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Translating Video Games into Text

I have three great loves in life: video games, pro wrestling, and reading.  When it comes to pro wrestling, a keen eye can pick up not just typical story arcs but stories that take place within matches–really, a good match is little different in structure than a book. 272 kata lagi

Suikogaiden Volume 2 - Duel at Crystal Valley

Whilst the original Suikoden side-story ‘Suikogaiden Volume 1’ was very much a sampler of the world, companion piece and introduction to its leading man, Volume 2 is a much more fleshed out visual novel experience that delves deeper into the player character’s personal story and manages to tie in both elements of Suikoden II and III in a manner that bridges both games beautifully. 741 kata lagi


Video Games Broke My Heart: Suikoden

I love video games. I love them for the fact that they’re immersive and a great way to actively participate in your entertainment. I could go on and on about the benefits of games and gaming, but….there are downsides. 472 kata lagi


A history of Vita games: Spotlight on Konami

The eighth in a series of articles I’m writing, looking at the output of a number of Vita-supporting companies from launch through to the present day. 2.914 kata lagi


Suikoden II [PSX]

SUIKODEN II – Was it GREAT sequel?

Continuing on the Suikoden series, I will now be looking at Suikoden 2. As you can guess from the number, it is the second installment of the series. 978 kata lagi


Suikoden [PSX]

Based on 1 of the 4 great literature of Chinese culture: How did it do? ‘Water Margin’-ally Great!

I have decided to revisit my love for the Suikoden series. 741 kata lagi


Genso Suikoden Light Novel Prologue (English & Bahasa Indonesia Translation)

Ugh… I feel stupid… I feel really stupid…

Do you guys know? Like what the title says, I was intended to translate the light novel of Genso Suikoden, my favorite RPG games all the time. 222 kata lagi

Genso Suikoden