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A secret too good to keep

Have you ever found a place that is so good that you wanted to keep the knowledge of its existence to yourself? A place so good that it makes you want to keep going back for more. 433 kata lagi


Tree Top Adventure Park


 Had so much fun here, basically if you want to challenge yourself whilst working out this is the place to be! 159 kata lagi


Why do we waste energy belittling people ?

It’s quite intriguing when you start to think about it. It starts in school, moves on through university and is very dominant within professional hierarchy. I think I am confident in saying that we have all been a victim as well as a dealer. 258 kata lagi



Starting in Melbourne for five months, Sydney was pretty much sold as a dirty tourist town full of people pumped full of silicone and drugs.  Which didn’t seem  768 kata lagi

flower child

flower child is this ridiculously gorgeous cafe that opened last year in my area. it’s full of hanging plants and tiny vases of flowers everywhere, and their food is off the charts yummy. 59 kata lagi


Coogee to Bondi Walk/Epic Fantasy Movie Journey

I don’t know if this should be called a walk, per se. I say epic journey because sometimes I felt like I was one of the fellows in the Fellowship of the Ring (Samwise, I would be Samwise).  425 kata lagi


Welcome to Sydney! Driving through the Royal National Park!

It was a Saturday, I had nothing planned for good Ol Sydney. My colleagues all had things to do with their families, my limited friends in Sydney were all busy, so I was left on my own. 224 kata lagi