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Down the forest path

She had promised herself not to travel in a car after the accident she had witnessed. But here she was, in an SUV, right in the middle of a forest, with four others, one of which, was her elder sister. 630 kata lagi


Episode 2.1 The Old Prophet

The season-opening episode of the Retelling the Bible Podcast is posted today (April 25, 2018). You can listen to the episode and subscribe to the podcast by following one of these links or by searching for the podcast on your favourite platform: 1.082 kata lagi

The Written word

The written word is a funny thing. It can tell a story with such great passion and depth that one can feel every emotion. Yet it can turn around and lack all the characteristics a person is trying to express from deep within their heart to the one person they want to feel and understand them.



Coming To A Site Near You

 Ahhhh!!!!!! I can’t believe it! My book is going to be out very, very soon! I can’t believe the day is quickly approaching. I will be a published author, ya’ll! 133 kata lagi

Story Telling

🍾❤️ Wedding bells ❤️🍾

Every mouse loves a family wedding – especially Mousey Dousey when she is a bridesmaid with her sisters Thorn and Polly 💕


First is First: Toady goes a LARP'ing

L.A.R.P stands for Live Action Role Play. A simplified description of this style would be a gaming format that incorporates a live interactive story, use of improvisation, & game mechanics. 199 kata lagi


The Reason I am Passionate About Health

Here is a bit more about my history that is a part of everything I do. This is more than why I am in the fitness industry. 

Story Telling