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The Five - Recurring RPG characters

With different series of games, developers tend to come up with interesting ways to bring characters back, sometimes for more than one installment of the series. 473 kata lagi

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Story Mechanics: NPCs That Go Above and Beyond

Some of the core mechanics of building an RPG world typically includes a system of shops, inns, and other ways for the player to stock up on items, upgrade your gear, and recover from a long day of travel or questing. 627 kata lagi

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Suikoden II collectibles checklist


Konami’s 1998 masterpiece Suikoden II is the RPG that gives me the warmest feeling of nostalgia. Decades later, it still feels great playing the game (available on the PS Store for PS3 and PS Vita for hardly any money) – some of the best 2D graphics we’ll ever have, a fun fighting system and, more than anything else, an unmatched story with the greatest charactarisation you’ll ever see. 233 kata lagi


Storytelling Mechanics Part 2 - Multiple Endings

Last week, we talked about the use and effectiveness of a silent protagonist as a story mechanic in RPG gaming. My examples showed how it can be made into a very positive experience for the player. 868 kata lagi

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Becoming a Suikoden superfan

I am already playing Suikoden II.

Part of this is because the original Suikoden is a rather short RPG. But another part is because somewhere, in the middle of it, my opinion switched from, “this is a solid game, but maybe this ship has already sailed,” to: “I am completely on board this boat and am riding it through the storm.” 823 kata lagi

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The Five - RPG Staircases

Ever play a game that puts you into a tower or castle that makes you climb a ridiculous amount of stairs? Well, I have and it seems like just as much of a hassle as actually climbing the stairs myself. 401 kata lagi

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Storytelling Mechanics Part 1 - The Silent Hero

Storytelling in RPGs has evolved greatly over the last several decades. From using a fully scripted linear story to having branching paths based on actions or conversation choices, to merely being an observing main character bearing witness to the events around him. 548 kata lagi

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