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Causes of Inventory Shrinkage in retail Business!

Employee Theft

The US Chamber of Commerce estimate that 75 percent of all employees steal at least once and that half of these employees steal repeatedly. 695 kata lagi

Loss Controll

It's fitness week at lidl!

If you’re an avid reader of health and fitness blogs, you are bound to have come across people saying things along the lines of “if you wear nice work out clothes, you will be mor inspired to work out.” … 245 kata lagi


Don’t be afraid of the new

Normally in your hometown, you are used to enter in the supermarket and you know exactly what you will buy. However, you have your favourite brand… 131 kata lagi


Standard Market @ Naperville, Illinois

This small supermarket chain, with only 3 branches in Illinois, is anything but standard. The grocery store is built to resemble more like a country club stable with its sleek , clean and all white exterior. 87 kata lagi

7:30 PM, at the Supermarket

by Chuck Howe

Single men are we,
All of us,
In a hurry,
To get home,
To a baseball game,
Or a home project,
Or just a good episode, 60 kata lagi


'Hanging out' in the parking lot

One of the things I love about Russia is the opening hours of the shops. Most supermarkets are open until 11 pm, all of them are open on Sundays and there even are some that are open 24 hours, seven days a week! 121 kata lagi


Shopping when hungry

(Image: theoatmeal.com)

It happens. Sometimes I just do not get round to eating, and I just go about my day, and then while going shopping for some random thing, I find myself doing strange things….. 207 kata lagi