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Overtaken by events

So. Recently I have been reading a few of my early short stories (there aren’t many later ones as I gave up writing them) with a view to making some of them available in… 525 kata lagi


Vanagard Funded - Big Thank You

Actually, it was funded a week ago. I haven’t gotten to posting this yet because, well, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the rules. 135 kata lagi

Roleplaying Games

Breakfast at the Counter

There is one empty stool at the counter and we need two. I contemplate if one of us should take claim while waiting for a second but I am too late – a 60-something man walks past the final food prep station and sits down on my stool. 228 kata lagi

God's Eyes

A Poem written by my Dad in 1985.

God's Eyes

The news said the story was quite clear
 I read it each day in black and white
 Chained and barred all in fear
 And with freedom the cost, who wouldn't fight

We're all equal in the eyes of God
 And our rights can't be taken for granted
 Speak up and feel the wrath of our rod
 Men's morals they seem to be slanted

One man, one vote is decree
 Thats the way god set out the plan
 And even Atheist would say they agree
 For its equality that makes up the man. 132 kata lagi
Story Telling

Bespoke Journal

At school, as part of our graduation, each student had to choose a project to work on for the last two years of our education: I decided I wanted to make a magazine focussed on sustainable living. 300 kata lagi

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how we met

well it’s started with one friend request like other most social site stories but i had twist ! i mean she was unknown and i didn’t know her or how she look like. 45 kata lagi