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Storyboarding and Storytelling workshop

Last Sunday’s workshop on story telling and storyboarding was a real success.

Key messages from the workshop include the following:

1. Storytelling is all about communicating an effective message.  231 more words


A Table is a Table: It's Tell a Story Day!!

Tell a Story Day is my favourite day right after St. Patrick’s Day! I actually wanted to write a story myself, but to be honest, I just didn’t find any time for it. 1.530 more words

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The Best Way to Tell A Story

On a shuttle, riding back from church

I lean forward in my seat and poke my head in the gap that’s between the two seats in front of me. 561 more words


Dwelling, Loving, and Story-Telling

The overall goal of this blog and my project is approaching the ever-pressing issue of climate change with love. I believed, and still do, that by helping people learn how to love this earth, action against climate change is possible. 1.281 more words


Your Next Boss May be Watching You

The observations from life, translated…

Ching, who’s a janitor of our building is a very outgoing and optimistic woman, other than doing her tasks at cleaning up, she’d always helped the residents who couldn’t get out of their houses to buy their meals for them, out of the kindness of her heart, to take out the trash for them, so, in the three years she worked in the building, she’d established a good relationship with the residents. 260 more words

Cost Of Living

Famous Internet Author Suffers Terrible Withdrawal Symptoms As...

…he completes photography on his fabulous Earplug Adventurers series and places his ‘actors’ in the attic. Those being the principals…

The end caps, rubber bungs, and general odd-bods… 26 more words

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Teerth Yatra … To the land of Yamuna and Ganga… – 4

It was most probably in the month of Karthik, Vikram samvat 1965 (corresponding to Oct-Nov 1908 AD).

The young Sanyasi, Swami Svatah Prakash came by train and got down at Rajghat station near the bank of Ganga, not far from Narora in District Bulandshehr. 1.604 more words

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