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Over the past couple of weeks, I have met with a few nonprofits to discuss their upcoming galas and I see a common mistake. These events aren’t telling the story of the host. 569 kata lagi



It’s #WineWednesday and I’ve got a treat in store…

By far the only delight in the range, this one stood out to me for many reasons…. 584 kata lagi


The Three Ninja Pigs

Are you ready for the three ninja pigs?

An adventure that brings the three little pigs into the path of the Big Bad Wolf, and it seems that each encounter (in Granny’s house, huffing and puffing, Cinderella’s shop) gets the three ninja pigs into more trouble than the Wolf. 32 kata lagi



Author: Steven

Have you every wanted something so bad you wait months and months waiting for it, thinking about it, dreaming of how much better your life will be when you have that one thing? 349 kata lagi


My Grandpa The Barber

My grandpa Peck was a very interesting character .  I remember spending the night at my grandparents and grandpa would get up in the morning, have breakfast and head to work at his barbershop. 295 kata lagi

what happened to the country mouse

The country mouse
got tired of the same same;
he was tired of the green leafy
pastures of glory
the singing birds fluttering joy… 122 kata lagi



This will be quick as I’ve not much time but wanted to post something as it been over a week. I still trying to keep up with the new years resolution to write once a week at least!!! 303 kata lagi