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The Drunkards

The Drunkards, from the album You are Joy.
Kabir & Camille Helminski with musicians from around the world.


I only recently learned how to recite Surah Fatiha

My Qur’an journey started when I was four years old. Before then, I had already memorised the Arabic alphabet and learned a few dua’s. But at four, I started going to a formal Qur’an reading class. 719 kata lagi


C percent amore

You are as refreshing as ice tea
amidst a hot scorching day,
of which even trees seem to seek
a drowning place.
Yet, for one who can have you, 347 kata lagi


On Guru Purnima

On the sacred day of Guru Purnima,

I take the pleasure to express my gratitude-

you were a true guru, a yogi as the vedas describe… 59 kata lagi


Not yet adequately adored

I am wandering in the forests of emotion I am comfortable now mostly I don’t talk about it much though occasionally I am irritable I am thinking about love I have had my children going commando could also be going postmenopausal because there is no longer bleeding or if there is I would have to get checked for uterine cancer but it is hot and why wear underwear of course apparently things can still get wet which is a bit of a surprise since so many women complain of less libido once the hormones drop I as usual do everything ass backwards and want sex more than ever but not when I am working hard and tired and cursing the new server laptop printer program and the keyboard is spaced differently and more sensitive all this fucking equipment when what we really want is to be loved as we are I have only seriously dated two people in the last seven years and one said that what I want is to be adored he said he couldn’t and I thought why not and Rumi says the depth of the longing is our depth of longing for the Beloved and really it’s not a forest for me it’s the ocean it’s the deepest part of the ocean those rifts and I dive all the way and don’t care if I run out of air Beloved I am not yet adequately adored… 16 kata lagi


The Sufi way personifies exemplary character traits (akhlaq) and propriety (adab).

Saving a believer from blind imitation (taqlid) in matters of faith, exemplary character traits give birth to the consciousness of ihsan, which itself imparts uprightness and integrity to the thoughts and acts of human beings. 1.281 kata lagi

Ahlus Sunnah

The beauty and sacredness of popular religion

The mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshbandi outside of Bukhara is a gorgeous and peaceful spot, full but not crowded with families making pilgrimage. A visitor can engage in a series of spiritual practices. 309 kata lagi