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Why one should mind one's own business in the supermarket. 

It had been a long, busy day at work following several days plagued by severe headaches. I headed to the supermarket to get some things for dinner and to stock up on Tim Tams for my family and friends in the U.S. 316 kata lagi

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A Note on Fairtrade

Fairtrade may not be something which you think about in your day-to-day life, but it is likely that you have come across Fairtrade at some point. 201 kata lagi



So as it turns out Japan isn’t quite the Technology Wonderland as it’s sold in the UK. I’ve been in my new flat now for 3 days and we still don’t have any internet. 38 kata lagi

Women ‘Steal From Walmart But Leave Child Behind After Fleeing Supermarket’

If you’re going to go shoplifting, maybe leave the kids at home (or just don’t shoplift).

A child was left behind in supermarket by three women who allegedly ran out having stolen from the store recently. 117 kata lagi


Lee Valley Beatniks single leaked online

Minimal punk hooters Lee Valley Beatniks are flipping furious that their new single has leaked online. Vocalist Kenny said of the deed: f@! Kin ‘ell, the f@$kers have nicked the f£&kin’ 142 kata lagi


You Stole My Things!! (in Chinese)

On my way back home from buying some snacks and water in a store in Old Harbour, I forgot I wanted a loaf of bread. So I stopped at a Chinese supermarket, however they had a new high tech bag storage system I didn’t understand, and I had to leave my shopping bag there before entering to buy my bread. 671 kata lagi

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Edmonton Supermarket Cleaning Services

Supermarkets are the stores that deal with the sale and distribution…