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A Superhero named Kevin

The first time I met Kevin, one of the first questions he asked me was,  “If you had a superpower, what would it be?”  657 kata lagi

The Flash S3 - Barry VS Himself

Cast :- Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh, Tom Felton, Candice Patton

Genre :- Superhero, Comic

Well, the famous DC speedster just completed his third season in the air and did it blow minds away. 786 kata lagi


The World is Now Ready for "Wonder Woman" According to Director Patty Jenkins

Best known for her Oscar-winning debut feature “Monster,” director Patty Jenkins now brings to the screen one of the greatest Super Heroes of all time, known the world over as “Wonder Woman.” 599 kata lagi


LARPing! The ethics of role playing games

“First you have to realize that it’s not just a game, it’s a community… In the end it’s each of us making the choice, not the character, of what’s going to happen; what we’re going to say, how we’re going to do it.” 133 kata lagi

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A Quantum Physicist Said Ant-Man Could Defeat Superman, Is that True?

A quantum physicist explains that Marvel’s Ant-man could defeat DC’s Superman in reality combat; as a result of the microscopic nature of the character, which has no limitations. 135 kata lagi

Hollywood Movies

Documentary Review: Turtle Power: The Definitive History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

Release Date: August 12th, 2014
Directed by: Randall Lobb
Music by: Matthew Hussey

FauxPop Media, iProductions, Paramount Home Media Distribution, 98 Minutes


*Written in 2014… 315 kata lagi