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Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

That’s true in the Parallel Universe, too, where time expands and contracts for characters experiencing fictional life, as well as for their author (as narrator), and for readers (as observers).  277 kata lagi

Stop Watching the Stopwatch!

Recently, a coach put out a request on a Facebook Swim Coaches Forum for the top features coaches want from a stopwatch application, presumably on a smart phone or tablet. 504 kata lagi



Have you ever felt your time is up?

Button clicked,

Stopwatch lapses, pauses, flashes  –

Time to wind down.

Time’s up.

– Shaniqua Benjamin  8 kata lagi

My Thoughts...

Measuring the wall time in python programs

Measuring the wall time of various pieces of code is a very useful technique for debugging, profiling, and computation babysitting.  The first time I saw a code that performs time measurement was many years ago when a university professor used Matlab’s… 29 kata lagi


Patch 8.03: The (attempted) Murder of a Meme

Feeling Uninspired

On Feb. 6, Riot released patch 8.03 notes. With this patch Riot aimed to reduce the selection of Perfect Timing and Unsealed Spellbook… 404 kata lagi


STOPWATCH - The Great Motivator

“What is the one piece of equipment you must have as a physical education teacher?” This is a question that frequently comes up on social media or through casual conversation with peers. 942 kata lagi

Physical Education


This one gave me some trouble – not enough ideas or skill for the few I had, so I settled for a stopwatch, and I did use a stock photo image as a model. 26 kata lagi