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What does Strawberry Shortcake mean to you?

I love a good strawberry shortcake. If I see one on a dessert menu it’s always a given that I will be ordering it.  Make that any fruity dessert. 592 more words

Strawberry Shortcake

Happy Memorial Day! With all the festivities that surround Memorial Day, it sometimes requires a moment to stop and think about the real reason for this holiday. 637 more words

Cakes And Pies

Somebody tried to be sweet today!

My husband and I work in the same company now.

Since we are on night shift, we spent the eve of our 4th anniversary in the office. 78 more words


Strawberry shortcake

In the oven,

An strawberry shortcake.

And Hitler is eager to eat it.


Strawberry Shortcake

It was TheRoomDad’s birthday this weekend, and there were many little opinions about the birthday dessert he should have. TheRoomDad typically does not go old school like I do and want a yellow cake from the grocery store with butter cream frosting (my favorite birthday cake). 342 more words


Strawberry fields forever

Admittedly, not a very creative title, but I love the song and I’m feeling more tired than creative these days.  Sue me. ;-) (But really, don’t.   858 more words