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My Rock

Going through everything would not be possible without my amazing boyfriend. He has supported me and loved me through everything, from my grumpy mood swings to my hysterical tears over the silliest things. 133 kata lagi


Wajah suporter indonesia..

INDONESIA..sebuah negara maritim yang penduduknya adalah penikmat sepakbola. Dari mulai yang remaja, dewasa, bahkan sampai yang tua pun sangat menggandrungi olahraga satu ini..

Apalagi kalo sampai timnas indonesia bertanding, antusias para suporter tidak bisa dipandang sebelah mata. 125 kata lagi

The Character

The face behind the poem....

​Last year, 2016, I discovered my number one fan. To have supporters is a wonderful thing. But for someone to say they’re your number one fan, is mind blowing. 51 kata lagi


Malaysia detains suspected IS supporter planning attacks in Myanmar

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian authorities have detained a suspected Islamic State (IS) follower planning to head to Myanmar to carry out attacks, Malaysia’s top counter-terrorism official said. 801 kata lagi

Current Affairs

MK Dons vs Chesterfield

Today’s 0-0 draw came with frustration for the travelling away fans and for the team. The Dons had many attempts, none of which resulted in a goal. 282 kata lagi


Switching my Inner Critic Voice from Dr Phil to Simon Cowell

I am my biggest critic. I am also my biggest supporter. How I think through life, though, is not solo, like a soliloquy or contemplative thought. 679 kata lagi

John Ratzenberger: With Donald Trump's win, 'adults are back in charge' |

Cheers star John Ratzenberger was one of the first Hollywood types to support Donald Trump, telling Fox and Friends on Thursday that he was already on the “Trump train” when he went on Neil Cavuto’s show last year “pledging his support.” 15 kata lagi