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“Stress” the 15th Largest Cause of Death in the United States

In the past year, researchers have estimated that 20,000 deaths a year are due to stress. 153 kata lagi

Small Things # 7 - Positive Reinforcement

I was pleasantly surprised to notice this paper in my son’s folder. See how the class teacher has circled the best ‘S’ in the handwriting page instead of pointing out at not so good ones. 31 kata lagi

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25 Tips To Survive Your College Freshman Year

Our College years are the most memorable time of our school days. Freshman year can be especially intense, but you can make it one of the best years of your life. 1.211 kata lagi


Logical Fallacies- Straw Man

Straw Man

  • The Straw Man fallacy is aptly named after a harmless, lifeless, scarecrow.
  • In the straw man fallacy, someone attacks a position the opponent doesn’t really hold.
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Logical Fallacies- Fallacy of Sunk Costs

Fallacy of Sunk Costs

  • “Sunk Cost” is an economic term for any past expenses that can no longer be recovered. For example, after watching the first 6 episodes of 
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Thumbs Up!

Hey everyone! So I told you last week in my Facial Study~ Part 2 post that I had drawn a hand giving a thumbs up. And because looking at my mouth study makes me cringe, I’ll be showing you my hand drawing first! 237 kata lagi


Literary Devices in the Bible, Part 10: Zoomorphism


With this post we conclude our look at biblical figures of speech involving comparison, after which we will consider figures of speech involving substitution. In our previous post, we considered anthropopathism, which is the attributing of human emotions or passions to non-human beings, natural phenomena, objects, or God.  342 kata lagi