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SWANSEA: Boris to make a nice cup of tea for everyone he’s screwing over, the loveable threat to society

That loveable, bumbling, selfish, racist Boris Johnson is going to come to Swansea and make us all a nice cup of tea, so we can all forget how destitute he and his abhorrent party have made people. 359 kata lagi

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SWANSEA: ‘You’d be mad to vote Leave’, say people who voted Leave

A poll has revealed that some people who voted Leave in 2016 think its a terrible idea to vote Leave.

The Focaldata poll, which surveyed 15,000 people across Wales, found that economic suicide, Government incompetence and being racist to people outside of Europe anyway were all key factors in the change of heart. 290 kata lagi

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SWANSEA: Woman in burqa offended by Superdry and men’s white ripped skinny jeans

A woman who is one of just 14,000 in England and Wales to wear a burqa, has spoken out about how deeply offensive fashion is amongst the majority of Swansea’s 122,600 men. 308 kata lagi

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SWANSEA: Levien and Kaplan decide against marked down Tesco Value sandwich

Swansea City owners Jason Levien and Steve Kaplan decided against buying a marked down Tesco ham and cheese sandwich, despite selling all of their Finest range sandwiches first. 346 kata lagi

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