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Presiden Sukarno dan Perdana Menteri Nehru

Presiden Sukarno bersama Perdana Menteri India Nehru, sedang melihat Indira Gandhi menerima bunga ketika mengunjungi Borobudur, kejadian tahun 1951


Resensi dan Ulasan Buku "Srihana-Srihani : Biografi Hartini Sukarno"

Judul Buku                  : Srihana-Srihani Biografi Hartini Sukarno

Penulis                         : Arifin Suryo Nugroho

Tebal Buku                  : 271 halaman

Penerbit                       : Ombak

Kota Terbit                  : Yogyakarta

Tahun Terbit                : 2009… 1.213 kata lagi


Horrid Carcass of Indonesia – 50 Years After the Coup

by Andre Vltchek

Last year, I stopped travelling to Indonesia. I simply did… I just could not bear being there, anymore. It was making me unwell. 3.647 kata lagi


INDONESIA 1965: Lessons of a catastrophic defeat (part 1)

by Deirdre Griswold

Who wants to study defeats? It is much more satisfactory to study victories. To read about conquering heroes instead of fallen ones. 967 kata lagi


Indonesian Pilgrimage, Part IV

Surabaya Stunner: The Majapahit

As we gathered at the gate in Singapore, Jonathan and I were probably the only Caucasians at the gate. We are both tall white farts, and I hate having to wear the label TOURIST on my forehead. 2.351 kata lagi

Kim Jong Un Has Won a Real Statesperson Prize From a Nation That Is Not North Korea

Kim Jong Un, the despotic leader of impoverished North Korea, accepted a global statesperson award from Indonesia’s Sukarno Center on Thursday. Past recipients of this honor include Mohandas Gandhi, Aung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson — the latter sharing the 2010 prize with the Dalai Lama. 146 kata lagi

Trying to Understand the 1965-1966 Anti-Communist Purge

The beginning of October marked 50 years since the anti-communist massacres which tormented Indonesia until March 1966.

It was an occasion that surely no one in the government was looking forward to. 1.087 kata lagi