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Some Useful, Basic Linux Commands

I’m still continuing to play with my Raspberry Pi and get used to the command line interface (it’s really taxing at the moment). There are lots of commands you can use and I’m slowly but surely getting my head around some of them. 104 kata lagi

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What Is sudo?

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times already on several posts (and promised to explain it as well), and if you use your Raspberry Pi and Linux, you’re almost certain to come across it. 474 kata lagi

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10. A problem in sources.list.d/ :

A month ago I wrote a wrong command in my terminal (Konslole) but it was a strange message appeared to me!!
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The Banana pi R1 securing the ssh-server..

The aim of this post is to set up a key-based ssh login to the R1. Key-based authentication is a vital part in the securing of your system, specificity against attackers how are trying to gain access using a brute force attack. 579 kata lagi

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[Oneshot - Sudo/Kyungmyeon] Lúc ít ngờ nhất (M)


Au: Anduradis (AFF)

Trans: Mil (bimil1010)

Pairings: Sudi/Kyungmyeon (main), Chanbaek

Thể loại: Lãng mạn, chênh lệch tuổi tác. 12.312 kata lagi


Rebooting Or Shutting Down Without Entering A Password

With my user account set up, I decided to have a play and start investigating a few more Linux commands. I went to shut off my Pi by using the command: 511 kata lagi

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If You Mess Up config.txt

In my previous post I went through some of the settings you can change to correct the display of your Raspberry Pi on your TV or monitor. 917 kata lagi

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