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Suction / Discharge Dual Pump

TRANSFLO™ has introduced the new Two Way Drum Transfer Pump, a powerful yet economical air operated drum pump. Its all-new design offers many unique features. The compressed air pump attaches easily to any closed head of a drum.

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Do you wonder what the need of Portable Suction Units is in medical practice?

“Respiratory suction” an algorithm that has been practiced over the ages to clear the respiratory airway in case an individual is facing respiratory problems. With the advent of electrical equipments in the market, 227 kata lagi

Procuring suction units for your hospitals becomes a sweat free exercise with online marketplace

A wide range of suction units is available in the market these days. One needs to be very careful and smart while picking the best… 235 kata lagi

$3 Suction Pump Speeds Healing

It sounds like the beginning of a bad infomercial, and it may eventually become one, but in the meantime, a new invention out of MIT holds the promise of speedy healing for disaster victims around the world. 142 kata lagi