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Suikoden II - A new favourite

Suikoden II is a late 90’s PS1 RPG developed by Komani, you know, before they started making bad decisions. (Sorry, had to.) Now, the PS1 was absolutely chock full of RPG’s by this time, so it kind of got lost in the mix a little bit. 2.432 more words



When I think of amazing RPGs yeah it is easy to say Final Fantasy 7 but there are a lot of smaller known cult classics. So let’s talk about some of them and start with Suikoden by Konami. 352 more words


Monday Update: 5/18/15

Last week was finals week. I had real things to do. This week I don’t have real things to do.

Madden NFL 2002 (GC): Eighth Appearance, Fourth Straight Appearance… 436 more words

Monday Update

Suikoden II

Where the original Suikoden was a classic marred by a rough transition to the Playstation, its sequel is a masterclass of 2D gaming. Big beautiful sprites couple with outstanding storytelling to produce a game that manages to stand among the Final Fantasies and Dragon Quests of the time with pride. 1.045 more words


Suikoden für PS1

Suikoden ist Konamis Pferd im Rennen um die Jrpgs der 90er. Dieses Spiel bleibt den SNES Jrpgs sehr treu, in dem es nicht annähernd einen 3D Effekt liefert. 389 more words


Konami has delisted itself from NY stock exchange

Is Konami in a terribly epic tailspin? Something bad is definitely going on over there, between Kojima and Konami falling out to Silent Hills being canceled, what’s going to become of Konami? 120 more words