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New Release & Review - Hollow (Out of the Box #12) by Robert J Crane @robertjcrane

Book & Author Details:
Hollow (Out of the Box #12) by Robert J Crane
Publication date: January 17th 2017
Genres: Sci Fi, Superhero

Sienna Nealon is the most powerful person in the world. 323 kata lagi

New Releases

The Return of the Brunei Superhero Story

Back in 2012, I started writing a Brunei superhero story titled ‘Guardians of Darussalam’ and published it online.

I’ve published several chapters sporadically between 2012 and 2014 in my spare time. 121 kata lagi


The Coolest Weapons Female Superheroes Have

Boys love their toys, a time-honored adage to which all superhero mythology can attest.

Batman is literally a walking vigilante-toy store, what between the Batmobile and his Utility Belt.  1.232 kata lagi


A Dark Knight

My favourite song from the soundtrack and the longest, I play this pretty often and if honest, the rest of the songs seem to compliment this one even more. 44 kata lagi

Warner Bros

Suicide Squad: Film Review

The hype, the grand marketing, and the lavish publicity materials fell flat on their faces when David Ayer’s Suicide Squad hit the theaters. Following the polarized… 571 kata lagi


8 Reasons Why We Miss Watching Shaktimaan

​1. Mukesh Khanna truly looked like an Indian superhero.

Every 90s kid was fascinated with India’s first superhero Shaktimaan. It was a ritual to gather before our TV sets at 12 noon every Sunday to watch Shaktimaan bashing up his enemies for an hour. 298 kata lagi

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Kwiddex Protocol #12, page 18

current issue: #12: “Detective Work”

Jerry, Sheldon, and The White Rose close in on the Satellite Falls monster!

Written by Jason DeGroot, art by… 38 kata lagi