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My Divination Studies Plan

Another facet of my Druidry study is divination, the actual practice as well as history behind it and theory to it’s supposed future-telling. There will only be three essays for my divination study, but every Friday I will be hands on, actually practicing some form of divination. 864 kata lagi


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 243: Exams are Over for Now

The relief of completing the final exam for this semester which just so happens to be the first full semester of this year was met with great enthusiasm. 514 kata lagi


Ayurvedic Beauty Plants 

One of cool the things about studying pharmacy is how it helps create an awareness for the environment. I see things in different ways now than I used to see them before. 233 kata lagi


Postcards from Canada

This exhibition at the Fort Gallery features beautiful artwork, and I am very proud that it also includes two of my postcards! All postcards are available for viewing at the gallery, and for purchase online on… 56 kata lagi


Study Buddy

My little buddy, Jayjay, enjoys quietly sitting next to me while I study, For such an energetic little Jack Russell Terrier, he also likes to just lean on me while I study. 89 kata lagi


Drop In Sudden Cardiac Arrests Linked To Obamacare

If 22 million Americans lose their health care coverage by 2026 under the GOP Senate’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, how many people could die? 715 kata lagi

The Health Law

Study Playlist

My Spotify Study Playlist

Let me start this post by first saying that I love music, instead of just hurling 66 songs for you to listen to. 800 kata lagi