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If you are anything like me, then you must be someone who avoids writing at all costs. Honestly when I had passed N3, there was a time when I was exploring language schools in my area. 882 kata lagi




En af tingene om samfundet, som jeg har mest modstridende tanker om, er skønhedsindustrien. På den ene side abonnerer jeg på ideen om, at vi alle er individer, som skal gøre hvad vi vil, fordi hver for sig selv og alt det, som er et enormt vigtigt ‘alt det’, men på den anden side kæmper jeg virkelig med tanken at vi skal forbedre os med skønhedsprodukter og -procedurer. 1.379 kata lagi


How To Start Your Homeschool

I still owe a lot of you this post and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you another story on how to practically start homeschooling. 2.891 kata lagi


23.2.18 | Gratitude...?

Something’s kind of bothering me today. I’m not sure whether I’m overseeing things and just having first-world problems, but anyways.

So today was the birthday of a friend in my Chemistry class, who also happens to be an amazing drummer and pro-athlete. 524 kata lagi


Big Pharma's War On Our Children: 1 Million Kids Under Age 6 On Psychiatric Drugs

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

In the United States, there are one million children under the age of six on psychiatric drugs. This number is particularly disturbing, considering the horrifying side effects and ineffectiveness of a good number of these types of harmful drugs. 221 kata lagi

Approaching My Study Materials

Here are some words to live by: try never to live anywhere with a season called ‘mud.’ It was a typical late winter weekend in South Western Pennsylvania which means we had nine inches of snow here in the Laurel Mountains on Saturday and Sunday. 908 kata lagi


Quick notes for 2018 tasks

At first, most of my targets in 2017 have not been achieved. But then it is ok because most of the missing targets are about travelling. 260 kata lagi