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The Wanderers - Chapter 3

It was well past midnight when Sunny entered her father’s laboratory. The old guy was sitting with his back to the glass elevator. Despite the crisp ding when the elevator door opened, he paid no attention. 2.675 kata lagi


One Way Love [Chapter 10]

Title : One Way Love

Author : Miss Dreaming

Genre : Romance, School Life, Friendship

Rating : PG-15

Length : part 10 of 16

Cast : 1.880 kata lagi


We Can [ Another Story of Eun-Kyu ] Twoshoot

Title : We Can

Author : miss dreaming

Genre : Romance, Married Life

Rating : PG+16

Length : Twoshoot (Part 1)

Main cast :

–           Lee Eun Ki a.k.a OC… 2.322 kata lagi


Kyu’s Little Family Part 4


Author : Kyuseororo^^
Cast      : Kyuhyun, Seohyun,Tiffany Jessica, Hyoyeon, and other cast.
Genre   : Friendship, Romance, a bit of Humor(?)
Title     : Romantic family… 2.359 kata lagi



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