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“Mercy me!” she exclaimed to no one in particular as she almost dropped the full tray of assorted cookies she had just painstakingly arranged and was about to take out to serve to members of the Ladies of the Lake Tea Group. 129 kata lagi

O, ye of little faith.

I could sit here and listen to Sinatra,

to soothe my soul

and think of you.

Forgive me,

for I tend to imagine

little scenarios in my head… 139 kata lagi


What Moment Will You Cherish?

For the last several days I’ve been in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic without my family. For someone else that might seem normal enough, but that just means they haven’t met me yet. 615 kata lagi

The 2018 charity line-up

If you’ve been on social media today, you may have noticed a little announcement….

The charity line-up for my 2018 fundraising!!

Pavilion on the Park… 257 kata lagi


Visually Capturing the Subject

While writing bChannels video style guide, I talked to a friend who is a video master. In one of our discussions we talked about how to capture a subject on film. 291 kata lagi


Dan Harmon's Story Circle

During this blog post I am going to study Dan Harmon’s Story Circle by looking at a Vimeo Staff Picks video. The video I chose was a stop animation called “Pombo loves you” created by Steven Warne; the eleven minute animation shows a distant father confront a heroic but troubled past life as an 80’s tv show mascot named Pombo. 1.042 kata lagi