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I Review Everything: Day 225 - Training

I have been tasked with training the new guy at work. I am signed off to train almost every job that takes place at night, something that part of me wishes didn’t happen. 139 kata lagi

I Review Everything

How to Feed a Vegetarian...easy tips and supermarket hacks from a veggie!

I am an outnumbered vegetarian so in Piskie HQ meals have to be similar but, one is meat free different. I rarely make a big dish because I’d have to eat it for the rest of the week! 539 kata lagi

Piskie Life Ramblings

15 – rewrite

After a while the kid hasn’t come back and I start to wonder. Don’t know how long my little torch can hold out nor how long I want to sit here. 318 kata lagi



The kid doesn’t come back in a while and I start to wonder. The store stinks of mildew too even as all this concrete feels as frozen as ice and back here when I turn off the little light this place is pitch black. 107 kata lagi


French Supermarkets

My family and I are on holidays in France and that always means foodie adventures.

While I am not a huge fan of supermarket shopping at home I love it here. 225 kata lagi

Food Adventures

VINTAGE POINT: Grocery store grand opening

Two grocery store ribbon cuttings, 55 years apart, both at 23300 Farmington Road. Fresh Thyme opened last Tuesday. The A&P opened February 15, 1961. Note the colonial costumes in the old photo, a nod to the A&P’s ad announcing the “New Early American Style Super Market.” 75 kata lagi

Vintage Point

New Mum v/s Experienced Mum

In the world of Mums, there are two very distinct kinds: the first-time, new mum (scared, unsure, polite) and the experienced, been there-done that-know that mum (confident, won’t take s**t from toddler or anyone). 874 kata lagi