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The Beacon

It is hard for an outsider to understand how deeply troubling the loss of a living Shaykh is for the disciple and there is a natural human tendency to fill the immense gap left by the death of one’s guide with a comforting placeholder. 454 kata lagi



You should never hasten

To unfurl your umbrella

Under the first drops of rain,

And the summer rays of heat.

With open arms feel it- 8 kata lagi


Al-`Allaamah Ibn Baaz — Proving hulool from: "Al-Awwal, Al-Aakhir, Ath-Thaahir, Al-Baatin"

Arabic – English

Question: What is the opinion of Your Eminence on whoever says that Allaah’s Name “Al-Thaahir” means the Manifest in everything?

Does this fall under the opinion advocating Hulool (a Sufi term meaning indwelling) or not? 495 kata lagi

Ahlul Hadeeth

Just Penned!! - Quench Till The Soul

Twilight is not a deception
Look, it suggests a horizon!
Being mortal is to kindle the love
To fade into the eternal horizon!

Light spreads in no time… 69 kata lagi



so many doors
knock them down
let the clogged memoirs out
for a serene stroll
the verandah waits for you

so many windows
with faces of bruised children… 81 kata lagi


Resist the Muslim Ban and Registry!

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

I created this Awareness Campaign for Human Rights because I am the son of Holocaust Survivors.  This inexpensive sticker is the same Star that Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis during the Holocaust. 45 kata lagi

Spirituality & Religion

I Tried.

I tried .

I tried looking for him in the holiest places.

I tried looking for him in the holiest people.

I tried looking for him in rumi and in shams. 175 kata lagi