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Enabling Nutanix "Stargate" I/O statistics page access with allssh command, AOS 5.5 edition

Finally got my hands on AOS 5.5 and upgraded our lab Nutanix cluster to this version.

In my earlier post I described how to manipulate “iptables” rules to allow access to “Stargate” or “port 2009” pages. 247 kata lagi


Git from source, no sudo

Need to update an old Git on RHEL 6.x without sudo, here are the instructions. Testing on CentOS VM.  Assume some old versions of the dependencies have already been installed on the target system.  102 kata lagi


Having sudo insult you

To change sudo setting you have to use the visudo command.

If you are not too comfortable with vi to edit files like me you may want to invoke visudo with nano. 92 kata lagi

GCC from source, no sudo

Need a significant upgrade on a GCC/GNAT toolset in an environment without sudo permissions. Starting from this guidance. Starting versions (here’s a useful way… 514 kata lagi


CentOS 6.x VirtualBox build

Windows 10 host, CentOS 6.9 guest, VirtualBox 5.1.30:


Interview: Ferry x Canvas Conversations

(Source: www.timeout.com)

Teamwork is key in any sort of collaboration – and when we sat down with homegrown musicians Namie Rasma, the vocalist of Canvas Conversations, and Ferry (real name Jean Low), the synergy between the two artists is almost electric. 643 kata lagi