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Boyfriend's Hyperawareness

I m a PTSD supporter and try my best to try to understand and empathize with the man I love as much as possible. I ve noticed he has a common tendency of looking at every person that walks by whenever we re out and about, particular in a restaurant where it s easy to do. 59 more words

What's In Your Supporter Library?

It seems like a lot of people ask for book recommendations, and there hasn t been a thread for them in a while, especially for supporters. 69 more words

Oh Yes.!! he's mine

Sometimes I don’t tell him what a great person he is and always say negative but the negative is only when I’m mad and it’s just so bottled up that it’s the first thing that comes out. 326 more words

This is the Kind of Person Who Supports Sarah Palin

Britt McHenry has made the news because of her total lack of respect for another woman who was just doing her job. In fairness to Britt, the film was made at a towing company, so no doubt she was mad. 87 more words

The Combined Forces 17

The Combined Forces (Al Ahzab) 17: Say: “Who is he who can protect you from Allah if He intends to harm you, or intends mercy on you?” And they will not find, besides Allah, for themselves any Wali (protector, supporter, etc.) or any helper.

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Is your Sponsor the Right Fit?

When seeking sponsors from the business community, do you simply target all and sundry, or do you ensure those you’re considering are the right fit and appropriate to your cause? 391 more words

Donor Support

R.I.P Briana M. I saved you once.

I saved you once. And lost you. When i lost you to suicide. I lost myself.
Today i lost myself. I lost most of my emotions. 156 more words