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Now that I work in a design agency it feels a little strange having a blog that critiques and praises the work of other studios so I’ve decided to change this blog primarily into musings about design as a whole and trends rather than focussing on specific work. 778 kata lagi


Obrolan di Pasar Cihaurgeulis

Seorang anak kecil terlihat tidak tenang. Beberapa kali ia merengek kepada ibunya yang sedang asik berbelanja. Pertanyaan “Mah, kapan kita pulang?” terus menerus ia lemparkan sambil menutup hidung. 1.117 kata lagi


10.12.15: Cochabamba

National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello said yesterday during an event in Carabobo state that Venezuelans are not upset over the multi-hour lines they have to endure when they go grocery shopping, and that as a result voters would not abandon the PSUV. 831 kata lagi

Daily Update

A Guide To Shopping In a Supermarket So You Can Pretend You Know What You're Doing

When I moved to University, I’d never done a proper weekly food shop on my own before and I’m guessing a few of you are in that same position now. 941 kata lagi


Everyday Gestalt

It’s often hard to make sense of all the information hitting our senses as we move around in our daily lives. With our ever increasing involvement with technology and screens, the amount of information we’re generally dealing with is on the up. 2.227 kata lagi