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The Result of Saying 'Hi' to a Stranger

A four-year-old girl may be teaching some of us a lesson about how a simple act of kindness can make a world of difference in another person’s life. 344 kata lagi


What the heck Japan II

Biggest zipper ever seen on a backpack!

Teacher printing a video (part 1)

Tiny little bit of coffee for 460 Yen.

4 liters of the finest plastic bottle alcohol. 29 kata lagi


With or without? - Mit oder ohne?

Ich war im Supermarkt einkaufen und an der Fleischtheke sah ich „Rindswürste“ und „Geflügel-Wiener“ und dachte mir, dass das doch was für den Deutschkurs wäre.  Die Kursteilnehmer fragen immer mal wieder nach Wurst und ob die immer aus Schweinefleisch sind.   264 kata lagi


Supermarket lagers 🍺

M&S, Scottish Craft Lager
750ml, 4.5%

This version of Harviestoun’s Schiehallion beer, brewed in this case for M&S, is serious, next-level lager. Unusually laced with wheat malt, which gives it a thicker mouthfeel and a notably earthy, grainy aspect, this hits you with a triple whammy of big, sweet, juicy caramelised malts; then unsweetened grapefruit, pepper and lemon notes; and finally a lingering bitterness that rolls on and on. 426 kata lagi


The Unsung Mum and Petty Parenteral Expectations

The Unsung Mum woke this morning feeling pretty rad. The Spratts between them only woke twice and even though she was awake most of the night wondering if one of them had been Sprattnapped or eaten by zombies, she feels weirdly refreshed. 808 kata lagi

The Tales Of The Unsung Mum