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Perjalanan di Swiss: Satu Hari di Luzern

Salam Travelistador! Kali ini saya mengajak teman-teman untuk mengulas sedikit tentang perjalanan saya di kota Luzern, Swiss. Luzern adalah sebuah kota di selatan kota Zürich, kota terbesar dan pusat perekonomian di Swiss. 633 kata lagi

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Culinary Travel: Swiss Gastronomy Museum

Did you know Switzerland is home to one of the world’s largest libraries devoted to gastronomy? Located in the city of Thun, in the Swiss canton of Bern, my children and I visited the… 627 kata lagi


Perjalanan di Swiss: Satu Hari di Zürich

Hei sahabat Travelistador! Buat kamu yang lagi bikin rencana jalan-jalan ke Eropa terutama ke Swiss, sudah harus masuk checklist banget buat berkunjung ke kota yang merupakan pusat perekonomian di negeri penghasil coklat dan jam tangan ini. 706 kata lagi

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Rainbow Swiss Chard with Pine Nuts & Golden Raisins

Wow this weekends weather was amazing!! If I could describe perfect weather, it is NY fall weather. It has to be my favorite season. A little chilly, but still sunny and beautiful. 484 kata lagi


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There was a mass shooting north of Seattle over the weekend, killing five. Interestingly, the media initially reported the shooter to be a “Hispanic” man, … 288 kata lagi


Unexpected beauty

I’ve been thinking a lot about beauty recently. Being on holiday in the Swiss mountains probably helped.

Beauty adds so much to life – a sense of awe, joy, inspiration. 212 kata lagi