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Daniel Kitson; story time

Listening to Daniel Kitson’s ‘Stories for the Starlit Skies‘ was such a great pleasure. I saw his final show last night as part of the comedy festival at the Playhouse in Melbourne, which is three-and-a-half hours from where I live. 1.240 kata lagi



I’m seated here listening to all the conversations and deliberations  going on around me. Low voices, screams, shouting, whispers, wails you name them.  I’m not alone, so don’t call me crazy or insane. 705 kata lagi

Te extrañaba...

Octubre, 2016. Montreal, Quebec, Canadá.

Nunca había pasado, y suena irónico por qué somos hermanos. Una relación de actividades familiares, de saber quiénes somos de forma superficial. 51 kata lagi


Poems of Today #1 + (I'm back!)

Sorry I was away for so long but as an apology, lemme show you what I’ve been working behind the scenes: Poetry in Motion

Let free what was kept stale by growth! 482 kata lagi



She lived all her eighty three years in a small cottage in the woods in the heart of the Norfolk countryside.

She was the ultimate spinster and wanted for nothing. 548 kata lagi


Day 205 - Her story

২৪/৪/২০১৭তারিখ পুন্য হবে রানাপ্রাজার চার বছর,no more rana plaza অামি একজন গারমেন্টস শ্রমিক তাই অাল্লাহর কাছে ফরিয়াদ জানাই যেন rana plaza মত দুর্ঘটনা অামাদের জীবনে না ঘটে

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April 2017