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Food deserts

Learning there is a lack of healthy food options in the inner cities in class this week was heartbreaking.

When I was growing up, my friends and I would meet at the local food mart after school to get little chips and snacks before we go home and eat dinner, never really taking in the fact that some people do not have access to a healthy well-rounded meal.   265 kata lagi

Major supermarket chain admits truss tomatoes have never been selected at the self checkout. Ever.

A local supermarket manager has broken industry ranks and revealed that no customer has ever selected truss tomatoes at the self checkout. The revelation confirms years of suspicion amongst customers. 137 kata lagi


KPN Fruit Shop & Supermarkets

Imported Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

The Big Bargain Store for Fresh Fruits & Vegetables~KPN Fruit Shop & Supermarkets 310 kata lagi

Improving Sales and Customer Experience through POS Marketing

We live in times where we can shop any product of our choice while sitting at drawing room, or lying on the bed, thanks to the magic of the internet. 663 kata lagi


The Grammar of Culture

My nephew has become seemingly obsessed by Supermarkets, wanting to know how they evolved, when i first visited one, where it was located, what brand it was. 808 kata lagi


Meals in the Moshav

Above: Shakshuka, a typical Israeli breakfast dish. Here’s how to make a really good Shakshuka by our friend Delphine.

Neot Hakikar is strategically located in the middle of the nothingness. 202 kata lagi

Grocery Shopping in Chile: What You Need to Know

Whenever I travel abroad, I can’t help but notice all of the small differences between the good ole USA and wherever I am.  When I live abroad, those differences can take some getting used to.  414 kata lagi