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Gaming With God: 5 JRPG’s You’ve Never Played

via Gaming With God: 5 JRPG’s You’ve Never Played

Japanese Role Playing Games have been my favorite genre of games since I was young. I didn’t know the difference between a game made in the USA or Japan. 388 kata lagi


Suikoden: Game Klasik yang Tetap Dicintai Bag.2

Halo fans berat Suikoden di mana pun kalian berada! Akhirnya kita ketemu lagi di artikel Suikoden: Game Klasik yang Tetap Dicintai bagian 2. Di artikel sebelumnya… 783 kata lagi

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Suikoden III

Many experienced gamers will tell you that the Suikoden series peaked with Suikoden II and not to bother playing past the first two instalments. I feel genuinely sorry for those who did so, because Suikoden III is a hidden gem that the UK has only just managed to get its hands on over a whole console generation later than its original release. 1.557 kata lagi


Konami: Goodbye or Good Riddance?

Roughly four months ago, I wrote a piece during the entire Konami debacle when the company decided to remove PT from the PlayStation Store and Hideo Kojima’s name being wiped from all printed materials of Metal Gear Solid. 690 kata lagi

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Suikoden: Game Klasik yang Tetap Dicintai Bag.1

NOSTALGIA. Satu kata ini mungkin terkesan sederhana, tapi bisa banyak maknanya bagi tiap orang. Nostalgia ga pernah lepas dengan yang namanya memori. Dan tiap orang pasti punya beragam memori baik rasa senang, sedih, berkesan, atau malah yang pengen dilupain.  940 kata lagi

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Queer Video Game Spotlight: Suikoden II

Suikoden II is an RPG video game that was created by Konami (the developers of Metal Gear Solid games), for Playstation. It was released back in 1999 in North America. 613 kata lagi