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How to pass environment variable to sudo su

You can do it without calling login shell:

sudo DUMMY=dummy su <username> -c 'echo "$DUMMY"'

Using Magic Cookies to run programs remotely as root

Unbelievable how many times I fell for this – and am still falling.

The situation is as follows: you are on a remote box, using SSH and X-forwarding enabled. 155 kata lagi


How To Securely Open Ports (SSH, RDP etc.) On-Demand For Dynamic IPs Through iptables

An encrypted SSH connection allows complete access to your machine. However, unless you diligently manage all security updates to your OS and SSH Server, there is a possibility that your SSH server gets compromised. 428 kata lagi


Instalar Sudo en Debian 8

Sudo es una herramienta de los sistemas operativos tipo Unix, que permite a los usuarios ejecutar comandos como superusuario (root) de manera segura.


Abrimos una terminal y accedemos como root, para ello: 152 kata lagi


Linux Command - sudo apt-get

As a newbie to Linux, I do need to search in the Internet for the command lines to be executed whenever I wanted to do something in the Ubuntu’s environment. 385 kata lagi

Experience Sharing


One of the first things I install on a server is sudo. It’s pretty well documented that it isn’t wise to always use su. I’ve also noticed using sudo forces me to constantly double check what I do so that’s a good side effect. 34 kata lagi


Useful Linux commands & what do they do ?

Linux can be intimidating until you actually start using it. It makes you all cool using different commands on terminal and processing – I personally feel like a hacker or so ! 686 kata lagi