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Give Me Your Love (Chapter 18)

Chapter 18 : Date


Original Story by Lee-jungjung |

Cast : Jung Soojung, Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun |

Support Cast : Choi Jinri, Choi Minho… 2.921 kata lagi


[f(x)] Another day of f(x) pt.IV


When she told her mother that she was going back to Seoul, her mother only smiled. She hugged her only daughter in a tight embrace for a very long time before properly looking at her face. 1.070 kata lagi


[f(x)] Another day of f(x) pt.III

Part 3


She was on a plane from China for her drama filming and took selcas of herself before posting it to her weibo account. 1.088 kata lagi


Akun Instagram Sulli dibajak!

Sulli, mantan personil f (x), mengatakan bahwa akun Instagram-nya di hacked tanggal 24 November. Dia menanggapinya dengan tenang, meskipun dia mengunggah foto dirinya di akun Instagram-nya, di mana dia terlihat ngeri saat melihat ponselnya . 88 kata lagi

News / General

[SSULSTAGRAM] "이때도 한번 해킹당했는데 무시했었거든요 ㅠ 근데 요번엔 게시물까지 지워져있네요.... 암튼! 조심 또 조심 비번 자주 바꿀게요~" by jin_ri_sul

jin_ri_sul: At this time too, I once suffered hacking but I ignored it ㅠ But this time, I noticed something was deleted…. Anyway! Be careful as well, be careful when you turn offline often~

Translated text on photo:


[SSULSTAGRAM] "해킹을 당했네요! ㅠ 제가 지우지 않은 게시물이 지워져있네요.... 이런 일도 다 있군요... ; 여러분도 소중한 개인 정보 조심하세요!!" by jin_ri_sul

jin_ri_sul: Coping with hacking! ㅠ I didn’t delete it, I noticed it was deleted…. Something like this always happen… ; Everyone, be careful of your personal imformation!!