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Fondue Night with the Girls!

Let me just get this out of the way right up front: I definitely used Switzerland week to have a girls’ night with cheese fondue.  I do not apologize and there are probably many other options to be had, but I really wanted cheese fondue.  828 kata lagi


"Nothing worse could happen to one than to be..."

“Nothing worse could happen to one than to be completely understood.”

– Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychiatrist, psychotherapist


Switzerland Loves White Asparagus: What About You?

Whether it’s green or white, the Swiss really love their asparagus. In particular though, it seems that white asparagus is especially sought after in the spring. 330 kata lagi


'Robots' took to the streets of Switzerland demanding a basic income

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

They may be made of cardboard, but the robots have arrived.

On April 30, activists descended on the streets of Zurich clad in makeshift robot costumes to show their support for universal basic income (UBI) — an increasingly popular form of income distribution that gives people monthly checks to cover basic living expenses, regardless of their working status. 291 kata lagi


#Travel #500px : Lion Monument by srravi by srravi #photography#IFTTT

Click on the image. Sculpted in 1820-21 in memoriam of the Swiss Guards who gave their lives protecting King Louis the 16th during the French Revolution in 1792. 6 kata lagi


2016 MAY SWISS - ROUND 3 of 5

2016 May SWISS
Time: 90m+10spm   Played: 26-Apr to 24-May 

DRAW FOR ROUND 3 of 5  -   10-May-2016 

No Name               Loc   Result   Name              Loc 

 1 George W Meldrum   1745     :     Steve Ascic       1873
 2 John Mazzieri      1822     :     Robert L Mather   1588
 3 Martin Barakat     1875     :     Aaron Cossey      1850
 4 Vincent Qiang      1301     :     John Robeille     1295
 5 Zeljko Kanostrevac 1854     :     John Bernardi     1076
 6 Antoni Suryak      1106     :     Mile Romic            
 7 Chris Allen        1179     :     Arin Tornyi-Aydin 1378
 8 Paul Baaner        1615     :     Marco Quaranta    1507
 9 Matthew Sweeney    1377    1:0    BYE                   

… 125 kata lagi