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Antipodes ...

There aren’t many places on the planet which have an exact antipodean point on land – shown in the green areas below.  New Zealand is opposite Spain, for the most part, but the biggest areas are between South America and China.  149 kata lagi



Putting together the “keys” I’ve found under blue light showed bits of the Enigma logo:

So it seems that my “keys” are really “rotors” of an enigma machine :D  I have four out of a presumed five of them (though number II got rather wet and some of its ink has run), as well as the left-hand reflector board.   564 kata lagi


Alex Scheuerer’s ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ Embraces the Harmony of Roots and Potential

At a time when ‘the jazz mentality’ is permeating through to the mainstream, Swiss musician Alex Scheuerer is primed to release one of the most impressive jazz albums of the year.  412 kata lagi

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Sights in Bern, Switzerland

Bern is the capital of Switzerland and is home to beautiful churches, interesting museums, and historic sites worth checking out.

  • Bearpark—a park with three bears in a closed-off area filled with a forest, shrubs, and cave with photos and plaques describing the bears and their lifestyle; Grosser Muristalden 6…
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Pozdrav svima! Dobrodošli u moj novi video EMPTIES #3 ŠTO BIH PONOVNO KUPILA . Kao i uvijek brbljam o proizvodima koje sam potrošila od njege kose, kože, lica i šminke. 205 kata lagi

Chicken Cordon Bleu Meatballs with Creamy Sherried-Dijon Sauce

Back in the 80’s and 90’s when I was growing up, Chicken Cordon Bleu was like “it”. It was the most elegant, indulgent, “fancy lady food” I knew about. 1.439 kata lagi


BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP (Rowan Joffe, 2014)


My notes on Before I Go To Sleep:

1. The movie started with Nicole Kidman waking up naked and not knowing where she was and why she was with Colin Firth. 243 kata lagi