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Me against Myself - My WOW weekend post

It felt like I was breathing fresh air after ages! Last few weeks had only been about burning midnight oil, juggling stubborn numbers, making and tweaking reports and bowing down to the unaccommodating whims and fancies of our superiors, while additionally straining our sleep-deprived eyes from committing any unforgivable error. 624 kata lagi


ELMER and Grandma Eldo Story

Yesterday, April 28th 2016 Nursery students had story telling time with Ibu Rini (Nursery Sun Class) and Ibu Imel (Nursery Moon Class) about ELMER and Grandpa Eldo. 153 kata lagi


Cinta, Sekali Lagi

Siapa yang nggak tahu film fenomenal Ada Apa dengan Cinta (AADC)? Salah satu film yang menjadi titik balik kebangkitan perfilman Indonesia kala itu. Saya masih ingat, pertama kali AADC tayang tahun 2001, saya masih kelas 1 SMP. 1.296 kata lagi

Story Telling

Cyclic Perspectives

by Aidan Chivers

Some of the most charming moments of big family events are the retelling of old, familiar and utterly worn-out stories of past times. 616 kata lagi


Walking with the Ancestors Part 3-B

The two hunters slowly made their way across the steep mountain pass. The mountains rose up to their right, and over the precipice to their left, lay the forested valleys far below them. 1.665 kata lagi


Making of a Character - Sardin

Name: Sardin. (Last name, not quite sure yet)

Parents: Yes, both are dead, or missing. They came from a small community about three days walk South from Jacartha. 395 kata lagi