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Kids Story Telling- Good Manners

Subject:   ‘Good Manners’,
Usage: 3 Minute story for junior kids Story telling competition
Mode: Simple

By: Madhav Prasanth, Class 1,ICSK-Kuwait
Target Age Group- 6-10 Years, Class 1-4…
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Always Be Gentle And Polite To Others

8. The Story teller

At first, I was Jaded and wondered what possessed me to this sleepy little town.
My senses took its own time to adjust to the accentuating silence, the grassy meadows and mountain cleavages. 323 kata lagi


Boy Troubles: Entry #1

Honestly, this will probably the most frequently updated section of this blog.

I have a lot of issues with members of the opposite sex.

And they apparently have a lot of issues with me. 1.402 kata lagi


the VERY personal narrative 

​I was asked to write a personal narrative in my English class. Whenever I’m asked to write anything about myself, I have a habit of accidentally pouring a perhaps unecessary amount of emotion into small assignments like writing a rough draft. 1.381 kata lagi


An influence not to be dismissed

I’ve always been proud of my (half) Greek heritage. As I was growing up I felt that it enabled me to think differently and see life through more than one lens, which I saw as something special.   874 kata lagi

The Collective Blog

Jilly: Snippet

My head is so deep in my WIP right now, I don’t want to think about anything else. I love this feeling. Even when I’m dealing with Real Life – and life’s currently throwing some meaty challenges my way – Alexis is in the background, ready to grab my attention as soon as I have a moment to spare. 745 kata lagi

Eight Ladies Writing

Reviews: Pete's Dragon

Pete’s Dragon, like Cinderella or The Jungle Book, is a remake of a classic Disney film that not only improves on the original, but also manages to be a refreshingly individual film in its own right. 1.476 kata lagi