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Leech and Wort - Faery Ring

Have you ever listened to an album and thought “Why isn’t everyone talking about this?” As a reviewer, I run into that a lot. I hear an album that blows me away yet I can find very few people talking about it online. 878 kata lagi


Death Legends

I’m standing on top of the red rocks that over look St. George Utah. It’s a city now, like Salt Lake, the sky a permanent oiled orange. 514 kata lagi

Hawkins's bottle second part Chapter One

When Hawkins opened his eyes a sharp pain ran through his head, a thin thread of blood fall through his forehead and he felt a somnolence as he had never experienced. 523 kata lagi


The Meeting (Spoken Word)

Spoken Word is meant to be SPOKEN. Reading it silently doesn’t do it justice. You can’t feel the words, hear the rhymes, listen to the inflections and see the emotions. 369 kata lagi


Gilbert: Meeting Juliet

Have I ever told you the story of how Juliet and I met?, Gilbert asked me with a twinkle in his old eye.

Searching my brain I decided he hadn’t, and I told him so. 406 kata lagi


Dear Ravina... 

You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. What a journey it has been so far… With less than two months to go, your arrival is starting to come into focus and it is shaping up to be one for the books. 674 kata lagi