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Jewish reporter, Hadas Gold (Feminist Kike) targeted with "anti-Semitic" tweets from Trump supporter (VERY VERY GOOD!!!)


A Jewish female reporter for the political news website Politico has been targeted with anti-Semitic messages from a Donald Trump supporter.

Hadas Gold is the editor of Politico’s “On The Media” blog. 272 kata lagi

Daily News

Just a Taste


How did I beat depression? I didn’t. It was a very long, slow process.

The Biggest Impact: A neglectful relationship.
Silence had become my biggest fear for far too long. 320 kata lagi

Vanajakshi's #StoryofHope

As a young girl, Vanajakshi waited eagerly everyday in school, for the Akshaya Patra van to arrive. A student at a school where the Akshaya Patra school meal program was operational, Vanajakshi relished the hot, sumptuous food every day. 240 kata lagi

Akshaya Patra

Akshaya Patra supporter Spotlight: Rhea & Rohan Bansal

795 Million…That’s the number of malnourished kids in the world. Approximately 40 %of those kids live in India. 287 million is the number of illiterate people in India. 327 kata lagi
Akshaya Patra

Trump: "Worker's Spatula Still Has My Back"

NEW YORK – Responding to repeated queries as to the significance of the loss of Putin’s support, “Republican candidate for president” Donald Trump said: “Nothing, nothing. 111 kata lagi


Embrace the Journey

Welcome to my blog!

“The heart has no control with a bitter soul.” -M.A.A.

My mission: to raise depression awareness.
All scripture will be my own; sourced from my personal experience and thoughts. 108 kata lagi