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Karya-karya puncaknya kebanyakan dihasilkan pada masa pemerintahan Presiden Sukarno, meliputi bangunan-bangunan institusi kenegaraan dan berbagai monumen publik.

Oleh Silvia Galikano

Tak banyak arsitek di dunia yang berkesempatan membentuk wajah sebuah bangsa. 1.201 kata lagi

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A Case for the Useless and Things Unsaid

Cidarth Sajith, Research Intern, ICS

The 2012 documentary ‘The Act of Killing’, in which the perpetrators of the 1965 anti-communist purge of Indonesia, re-enact and dramatize their killings is not only held by many as an audacious documentary that oversteps into the obscene due to the very gleefulness with which the protagonists oblige, but also draws consternation over the impunity and reverence with which they are held. 845 kata lagi


​Consider As A Disorders, CIA Designed Sukarno Assassination, Translated By Seven Horses ID

Consider As Disorders, CIA Designed Sukarno Assassination.

by HENDRI F. ISNAENI, Historia

Church Commission received a number of instructions that CIA ever had plan to assassination the President. 636 kata lagi


Draft Excerpt

I am working on putting together a new book.  I released two earlier this year, one published by Oxford University Press that is both a history and technical introduction to some different photographic processes, and the other a study of… 943 kata lagi


​Seven Assassination Attempted President Sukarno, Translated By Seven Horses ID

Seven Assassination Attempted President Sukarno


There are seven times assassination attempted President Sukarno. Four big, and the rest try to make an uproar. 835 kata lagi



“A great nation is a nation that respect its heroes.” (Bung Karno, founding father and the first president of the Republic of Indonesia.

Jakarta, 10 November 2017

Frans Indrapradja 


Is History Truth or Prejudice?

‘Historical records are questionable, being based as much on perception as on fact.’ Is this a fair comment?

          As Mark Twain once said, “the very ink at which history is written is merely fluid prejudice”. 1.060 kata lagi

Adolf Hitler