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Stalking the Bogeyman | Neil Gooding Productions & NewYorkRep with Red Line Productions

David once planned to kill a man. A man he hadn’t seen for a long time; a man he didn’t think he would ever see again. 516 kata lagi


Birth Trauma in foals - what we can do about it.

Thoracic trauma (rib fractures or costochondral dislocation) in foals is a relatively common side effect of being born quickly, with a relatively deep chest, through a relatively small, hard pelvic ring. 683 kata lagi


Sydney or Melbourne? The Reveal

Since I started the post series on Australia in this blog eight months ago, some of you have been wondering which city I like better: Sydney or Melbourne. 1.490 kata lagi


Inner Sydney Transit Grid - Fantasy Map

While we are doing fantasy transit maps, here is my indicative sketch of an Inner Sydney Transit Grid (i.e. these are new high-frequency transit lines, likely some mix of tram/LRT or arterial Bus Rapid Transit with mostly dedicated lanes, assuming the already existing Sydney Trains and planned LRT and Metro lines remain, plus something on Parramatta Road ). 371 kata lagi

Public Transport

Two Opera Houses

We’re recently back from Australia, where a trip would not be complete without seeing the Sydney Opera House.  From the outside, that is.  This structure is perhaps the most photographed in the world, and justifiably so. 332 kata lagi



It’s weird to go from a society that is uniform and (at least surface) conservative to one that’s made up of a bunch of jolly descendants of penal colonists, even more so since I’m pretty sure I booked myself into the red light district again. 240 kata lagi