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Improv Jam - Thursday 26 May 2016

This week’s jam: Games With Stories

This week’s improv jam is brought to you by: Nick

Of late we’ve been revisiting games we often only play at Gorilla Burger or Interrobang. 63 kata lagi


#PeopleofWestin - Derek, Commis Chef

To many, the ‘heart of the home’ is in the kitchen and that’s no different here. At The Westin Harbour Castle, our Culinary team leads the way in delivering delicious and healthy foods to all of our guests. 630 kata lagi

I Desperately Need to Get Better at Telling Stories

“Good” here is relative to the rest of my skill set. I’m pretty good at doing research and presenting information. I’m rather decent at taking an idea and elaborating for 400 words. 368 kata lagi

My Story

Story Outline - Creating a framework

I had no intention of writing out an outline, but, after working on so many starts and never quite being able to take them any further than a short story, I felt it would be good to at least get my ideas down, so I can at least look back to them for reference and for inspiration. 1.752 kata lagi

Of little (or much) importance

I’ve always struggled about whether to write light and airy, funny, and touching stuff or serious, intellectual, in-depth, smart pieces.

I guess I need to figure out what I want to accomplish.  441 kata lagi


Once upon a time, there was a relatively short, relatively fat and bespectacled boy of 17 whose definition of a good day was when a girl looked at him. 1.681 kata lagi


Chapter 2 - Sardin & the Black Dragon Order

Chapter 2

Sardin couldn’t wait to get started today. His master, Magi Kerntick, had told him that today would be a very special day and that he would begin to be able to do more than ever before. 1.929 kata lagi