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Julia's review of Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie

Sonya Petrova is an Auraseer, one with the power to sense the emotions of others, living in the Tsarist Russia-based fantasy country of Riaznin. After a terrible tragedy, she is made the Sovereign Auraseer whose job is to serve the emperor and protect him from those who wish him harm. 91 kata lagi

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Cynthia's review of The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow

Greta is a duchess and crown princess—and a hostage to peace. This is how the game is played: if you want to rule, you must give one of your children as a hostage. 279 kata lagi

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Cassandra's review of Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

Ruin and Rising is the final book in the Grisha Trilogy. The Darkling succeeded in overthrowing the king and now rules Ravka. After the disastrous invasion of the Darkling’s shadow creatures, Alina is sent to the White Chapel where she is worshipped as a Saint and imprisoned by the Apparat, yet Alina is determined to escape and rise once more to save Ravka. 145 kata lagi

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