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Here at the Word Co. we like all sorts of story telling, from the ‘long reads’ to the 6 second Vine video, and continue to be blown away by the sheer variety of ways to do it these days. 350 kata lagi

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I AM ... dramatic monologue #1

I am a Raven
and I remember —
singed feathers at the
eruption of Pompeii;
(Don’t anger the earth.)
the nymphs dancing in the woods… 47 kata lagi


Who Rescued Whom? An Evening of Stories and Music

   by  Gerson Leite 

Please join San Diego Writers Ink Thursday, October 1, from 6 to 9 p.m. for a uniquely entertaining literary and charity event! Hear true stories about people and their pets based on the theme of “Who Rescued Whom?” A lively evening of stories shared through a variety of artistic expression, including spoken-word performance, poetry and live music. 153 kata lagi


Six Word Story Challenge....

Six Word Story Challenge courtesy of Sometimes Stellar Storyteller

Today’s Prompt – Regret

If only she cried, he might’ve…..


To those that read this please feel free to write an ending….I would love to see how you would finish this!

The Forest

As hard as it is to believe, sometimes, on very rare occasions, it doesn’t rain. The dark foreboding clouds turn a slightly less threatening shade of grey, and if we are really lucky, blue sky will fleetingly reveal its self. 968 kata lagi


Connecting People

The marketing mix explains that a brand’s success and survival is linked to the extent to which it respected the elements of the mix. Putting together the elements of the mix is supposed to lead to the brand’s survival and sustainability… 300 kata lagi

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