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A week in Switzerland

Mountain peaks covered in snow, crystal blue lakes and lush greenery…

Contrary to popular belief, Switzerland does have a summer and it can be scorching. 1.447 kata lagi


Travelling With Carolyn

Carolyn Gilmore is copywriter and editor from Canada I met on Contiki in Europe in December 2014. I don’t like to say I had a favorite friend on Contiki, but if I had to, she’d be it.

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In May I took myself away on a solo trip to Liechtenstein nestled between Switzerland and Austria. Given it’s one of five sovereign states without an international airport, my visit involved a short tour of Zurich. 535 kata lagi


Sunday Alphabet: H is for Honegger

Arthur Honegger (1892 – 1955) was a Swiss composer (though he was born in France and lived much of his life in Paris).

He was a member of  the group of composers known as… 70 kata lagi



https://www.paris.fr avant de parler de Paris et de ses entreprises qui font une certaine vie souterraine et bien visible, je vous propose de partir de la découverte du site internet principal de la capitale de l’Île-de-France. 97 kata lagi


Vidéo surveillance Renens

https://www.rmsecurite.ch/video-surveillance/renens/ les années 1990 sont bel et bien passé et aujourd’hui en Suisse autant une ville comme Genève que une ville comme Renens à besoin de sécurité à tous les niveaux. 97 kata lagi


The Rusty Shed Review: Swiss Army Knives


When ever you mention the word pocket knife or multi-tool to any person, more than likely the first thing that comes to mind is “Swiss Army Knife”. 1.285 kata lagi