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Quick Hits: Create and Start a Stopwatch in One Line

Ok, so this is a pretty trivial thing but I happened to stumble across this while doing some work on figuring out a bottleneck in one of my scripts. 175 kata lagi


Calculating Execution Time in Unity

Be a good developer we have to measure all aspect in the execution especially in game development. Time execution affects all running process. We can know our code is effective by calculating time execution in our code. 94 kata lagi


Product Review

Hello all of my sport lover. I had the chance to review Aposon Sport Watch in black for men. This watch has a great look and the number are very readable and easy to function. 105 kata lagi


One for the toolbox: Stopwatch

Since I’ll be doing lots of time measurements going forward, an easy to use time measurement thingie could be good to have, to minimize the risk of doing bad measurements and to make the code clean enough to not have the measurements distracting us from what is important. 649 kata lagi

Software Engineering

Creating mobile applications with Web technologies (Part 4)

Welcome back to the fourth part in this series where we’re¬†aiming to build a cross platform¬†mobile application using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In… 1.023 kata lagi