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الحلاج - شعر صوفى

والله ما طلعت شمسٌ ولا غربت إلا و حبّـك مقـرون بأنفاسـي
ولا خلوتُ إلى قوم أحدّثهــم إلا و أنت حديثي بين جلاســي
ولا ذكرتك محزوناً و لا فَرِحا إلا و أنت بقلبي بين وسواســـي
ولا هممت بشرب الماء من عطش إلا رَأَيْتُ خيالاً منك في الكـــأس
ولو قدرتُ على الإتيان جئتـُكم سعياً على الوجه أو مشياً على الرأس
ما لي وللناس كم يلحونني سفها ديني لنفسي ودين الناس للناس


If what she says is true

If what she says is true

And she feels for me

The obsessive desire

That I feel for her,
Then, in the sweltering heat of noon, 39 kata lagi


Just Penned!! - To Finally Settle

Vessel waves with the waters
Yet never yields to the waves
Vessel never relishes the salt
For fishes, it doesn’t have a taste

Neither it loves the shores… 75 kata lagi


Insanity or Alchemy

My inner voice began to sound like poetry leaking from Mevlana’s pen

Was this insanity or Alchemy?

Put down your lens

Put down your lens

Feel me without distractions

There is a world for all of your senses

Put down your lens

And feel

I am more than just a message you read… 30 kata lagi

You and I pt.1

So many have felt your presence

But in this moment, my beloved

It is you and I

Until I call for you again

Mevlana's Pen

I lived the poetry of my Mevlana.

Some while intoxicated

Some as pure as my soul

We began writing the same story.

As if it was He who held the pen.