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New spells: part II

Hello Wizards & Sorceresses,

can’t belive I’m right on schedule with all these new spells!

As explained in my last post I gave myself two weeks to finish all the 45 new magic’ animation, and after these 7 days week I’m in the middle of this challenge, with some juicy stuff! 504 kata lagi

Concept Art

The Vita Report

Roguelike game with a retro kind of Gameboy style to it. Sounds like a winner in theory. You fall down a ridiculously long well, jumping on creatures heads or shooting them as you go down, and that’s about it. 950 kata lagi


After 18 Years, Fans Find Wild Secret In Suikoden II's Code

(Source: kotaku.com)

Suikoden II should have probably had a New Game Plus. Between the time-sensitive Clive quest, the branching endings, and the grueling decisions over which monsters to recruit, there are a lot of reasons to replay the game. 442 kata lagi


Afterthoughts: Suikoden

Back in the day, I was a Nintendo fangirl.  While I adored Japanese RPGs such as Final Fantasy IV and Super Mario RPG, I ended up not playing them all that often once I decided to get an N64.  1.020 kata lagi

Video Games

5 Game Terbaik KONAMI Sepanjang Masa

Hai Gamers, kali ini saya akan membahas game-game yang dikeluarkan oleh KONAMI. Di era nya KONAMI banyak mengeluarkan banyak game untuk PS ONE dan banyak dimainkan oleh para gamers. 456 kata lagi


The Five - Interesting Methods of Travel

When we think about travelling around in RPG games, traditionally you and your party spend a lot of time on foot. But there can be more than one way to get around from point A to Point B, C, and so on. 409 kata lagi