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Configure SUDO

When I login as user, with sudo i can do superuser(root) activity like edit configuration files in directory besides my home directory

To configure sudo first login as root user and enter my password… 62 kata lagi


Change / Switch the identity of your JIRA admin user to other JIRA user ( sudo su in JIRA ) with Groovy Scriptrunner

First go to “Add-ons”

Then go to “SCRIPT-RUNNER > Built-in Scripts”

Then click on “Switch to a different user”

And put the username you want to are :)


The Twibbit on occasion knows a difficulty with its toes

Edward Gorey would have loved this dog.

We often speculate which creature from The Utter Zoo Sudo most resembles. Lately the Twibbit seems to be winning, though sometimes she is the Mork (“The Mork proceeds with pensive grace / And no expression in its face”), sometimes the Limpflig (“The Limpflig finds it hard to keep / From spending all its life asleep”), and sometimes the Yawfle (“The Yawfle stares, and stares, and stares, / And stares, and stares, and stares, and stares”). 38 kata lagi


Here’s a small article that show how to install a package (sudo …) on HP-UX, i had to do it because there’s no HP-UX admin on the client site.   89 kata lagi

Root & Sudo

sudo allows user to act as root without root login, it is more secure to use sudo instead of logging in as root.

Advantages and Disadvantages… 1.058 kata lagi


Q&A: Sudo outside Terminal

Q Is there a sudo facility outside Terminal, enabling you to ‘Open with Authentication’, for example?

A Terminal’s command sudo allows any user to assume the privileges of another user for one command. 168 kata lagi


Better sudo messages

There is a nice feature to increase the “usefulness” of your error message when a user enters a wrong password.

Just add to /etc/sudoers the following line: 174 kata lagi