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"When Stars Collide"

There were so many things wrong with Jane Burgundy. The biggest of all? She was
perfect and completely unattainable. There wasn't a woman in New York City 
who didn't want to absorb every inch of her being since she stepped onto 
the scene. 1.082 kata lagi


Monday morning, Dene spoke to us about the purpose and nature of journalism to start off Week 4’s Contextual and Theoretical Studies lecture.

He alludes to the fact that ‘truth’ is merely a constructed ideal we deem ‘correct’ based on cultural and external conditioning. 270 kata lagi


NY Daily News: "Bury Trump in a Landslide"

New York Daily News, 10/20/16

Bearing in mind that New York Daily News, a subsidiary of Chicago Tribune, is a tabloid and this piece an editorial, my hatred of Trump knows no bounds, and my ire’s grown exhausted.  25 kata lagi