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Opinion - Learning from Suikoden

Apologies for no message.  The snow was real.

I recently beat Suikoden 1 (see: SNOW) and it struck me how much the games industry has to learn from that 20 year old game.  598 kata lagi

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Happy New Year!! - Update

I took a break for a couple of weeks. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle some more studies.

For those following this site…my last post was on failure. 445 kata lagi


Where It All Began

There are some things you can never get back, right?

I’ve been looking at the purchase of a PS Vita recently. It seems like an odd move as the last console I owned was the Nintendo DS Lite (I think it was) which I bought about seven years ago. 591 kata lagi


Retro Review: Suikoden II

For years, I have seen people call Suikoden II one of the greatest RPGs ever made, but until recently, I had never played the series. Thanks to the PlayStation Store, I have finally rectified this issue. 1.402 kata lagi


Water Margin

Water Margin is a Chinese novel written by the writer Shi Nai’an in the 14th century. Known as one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, Water Margin has entertained and influenced the majority of east Asia since its publication. 314 kata lagi