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Subak Pulagan Included in World Cultural Heritage

When hearing the word subak, the mind will immediately refer to the Island of the Gods. In Bali, subak is known as a social organization governing the irrigation system in rice field cultivation. 650 kata lagi


Subak Menanti Kesungguhan Kita

Oleh Raka Santeri
(Pos Bali, Sabtu, 28 Sept 2013)

    SUBAK yang telah terbentuk sejak abad ke-8 dan terus-menerus memelihara kehidupan masyarakat Bali, kini semakin terancam. 529 kata lagi

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Subak Bali Became Extinct

Balinese farming system, Subak feared could become extinct, if the depreciation rate of agricultural land continues to happen. This was stated by Steve Lansing, researcher of anthropologist ecology in Annual Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) sixth Conference in Bali, which is still going on until Saturday (31/8/2013). 450 kata lagi

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Subak becomes valuable research topic

Udayana University plans to open a new study program on the subak traditional agricultural system next September to encourage local and international students, as well as academics, to learn more about the system. 525 kata lagi


Customary villages, ‘subak’ get more funding

Bali provincial administration has pledged to provide additional funding to support its customary village institutions and subak, traditional irrigation and farming organizations. as part of its efforts to protect the island’s precious cultural and social heritage. 584 kata lagi


Subak Irrigation Management System

Balinese rice cultivation is famous all over the world for its efficient use of irrigation water. At the heart of irrigation management are the water user associations called subak. 1.493 kata lagi

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