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Approaching Asteroid

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According to ESA Top News

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A small asteroid flying past Earth on 12 October will provide scientists with a valuable opportunity to learn more about its orbit and composition.

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Assignment One - Square Mile - Further Development of Ideas

Tomorrow I will plan a walk so that I can go around all of the places below for Sqaure Mile. I will also take a letter on the walk so that I can collaborate with the public. 429 kata lagi


Report: Majority looked upon more favorably than minority

NEW YORK – A new U.N. report detailing studies done in over 100 countries shows that races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and just about anything else that is in the majority is generally looked more favorably upon than races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and anything else that is in the minority. 25 kata lagi

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Applying the Bible Today

All of us at some point have had a parent, a teacher, or a coach come to us with the intention of giving us advice or some nugget of wisdom. 1.552 kata lagi

Josh Stolarz


I sabi say sometimes ehn life fit de extra hard. Hard sotey you  go wan remain strong, positive, happy but watin your eye don see, no be here at all!!! 264 kata lagi


The problem using single verses 

The problem with using single verses is that people use them out of context, so it creates confusion. 
The purpose of knowing context is so you can truly comprehend the message being written as it was written, in the time it was written, who it was written to and for, and who the author is. 139 kata lagi


On standardized tests

Reminder: This reflection is posted later than intended due to unexpected circumstances, and the test mentioned below has already taken place. 

I am a total mess. 929 kata lagi