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The transition between the 2D rpgs of the SNES and Megadrive era into the Playstation generation was very much an interesting period for the genre. Some chose to try to bring three dimensions to the platform and flashy FMV sequences (both of which would date horribly) whilst others focused on producing more content on their 2D games that didn’t push the system to its limits. 1.711 more words


Nash Latkje

Despite how much I love this game series, for some reason it took me a really long time to think of using this figure for today’s post. 84 more words


Suikoden II Review

The original PlayStation was host to a cavalcade of unforgettable JRPG titles, from the colossal mainstream success of Final Fantasy VII to the quiet cult classics like… 670 more words


More rule-breaking

I laid myself out a rule that this blog wasn’t going to be about my hobbies; they were terra impermissa.  But I’ve written about my doll/toy collecting a couple of times already now, and…well, today I’m breaking that rule again, but about gaming.   1.625 more words

General Moaning

Review: Suikoden

Late last year, Konami surprised the world by finally re-releasing Suikoden II on PSN. The game, though it has a strong cult following, didn’t sell much upon release and fetches exorbitant prices on eBay. 1.138 more words

Video Games

Ten mimic treasure chests I passionately hate

Treasure chests are difficult to resist. They come in all shapes and sizes, more times than not offering the potential for greatness–gold, armor, weapons, whatever. 478 more words


Video Game Review: Suikoden II

Okay, this was totally supposed to be a review of Gone Home (made possible thanks to a new computer capable of running modern games), but nostalgia beats novelty. 1.846 more words