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It's All Greek (Yogurt) to Me

My love affair with yogurt dates back many years.

I’d always considered the creamy delicacy a fairly healthy choice. Unbeknownst to me, those weekly cups of yogurt were a dietitian’s nightmare; they packed a whopping 27-33¬†grams of sugar and 30+ grams of carbohydrates per serving, in exchange for maybe 6g of protein and nearly 200 calories. 1.566 kata lagi


Labneh (yogurt cheese)

I learned about strained yogurt many years ago at one of my earliest cooking classes. We did not call it Greek yogurt or Labneh, but rather yogurt cheese or yogurt cream cheese. 305 kata lagi

Fast Breakfasts

Cook the Book Fridays - Cherry Tomato Crostini

I spend the hottest part of the summer negotiating with myself over when I can turn on the oven and for how long. As much as I love stone fruit pies, roasted corn, and all that heat can bring to summer’s produce, I am not built for hot weather (or cold, but at least turning on the oven in winter helps alleviate my weaknesses). 572 kata lagi