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Origin Story of Judge Julia

The three types of life-altering experiences in an origin story are trauma based, being “the chosen one”, and destiny. My superhero, Judge Julia, was the chosen one. 922 more words

Daredevil: TV Series Review

Daredevil is honestly one of the most fascinating superheroes ever created. In the words of Frank Miller, “How many superheroes are known for what they can’t do”? 1.047 more words



Here’s a cool trailer showing what’s coming up at the end of the season on The Flash. Some exciting stuff from one of the truly great new shows. 11 more words

Not According To Any Film I've Ever Seen...


Batman has the Joker, the Fantastic Four have Dr. Doom, and Adhesive Man has…


Netflix’s "Daredevil" and Proverbs 25:something-or-other

With the inevitability of a runaway train, Netflix’s Daredevil has been moving toward the biblical story and its take on the Devil. The nature and name of the titular character make this move inevitable, even necessary. 461 more words

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Book Number 505 - Supertruck by Stephen Savage

Little N absolutely adored this story of an unassuming garbage truck who saves the day

Favorite Books For Toddlers Age 2-3