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Arts Award opportunities for young people offered through new digital resource, MoovBank from BalletBoyz

This week on the blog we have a guest post from Arts Award Supporter BalletBoyz – the internationally acclaimed dance company of stage, TV and pioneers of innovative dance education projects. 539 kata lagi

Arts Award

Donald Trump, the man who is building a wall to keep out 'illegals', told his supporter to 'hop over the fence'

US President Donald Trump invited a loyal fan on stage at his ‘rally’ in Florida tonight.

Watch the madness below.

A man who is building a 'great wall' to keep out illegal immigrants told his supporter to 'hop over the fence' 🙄 …

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Day 3: White Male Privilege and the Art of Mansplaining

When Donald Trump was elected president, I began experiencing a very tangible feeling of rage towards white men. Every man who I passed on the street aimlessly window shopping or casually sipping a latte was enough to make the veins in my neck bulge. 580 kata lagi

Shouting Across the Void: Trump and The Council of DOOM!

My latest rant covered, what I see, as the inevitability of a second civil war (barring some mysterious, deus ex machina-esque change, such as impeachment or some radical turn-around on Trump’s part… or the Earth finally taking revenge for all of the abuse… whatever’s clever). 1.279 kata lagi