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2019 JANUARY SWISS - Rnd 2

Time: 90m+10spm   Played: 15-Jan to 12-Feb

DRAW FOR ROUND 2 of 5  -   22-Jan-2019

No Name                 Loc   Result   Name              Loc 

 1 Mile Romic           1616     :     Isuru Hamaragoda  1836
 2 John Mazzieri        1818     :     Arin Tornyi-Aydin 1619
 3 Alan Morrow          1359     :     Martin Barakat    1785
 4 Steve Ascic          1760     :     Edmund Esterbauer 1605
 5 Peco Petkovski       1662     :     Len Fairclough    1117
 6 Mike C Gross         1791     :     John Repetylo     1375
 7 George W Meldrum     1730     :     Peter Kis         1353
 8 Michael Colin Howard 1254     :     Zlatko Simonovski 1664
 9 Marco Quaranta       1569     :     Matthew Sweeney   1313
10 Mark Fletcher        1144     :     Paul Baaner       1559
11 John Robeille        1484     :     Matthew Boye      1200

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SIHH 2019: Richard Mille's New "Sweet" and "Fruit" Lineup

A flashback to 2018 reminds me of Hublot making the watch game stronger and lighter by using ceramic cases and diffusing it with the shades of red and blue. 251 kata lagi


WATCH: Spectacular Controlled Avalanche In The Swiss Alps

If you haven’t heard its been snowing a bit in the alps and the avalanche mitigation is in full swing. This blasting operation took place between Martina and Samnaun near St. 36 kata lagi


I start to gulp vocabulary whenever SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogeriè. Genevè) is near because there is a fear in my mind that, i might run out of words for describing the beauty of timepieces. 312 kata lagi


Welly Merck, Love at First Sight

Pioneer New York|36mm $169
use code WMSommer50 for an additional $50 off

In college I worked at a few watch stores in the mall. I didn’t just sell watches, I also replaced batteries and adjusted watch bands. 165 kata lagi

The 'Best Feature' or rather 'Features' of 2018- in a watch

Santos much of a name but more of a history. The all-for-one and one-for-all occasion watch. Santos dates back to 1905 when Louis Cartier designed Santos for his friend, ‘Albert Santos Dumont’. 286 kata lagi