthorne NSH Foundation Trust)

Dear all,

Given what’s going on I thought we should meet today to discuss.  39 kata lagi

Tabloid (2010)

Plot: The story of Joyce McKinney is one that seems too impossible to be true, but it all happened and in Tabloid, Errol Morris shines a light on the incredible events that she found herself in the middle of. 463 kata lagi

Tabloids Vs Broadsheets

For today’s lecture we are learning about the different types of newspapers. By doing this it allows us to understand the type of images that different types of newspapers are interested in. 396 kata lagi