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NESCAFÉ Trivia: Test Your Knowledge of Swiss Instant Coffee

You wouldn’t normally think a product originally made from coffee beans grown in South America would eventually become one of the most popular and well-known Swiss brands, right? 1.070 kata lagi


Brellum Watches - so much more than the normal

It would be fair to say that I look at a lot of watches, in fact “breakfast, lunch and dinner” would probably be an understatement. 1.836 kata lagi


11.28.2016 Tempel, Weihnachten, und missionararbeit

Hallo meine familie und freunde!

This week was of course awesome and tiring, but ya know thats mission life for ya. Susan is our favorite, I’m pretty sure she is everyone’s favorite. 779 kata lagi

Colouring Book Launch

After my last exhibition so many people told me that my illustrations would lend themselves perfectly to a colouring book. After months of hard work my colouring book “Familiar Friends” is finally ready. 293 kata lagi

Anja Studer

2016 DECEMBER SWISS - Rnd 4 of 5

Time: 90m+10spm   Played: 15-Nov to 13-Dec

DRAW FOR ROUND 4 of 5  -   06-Dec-2016 

No Name               Loc   Result   Name             Loc 

 1 Aguilera, Sergio   1740     :     Qiang, Vincent   1512
 2 Meldrum, George W  1766     :     Ascic, Steve     1740
 3 Gross, Mike C      1842     :     Baaner, Paul     1601
 4 Mather, Robert L   1608     :     Quaranta, Marco  1484
 5 Simonovski, Zlatko          :     Allen, Chris     1150
 6 Barakat, Martin    1778     :     Harvey, Neil         
 7 Tornyi-Aydin, Arin 1392     :     Romic, Mile      1301
 8 Kis, Peter                  :     Robeille, John   1388
 9 Bernardi, John     1300     :     Sweeney, Matthew 1325
10 Gibson, Barry              1:0    BYE                  

… 171 kata lagi

Swiss Potatoes Au Gratin

Tiffany here! This recipe is not something I would make often. But, it’s delicious nonetheless and I wanted to share! My husband is Swiss and one of his favorite childhood dishes growing up was potatoes au gratin. 209 kata lagi