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How It All Began

First off, thank you so much for being a part of my journey. It has been quite an adventurous couple years. I have learned and grown so much, and appreciate everyone who has been a part of this journey more than they know. 529 kata lagi

Man Sacrifices His Car To Save Unconscious Driver On Highway

How far would you go to help a stranger in need?

If you’re 41-year-old Manfred Kick, you’d be willing to put your life and car at risk. 134 kata lagi


150 - Mortality, Strength, & Perseverance.

I know it’s been a while. There’s so much that I want to write about, but the words seem to constantly escape me. But today, I refuse to run away from my own inability. 624 kata lagi



When we think of gratitude, many of us think of it as simply ‘being thankful’. Thankful to someone for what they have done for us. But gratitude is so much more complex than that. 2.504 kata lagi


Should i die!

Dear love of my life

My left ankle started hurting in a new way, i can’t tell if the stress is gonna cause me a stroke or not i will try to find a way to unwind! 423 kata lagi

Do cerebral microbleeds predispose to dementia?

Critical illness-associated cerebral microbleeds

Fanou EM, Coutinho JM, Shannon P, et al.

Stroke 2017; 48:1085-1087.



To determine whether microbleeds, and more specifically microbleed count and location, are associated with an increased risk for cognitive impairment and dementia in the general population. 313 kata lagi


Hello everyone!

I’ve decided that in this blog post, I’m going to tell you a little about myself. The truth is, I’ve been through a lot. 853 kata lagi