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The Grocery Store Police

We here at the Grocery Store Police are writing this letter to warn you. You probably have never heard of us and didn’t even know that we existed. 733 kata lagi


Blueberry Gumbo Nutmeg Sirloin Swirl

My wife asked me what kind of ice-cream she should buy from our new supermarket that sells 15 different brands and some 90 odd flavors. I told her, “I have no idea…surprise me.” So, she came home with vanilla.


Which supermarket has the lowest prices? Where should I buy fresh vegetables?

In Madrid you can see many different supermarkets. Small ones, like Dia or Carrefour Express and big ones as Mercadona, Lidl.

Where to look for the nearest supermarket? 453 kata lagi





Review by Andy


Typical from Aldi, never much detail available regarding their beers. From the bottle this is a white, wheat beer style drink. 173 kata lagi


Detroit State of Mind

By Abby Malone

This past weekend, I got to show my lovely friend around my favorite city in the world. Despite what people say about it, Detroit is an extraordinary city with an even more amazing history. 224 kata lagi

Mundane Monday Challenge #131: A mundane Monday visit to the Supermarket

Nothing special, just another trip to the supermarket on Monday, putting the car in the parking space, although this time was special. We parked on the top floor, there is only one extra floor. 62 kata lagi

Mundane Monday Challenge