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Clinton, Molech and Minerva

Do you ever come across two things that seem entirely unrelated and yet they are connected by very meaningful material? That’s what I noticed when I came across some rather interesting information on the “politically incorrect” board on 4chan.org. 1.410 kata lagi


Before the DNC leaks, there was this

I’m sure many of you are familiar with an older campaign against Donald Trump titled “Deport Racism 2016“. The site made headline news in early November of 2015 causing quite the stir with its’ ultra-edgy… 472 kata lagi


A Call To Arms UK MJ Fans… The Felon is set to be on a UK Reality Show!

A call to arms to all our UK MJ Fam and fans from across the world.   Conrad Murray The Murderer has come out of the woodwork and is set to appear on… 326 kata lagi

Michael Jackson

Slow Ass Georgians

I guess I write some of my better entries when I’m good and pissed off. Then I am more keen to tell people exactly what I think of them and their stupidity, and make the announcement “I’m never coming back” regarding my customers. 1.095 kata lagi

Working Gal