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Streaming, Salons, and Lingerie--A Black Business Spotlight


Founded by Numa Perrier and Dennis Dortch, this streaming service lives up to its name. Albeit most of the shows are about sex,  the platform though is not raughy or even risque, but depicts the under-discussed questions and conflicts that arise our sex—whether celibate or sexually fluid. 231 kata lagi

Black Business And Entrepreneurship

Swivel Grips Make Switch Joy-Cons Easier To Hold

(Source: kotaku.com)

Playing multiplayer Switch games with a single Joy-Con isn’t the best, especially for those with large hands. Nyko’s snap-on Swivel Grips make a big difference, while turning the Joy-Con into an alien fly creature. 275 kata lagi


GrovTec Target Shooters Hand stop

Since the dawn of the sport Target Rifle shooters have had the major problem of overcoming the discomfort associated with supporting a 6 odd kilogram rifle setup for the time it takes to let off 10 good shots. 167 kata lagi