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Best Sunrise of 2018 to Date on the Sydney Harbor

We’ve not been able to go out on the water the past few days, no thanks to gusty winds of up to 45 km/h. While it was luxurious to be able to sleep in, it felt really sweet to be back out on the water this morning. 63 kata lagi


Destination - Sydney

If there is a more welcoming country than Australia, I haven’t experienced it yet and the gateway city many of us will experience Australia is Sydney.   751 kata lagi

Solo Travel

GUEST POST: Sydney vs Melbourne- Sydney Edition

Thank you to Roshni Bhudia for this fantastic guest post!

In true Pack It And Leave style, I’ll share my experiences as a solo female traveller in two of Australia’s largest cities and hopefully uncover some handy tips as well as unearth the much debated argument of which city, Sydney or Melbourne is better! 1.124 kata lagi


These are a few of my favourite things... in Sydney, Australia

We have just come back from a month in Oz visiting friends and relatives to celebrate the festive season. There are things we certainly miss about ‘home’ and things we now love about living in Asia. 420 kata lagi


The Old Fogies go to Bondi Beach in Sydney

Whilst we were in Sydney, we thought that a trip to the beach would be nice, the only problem was choosing which beach. We narrowed it down to Manly or Bondi Beach and finally decided to head to Bondi which is one of the most famous beaches in the world. 545 kata lagi


Five things to do when you arrive in Aus

Sadly I think we got this part of the move wrong. We threw ourselves full force into the job hunt the day after arriving and managed to secure jobs within a week or so. 391 kata lagi


Day 5 - Sydney Harbour

January 17, 2018

We spent the day boating around The Sydney Harbour.

We toured under the Harbour Bridge and past the Sydney Opera House.

We pulled in to a cove at Flat Rock Beach on Garigal National Park and spent most of the day anchored here. 36 kata lagi