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Tales of the Forgotten Sequels: 'Rise of the Silver Surfer'

In Tales of the Forgotten Sequels, we take a look at film follow-ups that have been lost to time, either by accident or on purpose. Did these Part Twos and Part Threes deserve the bargain bin, or were they victims of unfair expectations? 923 kata lagi

Tome: Nix

This was probably one of the best suggestions by reader Decan. I really liked the power and it ended up serving as a pretty unique tg.


If Superheroes could vote, who would they vote for?

Superhero movies and cartoons have mostly been the way in which I got to know about superheroes growing up. Like most children, I saw superheroes as representatives of good fighting the evil that attempts to destroy the earth and the innocent helpless humans. 618 kata lagi


Batman: Arkham Knight Review

The hype for Batman: Arkham Knight was and is unreal. You go into any video game shop and you will see everywhere Batman posters, Batman related stuff hanging from the ceiling. 688 kata lagi

Faith No More Premiere "Superhero" Live Video

Faith No More have premiered a new live video for their song “Superhero.” This song is from the band’s latest album, Sol Invictus, which was released on May 19.


"Big Hero 6" never rises to greatness

Disney is smart. There is no doubt about that. And they’re kind of showing it off in “Big Hero 6,” a movie that runs on the Marvel sticker, superheroes, adorable sidekicks, and frankly borrowing from many other properties. 216 kata lagi