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What Have You Done For You Today, As A Supporter.

It has been recommended that we can care for our loved ones better when we give ourselves a break, and go do something we like. Personally, sleep seems to be one of the only things I can do to escape. 75 more words

Since starting this weight loss journey in September, I have gone through three gym partners. One was my cousin, one was a good friend from school, and the last was a girl I knew in school whom I’ve gotten closer to. 387 more words

Wanna go for the 1000?!

Dear supporters thank you so much!!

We have 22 backers now that supported us with almost 1000€!

Big love and hugs to:


Maggie… 32 more words

Deutsche Version

Cara Bergabung dengan 'The New OFCJL99'

Setiap rider pasti punya fanclub resmi yang selalu mendukung mereka. FC resmi mendapatkan semua informasi tentang promosi, event, agenda semuanya dari manajemen rider langsung. Bukan dari kita-kita yang mendukung menunggu media untuk kabari. 644 more words

Jorge Lorenzo

Supporter Video Series

This is a series of 18 short videos which walk a supporter / carer through the problems of PTSD from a spouse perspective, showing you what you need to do if you want to stay within the relationship. 12 more words

Explaining the notion of support to Chelsea fans...

A good friend of mine and I have a sort of love/hate relationship on Facebook. He is the Wise to my Morecombe in a years old battle of wits based around his transitory love for Chelsea and my lifelong commitment to Arsenal. 1.579 more words


How Well Do You Sleep, As A Supporter

I have seen the thread about how sufferer s struggle to sleep properly. So I thought it would be a good idea to share our own sleep issues and how we manage them. 75 more words