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A character profile of a number one fan

Written by Alexandria Innes-Brown

Kim Wheeler was crowned New South Wales Waratah’s number one fan in 2008 and has a Mazda CX-7 to show for it. 616 more words


Thank You Everyone From A Supporter

I wanted to thank this community for really helping me get through a rough few weeks. I am so much better now, but you all were amazing. 80 more words

Certified Koreanophile!

Last February 27, 2015– the Korea Tourism Organization Manila called out all Filipinos, who are passionate of promoting Korean culture and destinations,  to apply and be one of the 50 Wow Korea Supporters for 2015. 146 more words


How Well Do You Sleep, As A Supporter

I have seen the thread about how sufferer s struggle to sleep properly. So I thought it would be a good idea to share our own sleep issues and how we manage them. 75 more words

What Did You Do For You Today???

Ok, it is a given that as a Supporter we tend to take a back step to PTSD when it is affecting our lives. I think we should write a list of what we did for ourselves each day as a habit to remind ourselves to cater to our needs as well. 59 more words

Quo Vadis Against Modern Football?

 Photo: supportersnotcustomers.com

Sepak bola dan bisnis seakan menjadi dua hal yang tak terpisahkan dewasa ini. Suntikan modal dari investor asing asal Timur Tengah dan Rusia, iklan logo perusahaan di kaos tim, serta penjualan hak nama stadion kepada korporasi multi-nasional menjadi hal yang lumrah terjadi di liga-liga papan atas Eropa, terutama Liga Primer Inggris dan Liga Primera Spanyol. 937 more words


How Does Your Supporter Respond..

I just slipped back into the dark. All of a sudden. I had been doing better keeping ny mind off things..not cured though, thats for sure. 88 more words