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The Five - Interesting Methods of Travel

When we think about travelling around in RPG games, traditionally you and your party spend a lot of time on foot. But there can be more than one way to get around from point A to Point B, C, and so on. 409 kata lagi


Fabric Painting Cosplay Tutorial


Because many fantasy and anime characters have beautiful designs on their clothes, a painting tutorial comes in handy. I love painting and I am good at it, but don’t worry if it isn’t as clean and neat as I do, the first time you try. 384 kata lagi


The Five - Interesting Combat Systems - Strategy

We’ve had an interesting two weeks so far talking about Action RPG combat systems and traditional turn-based combat, and this week we get to shift focuses to the Strategy RPG. 771 kata lagi

The Five

The Five - RPG Mini-Games

When an RPG provides side content to expand its playability, it comes in many forms. Sometimes they are quests with more powerful bosses, and sometimes they are bonus dungeons with extra special gear. 573 kata lagi


The Five - Interesting Combat Systems - Turn-Based

Welcome to the start of my 4-Part series on Combat systems in RPGs. These will be a set of “The Five” lists that highlight some of the games that show how interesting each combat method can be. 835 kata lagi

The Five

The Five - Games With Visuals Ahead of Their Time

RPGs tend to try an impress with a great set of visuals. This can be using fully rendered cut scenes, or just taking the entirety of their game and trying something new either graphically or artistically. 330 kata lagi

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