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Family Trip - Geneva city tour

This is our first time visiting Geneva. This city is not as touristy as Lucerne or Interlaken or many other cities in Switzerland that we have visited. 443 kata lagi


Update On My Doppelganger: He Wasn't Fucking Around

First off, I’d like to thank the good people over at the Swiss police department for reading my emails and updating this wannabe Leatherface’s photo, so that he resembles less like me. 229 kata lagi

I Don't Even Know

Exorcising demons. Collecting flags.

Since leaving Singapore, I have been travelling to various Malaysian islands.

I have just left a very humid Penang for a humid and overcast Kuala Lumpur. 588 kata lagi


23. Cavalier Genève Premium Cigars - White Series Elegantes

Sponsored by Cavalier Genève Premium Cigars. This is the medium size in thier line, dry smooth wrapper, tiny veins and then the 24k golden diamond in the middle. 193 kata lagi


19. Cavalier Genève Premium Cigars - White Series Diplomate

Sponsored by Cavalier Genève Premium Cigars. Initial taste: Dark roasted coffee, milk chocolate and whipped cream.
Lightly roasted almonds and oak barrels.
Light cool smoke and a almost white ash. 103 kata lagi