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things to do instead of that assignment thats due today - how to win at life

Hi peeps,

I’m hyperventilating as I write this, because while I’m supposed to be writing a French essay that’s due this evening, every cell in my body is fighting against my basic survival instinct, convincing me that… 165 kata lagi

Daily Tmi

Korean Dramas 1: Story Structure

I had an especially hard time picking out the video for this one. Do I select a “top ten” video that is going to reflect a single fans view or do I focus on the trailer for a single show? 747 kata lagi

Binge Watching

Kat: New York Story

Like the other 8 Ladies I’m still decompressing from my trip to NYC. My writing has definitely benefited from a shot of conference adrenaline, and my imagination is still buzzing with the sights and sounds I experienced on my first trip to NY. 444 kata lagi

Eight Ladies Writing

dark I side I thursday I two

It’s Thursday, so it’s the dark side…..

Below you will find part two of my story The Invited, a story that has grown out of some collaborative writing started by Margaret and Helen. 669 kata lagi

Story Telling

Please let me introduce...

Alright, alright, alright…It is about time I introduced you to the king of my flat and heart (trust me I certainly do not own anything it’s all his)…JAGGER (or Jags, Agger, Eggs, Jack The Ripper lol…he’s got many names). 342 kata lagi