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One spoon of wild roses.

One spoon of snow, one spoon wild roses jams, one spoon of swiss cream and one spoon poppy from meadow. This is for every person who have morals and eat with own spoon. 123 kata lagi

Zurich: Pavillon

While in Zurich, I was really keen to try some fine dining options. There are several restaurants that have been granted Michelin star status, so it was really hard trying to decide which to go for. 650 kata lagi


2015 OCTOBER SWISS – Round 2

Time: 90m+10spm   Played: 06-Oct to 03-Nov 

DRAW FOR ROUND 2 of 5  -   13-Oct-2015  
No Name              Loc   Result   Name             Loc 

 1 Paul Baaner       1580     :     John Slidziunas  1754
 2 John Mazzieri     1815     :     Marco Quaranta   1469
 3 Mile Romic        1600     :     Sergio Aguilera  1750
 4 Chris Allen       1052     :     Mike C Gross     1791
 5 Steve Ascic       1840     :     George W Meldrum 1738
 6 Matthew Sweeney   1331     :     John Robeille    1219
 7 Arin Tornyi-Aydin 1367     :     Antoni Suryak    1134
 8 Vincent Qiang     1306    1:0    BYE                  

… 98 kata lagi

Ham and Swiss Griddle Cakes

GriddleHow much do you think this costs?
Griddle Reversible Cast-Iron Griddle Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Super Fast Food: 15 Meals in 15 Minutes… 18 kata lagi

2015년 10월 Swiss Wood Pellets 가격은 약간 상승

2015년 10월 스위스의 ENplus A1 wood pellets 소매 가격은 9월과 비교하여 약간 상승하여, 현재 평균 가격은 378.9 CHF (348.23 EUR)/tons 이었습니다. 하지만 2014년 10월과 비교하면 거의 7% 하락하였습니다. 16 kata lagi


Zurich: Frau Gerolds Garten

It’s now the start of a new term in school, my last term in fact. Soon I’ll be re-joining the working world again. In anticipation of that, I spent my last two weeks of summer vacation in Switzerland and Germany. 464 kata lagi