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Art, Storytelling, & Sharing Light

“When we tell our stories, we are sharing our light.”

The photograph above is inspired by my grandmother. She was the mother of nine children. Some might think that, with so many children, her heart would be too full for others. 316 kata lagi

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A Granddaughter's Wish

I Immediately Thought Of My Grandparents….

This is the response I got from a fellow photographer after posting a casting call on social media looking for someone with a story to tell. 961 kata lagi


Translating Assassin's Creed to the big screen

To start with I have to mention that I had not played the games before I saw the movie. I am almost always intrigued when someone decides to make a move based on a game. 407 kata lagi


Bearing witness to my life

I wonder about my writing a blog as being a way for my life to not go unnoticed. Because much of it, being single, I live by myself. 1.014 kata lagi

Story time? ... Yes please!

It’s been long over due!  You my friends are in for a cool treat. I have been so busy with work and life that I haven’t written a story in awhile. 36 kata lagi

Story Time

6 Keys to Telling a Great Story!

We all love stories. Children’s eyes grow wide with anticipation listening to tales of pirates and princesses. As we grow old the types of stories that capture our imagination evolve into more complex narratives, with intricate plot lines. 261 kata lagi

Grip Tip

Comparing Gender Gap Across Degree Categories

In this project, we’ll explore how we can communicate the nuanced narrative of gender gap using effective data visualization. We’ll try to compare the gender gap of men and women in different categories. 281 kata lagi

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