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Transfer between wombs

Devaki and Vasudeva were imprisoned by her brother, Kamsa or Kansa, due to a prophecy that her eighth son would kill him. Kansa then killed six of their sons. 130 more words

i see the whole world as a story.

thank you in advance

to all those who

i may cross paths with.

you could find yourself

smack in the middle

of my blog

one day… 40 more words


Treat Yourselves Better

Call it, an understanding from life if you will, translated…

As I’d marched past my half-way marker, I’d finally managed, to find a dozen of my elementary school classmates.   478 more words


The Room


Today will be a break from my usual opinions on various topics. I’m still going to share a little bit of me though. As you know, I’m a university student studying creative writing and English literature. 686 more words


My Hands

My hands they clink,

They jingle and they plink,

I see you stare…

I know you think it is too much,

But I want my hands to tell my story, 73 more words


"Budget Airline Tales" - Short Poem

Time is 3am, my alarm starts ringing,

Abruptness of it cuts my dream, and leaves my head spinning,

My body screams “NOOOOO!” as it curls up in a whimper, 432 more words


Finding the Loophole - For Irresponsible Under-18s

Hi fellow Internetpeople,

So it my friend had her 18th birthday, and she was to throw a party.

Now, living in a country where the legal drinking age is 18, I felt obligated to make sure she was provided the proper material. 460 more words

How To Life