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Meet 'Anything But Greek' Labneh 

Strained yogurt, Greek yogurt, yogurt cheese, or Labneh (Arabic: لبنة‎ labnah), is yogurt which has been strained to remove its whey, resulting in a relatively thick consistency (between that of conventional yogurt and cheese), while preserving yogurt’s distinctive,  79 kata lagi

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Its called many different things, but it’s basically strained yogurt.

I make it with Greek yogurt and it is so versatile! Use it on pizza, nachos, in salad or desserts like cheesecake. 147 kata lagi

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Recipe: Creamy Smoked Salmon over Penne

In keeping with my intention of talking just about anything in this blog, (*much to the chagrin of those who wish to pigeon hole me)   here’s a favorite recipe of mine.  460 kata lagi


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These are the common Dairy Products that start with the letter S.

Semifreddo: These are semi-frozen desserts, such as ice-cream cakes,

Sergem: removing the butter from milk makes this Tibetan food. 481 kata lagi


Greek strained yogurt VS Regular yogurt

Yogurt has become a hit product worldwide. The global yogurt market is projected to surpass $67 billion by the year 2015, driven by growing consumer desire for convenient and health promoting products, according to new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. 314 kata lagi

Shepherds Salad Crostini

Are you looking for a fun and interesting appetizer for your Labor Day weekend party? If so, I have the perfect solution for you! As the summer comes to a close and we get ready to celebrate the last long weekend of summer, I really wanted to get this post in. 593 kata lagi


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Show Us Your Truck!

It’s Ugly Truck Day. Every guy can appreciate the importance of this day. Not to be left out, a fair number of the ladies appreciate (their) ugly truck, too! 1.051 kata lagi

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