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Innocent face, guilty face

The face of an innocent dog enjoying the sunshine in the recliner:

The face of a guilty, library-book-chewing dog:

This was hours after the crime was committed. 60 kata lagi


Getting Rid Of Those Ugly Black Borders

When I first installed NOOBS and Raspbian, my TV screen showed ugly black borders around the terminal lines and shrunk the actual display so that it became difficult to read the on screen text. 747 kata lagi

Raspberry Pi

Using X11 Forwarding Through sudo

X11 forwarding comes in handy from time to time. For example, say you want to use virt-manager to work with KVM VMs on your lab machine but want to do it from your Mac ( 139 kata lagi

Saving read only file edited using vim

You have opened a file using vi or vim to check some code or text, and found some code/text to be altered. We made change and totally ignored the notification informing that we did not have permission to edit it (Warning: Changing a read only file), and you realize that you cannot save your edit you just made. 252 kata lagi


Openstack: Cloud Platforms- sudo: unable to resolve host

I use linux for my cloud based servers on Amazon-EC2 and openstack.
When trying to run:
1sudo chhown ubuntu somepath
I get this error every once in a while: 29 kata lagi

Sudo goes outside

She might not like it, but she does. (You know how some dogs do that thing where they roll ecstatically on their backs in the grass? 53 kata lagi