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How to create user as sudoer

With linux privileged is better than many to with windown, you can create many user, accounts is independent and their permission are different. Sudoer allowed creating system process and installing applications. 73 kata lagi

Executing programs as root under Wayland

Wayland will refuse to execute any program executed as root. Therefore approaches like sudo gparted will fail. However, you can temporarily gain the right to access the Wayland server as root by running as non-root in terminal: 23 kata lagi

Initial VPS Account Setup Ubuntu 16.04

This short tutorial describes the things you really should be doing when you start working with new VPS ~ Virtual Private Server – Ubuntu 16.04… 1.203 kata lagi

Ubuntu VPS

Sudo lets you change your online identities as easily as flipping a switch

If youre like me your inbox is a mess of hundreds of promotional emails from different sites across the web many of which Ive only actually shopped atonce or twice. 499 kata lagi


How to pass environment variable to sudo su

You can do it without calling login shell:

sudo DUMMY=dummy su <username> -c 'echo "$DUMMY"'

Using Magic Cookies to run programs remotely as root

Unbelievable how many times I fell for this – and am still falling.

The situation is as follows: you are on a remote box, using SSH and X-forwarding enabled. 155 kata lagi


How To Securely Open Ports (SSH, RDP etc.) On-Demand For Dynamic IPs Through iptables

An encrypted SSH connection allows complete access to your machine. However, unless you diligently manage all security updates to your OS and SSH Server, there is a possibility that your SSH server gets compromised. 428 kata lagi