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Birthday Girl

Day 2: A – Z Challenge

Today, I am the birthday girl.

Today, I celebrate another twirl and whirl around the sun.

I celebrate, conscious of each breath, each fragile moment, each grace that comes my way. 203 more words


Lately I have had been reminiscing. Perhaps is the new season, that has me daydreaming while sitting out in my balcony, surrounded by my lovely herbs and flowers. 412 more words


Restored sight

God our Father is a story teller- the story teller of all story tellers!

Father has the unique perspective of being able to see the end from the beginning. 1.199 more words

Spiritual Life


I actually shot this through the window of a cab. The man’s face made me want to capture his anguish.


rittenhouse nannies.

I can only imagine the great news the nannies are sharing as the children watch a juggler in the park.



The world of reality is left behind as the eyes drink the clearing fog of the place inside where dreams become words and fiction becomes your truth


The Mistress's Daughter

I recently had an insightful conversation with an adult adoptee. Like me, she has Cherokee ancestry. We talked about the healing process of adoption, the years of peeling off layers of shrouds and how adoption issues continue to impact our lives in small and not so small ways. 708 more words