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Great views at The Rocks

This is where Flytpack failed me. Good thing we got here before the signal got lost. It was fixed after a few hours. When you think about it, it’s kind of a blessing because we really got a good look of what this place offers. 132 kata lagi


My 1000th blog post!

This blog post brings me a mix of emotions. Firstly, I cannot believe I have typed up one thousand blog posts on WordPress to get my thoughts, frustrations and opinions out there to the world. 560 kata lagi


Pathways Under Structures

I walked most of the way to work yesterday as I haven’t been doing much walking in recent times and I wanted to take a few photos. 73 kata lagi


Tsunami warning issued after magnitude 7 undersea quake strikes near New Caledonia

An undersea earthquake of magnitude 7.0 struck 82 kms (51 miles) east of New Caledonia’s Loyalty Islands in the South Pacific on Monday, prompting a tsunami warning for coastlines within 300 kms (186 mile) of the epicentre.FILE PIC… 181 kata lagi

More from the same-sex marriage survey

There is a lot of interest in the details of the poll. While it is delicious that Tony Abbott proved so out of touch with his electorate that three out of four voted for YES, despite his vigorous Chicken Little-ing for NO, the truly remarkable thing — at first glance — is the very strong NO vote in Labor electorates in Western Sydney. 310 kata lagi


20 Nov 2017 (AFR) - Sydney housing stock builds as auctions clearances slow

(20 November 2017, AFR, p7, by Nick Lenaghan)

‘Auction clearance rates have eased back as investors pull out of the market, creating a build-up of stock especially in Sydney. 55 kata lagi

1.Market Observations

Perfect Match

Perfect Match‘ is an initiative in Sydney’s inner west suburbs that aims to reduce unwanted graffiti by connecting artists with property owners. The results are streets full of amazing artworks! 228 kata lagi