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Measuring Instruments

Meter Scale

This simplest instrument to measure length in the laboratory is a meter scale. Its length is 1 meter or 100 centimeters. Because of this, it is called a meter scale. 2.674 kata lagi


'Keep calm and hit record' mobile apps help Little Brother watch Big Brother

Thanks to new and upcoming mobile apps, members of the public who feel they’ve been unfairly stopped or even harassed by the police won’t have to rely solely on police records or recordings to make their case. 420 kata lagi


[Visual Studio] Performance, performance, performance (with the help of Visual Studio “PerfTips”)

For Visual Studio 2015

Từ xưa tới nay, khi debug bằng Visual Studio, hầu như ai cũng biết chọt con chuột lên trên một biến nào đó và một cái bảng nho nhỏ hiện ra hiển thị toàn bộ dữ liệu của biến đó. 1.013 kata lagi

Visual Studio

Running Log: 10/5-10/11 in which I have a few really good runs

I don’t know what’s up, but this past week felt really good for me in terms of running (and also life… which I guess makes sense). 800 kata lagi


My Best Workout Partner - the Stopwatch

many moons ago, while i was a collegiate athlete, i lifted heavy weights because i was trying to perform better on the court…. NOT!  of course i wanted to perform better on the court, but the truth is that i lifted heavy weights because my coaches forced me to. 614 kata lagi



Yesterday my daughter, who lives in Maryland, found in a desk drawer an old stopwatch that once belonged to me. How she came in possession of the stopwatch, that is about 50 years old, neither of us have any idea. 945 kata lagi