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Thursday Story Telling 

So I’m starting something new and you guys will have to let me know if you like it. I will be posting “chapters” if you will, of stories I have written. 441 kata lagi


Here To Help

The best thing about small humans — sticky fingers.

Sure, they are likely to poke you in the eye or pull on an ear, but it is a small price to pay. 81 kata lagi


A Sunken Ship in Sand

I stood at the veranda watching the last rays of the sun shiver and fade behind the vast stretches of darkness slowly dripping into the distant horizon. 1.043 kata lagi

Faith, Rant Etc

Still Sharp

A mother of 15 children, 88-year-old Ariel “Miss Milky” McFarlane spoke about her life struggles and experiences from the hills of Trelawny to her life in Kingston. 1.059 kata lagi


How to write a video script

This week I’ve written three video scripts for my fertility client. One was on the impact of stress on fertility, another on the Weston A Price diet and then today one on going gluten-free for fertility. 794 kata lagi

Writing Tips

The Corpse Bride

In my last post I described a dream I had recently where someone who had harmed me through my childhood appeared large and angry but I was able to tell him how the dead have no hold upon the living. 1.608 kata lagi

Mental Health

Photographing the unseen - Case studies

I’ve read through the three case studies of Peter Mansell, Dewald Botha and Jodie Taylor of which I find them all to be inspiring in individual ways. 1.239 kata lagi