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Outlaws of the marsh (水浒传)

Outlaws of the marsh (水浒传)

Outlaws of the marsh is one of (many) different titles of the Shui hu zhuan, one of the four classics of Chinese literature (the others are Journey to the West, The romance of the three kingdoms, and The dream of the red chamber). 810 kata lagi

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Review Celestian Tales: Old North (2015)

If you looking for game with JRPG style, Suikoden feel, beautiful 2D graphics, and awesome music, you must play Celestian Tales: Old North! Buy now on… 218 kata lagi


Konami Seeks Fan Feedback With Consumer Survey; Covers Classic Franchises

As the title says, Konami is asking your opinion on what you’d like to see done with their legacy franchises. Now is the time to share your opinions on where the company will head in the future. 115 kata lagi

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Art, PS1 and Swedish Hardcore


a new comic on the Playmore front page, so please check it out. This Fat Campers stuff is inching towards its conclusion and we can finally get back to comics about games and more current affairs like Konami sucking. 134 kata lagi


RIP Konami Video Games

Silent Hills: cancelled

MGS V:  Kojima Productions outsted and employees reassigned to pretty crappy jobs

Silent Hill 2 remake: As a slot machine

That’s right.  A slot machine for Silent Hill 2… 102 kata lagi

Suikoden II

In the early part of the 1990’s, there were basically two companies known for producing Japanese Role-Playing Games: Squaresoft and Enix. Square, as the legend goes, was rescued by the success of a last ditch effort for relevancy in the form of Final Fantasy for the Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System. 1.793 kata lagi

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I was in Minnesota for the past two weeks without any internet or TV connection so I didn’t have time to really put anything on this site. 792 kata lagi