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Samurai Showdown: The Motion Picture [Fighting Game Week]

Type: Samurai Showdown, now on Saturday Mornings!

Synopsis: Hey kids! Don’t forget to check out the latest totally tubalur episode of Samurai Showdown, where the bodacious Haomaru and the 5 Holy Warriors fight against the wickedly uncool Amakusa! 172 kata lagi


Unbridled Enthusiasm Vol 1 No 1

This is an 8 page photozine that I make a couple times a month.  This first issue features a trip my wife and I took to Branson MO in 2008.   57 kata lagi

Matt Gholson

If only real life had a block option

If only i could mute all the fat anoying white people hell bent on resource abuse, and hoarding which are economy damaging behaviours so why shouldnt you worthless looser pay more than what you belive to be your fair share because honestly the data says otherwise! 1.113 kata lagi

Dwayne the Rock Johnson thinks Molestation is funny!

Dwayne the Rock Johnson just lost another fan and lots of respect and not just from little ol me. The SNL skit of a child molesting robot was about the worst thing they have ever pulled. 90 kata lagi

Tour of the Ozarks Part 3

Day 3 Bendavis to Gasconade Resort

We left Homer’s friendly farm in good spirits on Friday morning and made haste toward Hartsville.  I realized that the mild soreness I had felt after the first day had developed into very sore legs.   637 kata lagi

Barn Door Cycling

a first look but systemd networking sucks

So after this (my blog) i decided to see if could reproduce the config in systemd something i loathe (my blog).

to recap eth0 – dhcp, eth0:1 et al static ip config… 445 kata lagi

Technical Support

The NBA sucks right now & nobody seems to care

(Courtesy of Monica Davey)

Written by John Avino

The NBA, to its credit, has always had problems with parity. If you disagree, do a quick Google search on how many of the 70 NBA titles have been won just by the Celtics and Lakers. 1.186 kata lagi