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Are you a Supporter or a Saboteur of your own Success?

Last week while I was being interviewed on blog talk radio with Kellie Fitzgerald, one of the questions she had asked me was if I felt like my friends or family tried to sabotage my success while I was on my weight loss journey. 1.285 kata lagi


Hillary Clinton's email account run from super-secure bathroom closet in loft apartment

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton obviously didn’t maintain her own email server; maintenance was the job of a Denver-based firm called Platte River Networks. … 448 kata lagi

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KPOP Festival HanRyu Supporters ✿

Again K-POP concert!! Let’s come and join!!

2015. September, 4th. Friday (3pm ~ 10pm)

At Seoul Jamsil Sport Stadium 잠실 종합운동장


Wanna be supporter this time? 241 kata lagi


Father-figure and Gospel Partner

Wojtek tells movingly of an important relationship in his life :


Proud supporter

As a cheerleader, you’re a natural supporter of the football and basketball teams. As a girlfriend, you’re a supporter of the football team, the basketball team, the baseball team, any team your boyfriend roots for, but most importantly, him. 361 kata lagi


Hi There, Im A Supporter. Kinda.

Hi there, ive been lurking and finally decided to post. Im married to a vet, a mom to a lovely 14 year old daughter, and a ptsd supporter– kinda. 85 kata lagi