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You Know You Are A Ptsd Supporter When:

This is in retaliation to the “You know you have PTSD when” thread… You know you are a PTSD supported when: You get so anxious about calling your sufferer and not knowing if he/she is having a bad day, that you can hardly hold the phone and dial the number. 56 kata lagi


According to merriam-webster.com , a fangirl is defined as a girl or woman who is an extremely or overly enthusiastic fan of someone or something. These are commonly teenage girls who are utterly crazy of someone or something. 480 kata lagi

Arsene Wenger and the Price of Loyalty

Mock The Week sometimes does this sketch where Hugh Dennis tells the audience what one of the other guests is really saying whilst pretending to be someone else, like the President of the USA or our Prime Minister. 1.632 kata lagi


Same Sex Marriage = Equality.

Supreme court rules same sex marriage legal in all 50 states. love truly conquers all.

I am a strong supporter of same sex marriage, I believe everyone deserves to be equal in every way. Love is for everyone.


All In All

Help the research...

BcauseARTS is conducting research into philanthropy for the independent arts sector. We are assessing individual artists, arts organisations and supporters of the arts.

If you are a supporter of the arts and have 5 minutes to fill out a brief survey, please… 14 kata lagi


Isolation Sufferer And Supporter Advice Please

My boyfriend of a year and a half and I have officially been split up for a month now. He’s in the military and lost his mother and brother only a few years apart in his mid-teenage years. 62 kata lagi

Does Any Other Supporter Struggle With Mental Illness As Well?

I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I hit rock bottom from drugs. I ve met many people in recovery who have been missed diagnosed with bipolar within the first year of recovery as well. 79 kata lagi