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Fluffy Writing

I read a shit ton of stuff these days. Researching to travel the country on bicycle with no guaranteed source of income requires it. I read multiple hours per day, every day. 479 kata lagi


The Blue Devil

As the daybreak drizzle determined to cease , the tweeters of the blue tailed humming bird sunbathing on the ledge of my arched window quivered through the air to unclog my baffled conscience. 420 kata lagi


Una ...

Uunahan ko na kayo, walang kwenta ‘tong blog ko.

When is the first time na sinabi mo sa sarili mong you’re totally out of control? as in feeling mo nawawala ka na sa sarili mo. 177 kata lagi

Story Telling

Hey Honey

We’ve had several discussions about prefaces and introductions in our writing group. In the case of the family history, I chose to make the introduction part of the text and use it as the first chapter, “Setting the Stage.” For the preface, I told a story to indicate the reason for writing the history and illustrate the final nudge for putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard. 677 kata lagi


Writer's Doubt

Banish writer’s doubt? Or not?

In a recent guest blog post I was asked what my least favorite part of the writing process is. My answer was “getting my manuscript back from the editor.” 583 kata lagi