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The World Is A Playground

I perceive the world as a playground
Where dawn and dusk appear in eternal rounds
In His Universal form is a plaything the throne of Solomon… 216 kata lagi


حال العارف بالله

اذا كنت بين الامراء فاحفظ عينك
اذا كنت بين العلماء فاحفظ لسانك
اذا كنت بين الاولياء فاحفظ قلبك
اذا كنت بين العارف بالله فكن كما شئت

Taqleed, means what? for whom? in what? of whom? To what extent?

Question: Shaykh, I heard Abu Usamah ath-thahabi in his talk ‘Taqleed’, where he said, major previous scholars have disagreement upon whether Taqleed can be done or not so we cannot hate a person based upon this because there’s ikhtilaaf upon the issue. 994 kata lagi

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Refuting the claims of Sufi's with regards to Taqleed

Question: I was interacting with a sufi shaykh, he said, just like a Doctor forbids a person some food and acts, similarly a shaykh forbids a person who is his mureed certain food and acts. 298 kata lagi

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Rainbow Whisperer

I know how to lure rainbows out of storms
I know how love, sorrow and despair forms
Bend themselves around your organs and conform
Dig into your loins, twisted entangled thorns. 157 kata lagi


Blessings of Righteousness (Taqwa)

Excerpted from The Sermons
by Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (db)

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Oh Mankind! We created you from a single
pair of a male and a female and made you… 5.159 kata lagi


My Poems at the Karbala Conference, University of Kashmir.

Two of my poems were read at the Karbala Conference, held at the Ibn e Khaldun auditorium, University of Kashmir. The video is on youtube and the original text in this post. 73 kata lagi