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3 Storytelling Mistakes to Avoid

So, you wanna write a novel?

That’s fantastic. You should! There’s a reader out there who cannot wait to read what you have brewing inside that head of yours. 727 kata lagi

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Storytelling Jewellery

I like things with meaning. Art, clothes, jewellery, stuff for the home – its fine to buy things just because they look nice, but if there is meaning and a story there too, well, I’m in heaven. 573 kata lagi


October 19: Flash Fiction Challenge

Raptors wheel on currents of air high above the La Verkin Overlook. Wings outstretched overhead, a visual blip on the terrain so vast that raptors seem hummingbirds lost in the vastness. 1.094 kata lagi


Reading Habits

SCD encourages students to cultivate reading habits. It has a separate library and one could borrow books related to career in general and specific technical preparation books for higher education, civil services, bank exams and others. 9 kata lagi


Punya Cerita Jalan Asik?

Kalau sering jalan-jalan pastinya punya banyak cerita yang seru donk. Sebagai blogger, tentunya kita ingin membagi cerita-cerita seru itu. Tapi namanya manusia ya sering banyak yang lupa walaupun udah bawa macam-macam pernak pernik dari destinasi itu atau pun ditulis di jurnal travelling. 364 kata lagi

My Unicorn Life

Proud to be old - About growing old

Today this topic came up, and I mentioned Leonora Carrington’s reply to some young people who told her — to flatter her — “You’re young at heart”. 62 kata lagi

Education For Equality