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A Thousand Years

You have been here through times of praise and glory

You have been here through times of sadness and telling of stories

No matter how long or how short of times we have, you always pull through with forgiveness and laughs… 109 more words



Do you ever experience those moments when you ask yourself, “What’s going on?”

It’s gotten to that point where you’re not in control, you’re not happy, and you’re ultimately confused. 371 more words


When Friends become Family

The great Henry Drummond once said, “The people who influence you are the people who believe in you.” I personally don’t have many friends- I can undoubtedly count all my friends together in one hand. 753 more words


Can 30 Minutes be Life Changing?

“This challenge has motivated me to get outside and do something every day. It was especially awesome convincing family members to go with me so it doubled as bonding moments.” Bethany M. 444 more words

Emergency Food Hamper Program

My #1 Supporter Can't Talk

But I know he s here for me. Especially since now he won t leave me alone. He sleeps practically on me lately. I don t know what I would do without him. 10 more words

My Supporter Says He Wants To Run Away

How do I cope with my supporter telling me he s depressed and tired and ready to run away from everything? I know I can be a handful sometimes and I try to tread as lightly as possible some days because I know how hard it is on him – trying to help me and not show how he is overwhelmed. 62 more words

What Did You Do For You Today???

Ok, it is a given that as a Supporter we tend to take a back step to PTSD when it is affecting our lives. I think we should write a list of what we did for ourselves each day as a habit to remind ourselves to cater to our needs as well. 60 more words