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Testing out snapshots in Apple’s next-generation APFS file system

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Back in June, Apple announced its new upcoming file system: APFS, or Apple File System. There was no mention of it in the WWDC keynote, but devotees needed no encouragement. 1.781 kata lagi


increase sudo timeout

You want to increase the sudo password remember timeout.

Run “sudo visudo“, then add this line to the end:

Defaults    timestamp_timeout=60
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Step By Step Guide To Overcome Root Permission (Sudo) Issue With Root Directory - Linux

Solution after sudo/su is ruined or sudo: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set

1. Restart your system, press SHIFT/Esc key while Ubuntu is booting. 110 kata lagi

Linux commands

sudo!! : Forgot to run a command with sudo? You need not re-write the whole command, just type “sudo!!” and the last command will run with sudo. 628 kata lagi

Deleting Configuration Profiles through Terminal

Sometimes there’s a need to manually remove a configuration profile deployed by something like Apple’s Profile Manger; if for instance you cannot un-enroll the device, or you cannot access the ‘Profiles’ pane in System Preferences. 98 kata lagi



Se há coisa que não compreendo é porque razão ao fazer um download de uma versão do que quer que seja sou imediatamente “obrigado” a fazer uma actualização. 188 kata lagi


Enabling Nutanix 2009 page access with allssh command

On top of HTML5 based Prism GUI, Nutanix cluster has nifty web pages to give additional information on what is going on in your cluster. Under normal conditions there isn’t usually need to access these pages, but they can be handy in troubleshooting or in performance testing. 650 kata lagi