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Black Friday madness

Black Friday used to refer to the last Friday before Christmas when workers flocked to the nearest pub to mark the start of the holidays. To paraphrase Dickens: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times – depending on which side of the bar you were on. 411 kata lagi

Getting Lost in Westfield

I really do not like shopping centres.

I think they serve a purpose, but I do not enjoy being in them.

This is a story about being in one. 876 kata lagi


Lets get married?

Living a bachelor life away from home has one great disadvantage, you have to buy groceries on your own! I happen to visit a supermarket to buy vegetables. 601 kata lagi


They paved paradise and put up a Safeway Store.

22 Dec 1994

Dear S, Jack and “Shrimp”.

The postie has been very busy bringing our mail from far away and thanks very much. First there was the lovely English calendar, we’ll put up on 1st of January. 273 kata lagi


Brilliant Idea: Free Fruit Bonanza

Sometimes you see a new idea which is so brainy, it makes your eyes water.

In the UK, Woolworths is sadly a thing of the past.Many of us still fondly remember Ladybird kids clothes and  Pick’n’Mix. 372 kata lagi


779. Oh for a tissue!

It was summer. Averil didn’t have a runny nose, but she was a bit sniffly. A dab with a tissue would be adequate to satisfy her desire to attend to the matter. 222 kata lagi


Easy Spielers

In some respects I envy the continental markets where you can find lots of varieties of the same fruit and vegetables. I love combining different colours and sizes of tomatoes into salads. 363 kata lagi