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Does the "Mozart Effect" exist in adults?

It used to be thought that listening to Mozart when pregnant or when a child was under three made for smarter babies. This has been thoroughly disproven… 585 more words


Shark Attack 2: Revenge of the Tabloid Headline Writer

When I was Sydney last October, preparing for the IUCN World Parks Congress with the French marine protected areas agency, this headline above was splashed in similar formats across several Australian newspapers. 439 more words


Facebook is creating a new tabloid media.

For about 5 years of my life, I worked on building sites as an electrician with your typical milk-and-two-sugars sorts of blokes. It didn’t matter where I was working or who I was with, I would frequently bare witness to an argument erupting over some hyperbolic thing or another that was written in a tabloid newspaper, usually followed by the unanimous agreement that immigration was to blame for just about everything ..so let’s move onto the football. 1.374 more words

The Two Tribe Diatribe

I was buying a coffee during the week and flicked through a local tabloid while I waited. Everything about it was predictable. There were bad Muslims, bad mothers, bad bikies, bad punctuation, bad inner city elites, bad environmentalists, bad aborigines, bad cyclists, bad ABC, bad scientists and bad intellectuals with all their book learning. 382 more words

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Why miraculous pills will not prevent you from needing the gym...

Forget the gym: Scientists discover a hormone that gives you the same benefits as exercise without breaking a sweat

This week the Daily Mail serves up another great story, which promises effortless weight loss, the great obsession of our society. 283 more words