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Beyond the Obvious: 6th August

Slight breeze welcomed me as I stepped outside to board an auto towards the Metro Station. Grey clouds started appeared veiling the sun that tried to outshine itself. 749 kata lagi


Learning Part 2: Indicative is Comparable to Demonstrative


What is that sentence even trying to say? Well, aside from “indicative” and “demonstrative” being synonyms, they are, along with “comparable,” pronounced unintuitively. Stupidly really. 1.650 kata lagi

Why backing up your files is important. 

Something that doesn’t cross your mind very much when you’re writing is to back up your files. I’ll be the first to admit, it never really crossed my mind until today when My computer crashed! 333 kata lagi

Amateur Author

How to Write a Great Story

Take away the hype, and what is the story Hunger Games really? It is nothing more than a series of novels about a girl named Katniss who fights to save her sister and her fellow oppressed people. 379 kata lagi

Self Help

Here We Go

This is the true test. Can I keep up with posting on here throughout the semester. What might already be the busiest semester of my life. 407 kata lagi

Lost - writing prompt 2.2

Paper thin
tattered around the edges.
The straight and true
float in the breeze
unaware of dangers,
the mighty are pleased.
Misty sails
break free of the night. 101 kata lagi

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