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Who Remembers Suikoden?

Back in middle school, my cousins introduced me to a slew of new games. Dynasty Warriors, Xenogears, the Legend of Dragoon but none of those is more memorable to me than Suikoden.z It was the second game, where I first met Gengen, the warrior Kobold, and traveled on an errand to pick up medicine from a nearby town. 466 kata lagi

5 Moments I Fondly Recall in Games (That Others Might Not Necessarily)

Off the top of my head, I can list a vast quantity of high profile gaming moments that everyone seems to have been affected by in their formative gaming years- Final Fantasy VI’s opera scene, the final battle with Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat, any occurrence beginning with ‘the death of’; there are so many definitive events that people remember because of their magnitude within their games’ worlds or how abruptly they sideswiped the player.   1.677 kata lagi

Jacob Robertson's Top 10 Video Games of All Time

My little brother has been raised on the CORRECT way to game since he was a child; he’s my best student.  It should come as no surprise he has several of my picks on his list.  470 kata lagi

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A lost legacy: The Suikoden Series

This will be the start of a new game series that will review games or a series of games that have been forgotten for various reasons.  857 kata lagi


Nostalgia Game PS Jadul Suikoden 2!

Halooo!! lama tidak berjumpaa :)), hari ini bon-bon mau cerita ni, jadi hari ini Bon bon bahagia banget iniii!! hihihihi (ketawa kaya mba kunti), jadiii tadi bon bon lagi bongkar-bongkar barang nih ceritanya, tetiba bon bon nemu sesuatu!!! 1.997 kata lagi

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Suikoden, in case you’re unfamiliar with it, is a JRPG series inspired by one of China’s “Four Great Classical Novels,” Water Margin. From what I know of it,  1.417 kata lagi