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The Aesthetic of Emptiness

One of my earliest memories is of the game series Myst.

For those of you who don’t know, Myst is a series of puzzle adventure games in which you explore these vast fantastic worlds full of puzzles, mysteries, and history. 361 kata lagi

Dog Eat Dog World

Many months have passed between posts and as I begin to travel, meet and influence new audiences I decided to dust off this blog in order to share tips, techniques and anecdotes again. 194 kata lagi


What does it mean to be human?

In the beginnings of our process we established that we wanted to discover what it means to be human, what makes people individuals, and how our individuality defines us. 580 kata lagi


Happy Birthday, Evelyn!

The month is flying by and the three doll birthdays this month keep sneaking up on me! I was just reading recently what I had written about one of Evelyn’s least favorite birthdays. 439 kata lagi


A Writer's Public Persona and the Philosopher's Stone

Fiction writers have a long and rich tradition of being the unofficial historians of social and political conditions. You can learn much about early twentieth-century midwestern America from Faulkner, or the Spanish Civil War from Hemingway, or the social constraints of the Victorian era from Thomas Hardy. 1.675 kata lagi

Story Telling

"Do-its". it rules.

A continuous scroll of two-word “do-its” on a small electronic LED sign encourages us to act – without knowing what “it” is referring to. It’s up to us, the viewer, to decide. 529 kata lagi

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