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How to Stop Roommates From Using Your Stuff

I want to share a pretty cool psychology experiment with you, you’ll love it because the insight you’ll learn will be able to help you fend off your roommates or dormmates from using your stuff. 852 kata lagi


Flåm Coop – Supermarket: "General Store"

Apart from souvenir shops there is only one other shop in Flåm, a Coop supemarket. The Coop stocks a decent range of groceries, confectionery, drinks, over the counter medicines and other household requisites like cleaning products and loo paper. 248 kata lagi


the detective 4: safeways

A detective and his client journey through the post-apocalypse, seeking what lies beyond the obvious sea. Here is part 1.

We walk for hours towards a hidden horizon… 462 kata lagi

Speculative Fiction

Meals for One

Frozen American portioned meals in green boxes, that’s better than brown right? Broccoli, steak, gravy, corn, pasta, chicken, milk, brownies solid in the store. “Food” so hard you could knock someone out. 88 kata lagi

December 2017


To put you to sleep to help heal your back to soothe your achy muscles to relieve that pesky headache to make you poop to make you stop pooping to stop the egg before its fertilized to soften your mucous to make you stop sneezing to stop your taco bell induced bubbling gut to make you smell better to make you smile more to suppress the cough to help you focus to make your eyes white again to take away the urinary pain to put your dog to sleep to make you a 24 hour human again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

December 2017


Hidden in the dark back corner by the “employees only” sign are the misfit items. Torn, looked over, handled, sprayed, dropped, bitten, going going gone items. 25 kata lagi

December 2017

Neon Sweets

Neon cakes and pies and cookies and bready flesh. Neon lips and fingers and eyes and thoughts consume before they’ve purchased. Anticipation of taste – of Seahawks themed eyecing. 105 kata lagi

December 2017