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A Shirt That Pays Rightful Homage To One Of The Strongest Women On Television

The importance of strong women on television should not go unnoticed. They may be fictional, but their impact on our culture is still monumental, and particularly when they play powerful and central roles. 84 kata lagi


The news

After the anti-climactic result at Brenda’s, I decided to wait a few more days before testing again.  This time, my best friend Carrie’s mother bought me the pregnancy test, and Carrie stayed with me while I took it.   383 kata lagi


The Crush Collective

The Crush Collective are a group of enthusiastic climbers based in North Wales and North West of England, formed together by their love of good food and alcohol and the odd bit of climbing. 403 kata lagi


"The Joy of Sadness" and the Threadless Inside Out Challenge

Hey guys! Threadless is back with another challenge this time inspired by what I think is one of the best films of the year: Inside Out… 68 kata lagi