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Creating mobile applications with Web technologies (Part 4)

Welcome back to the fourth part in this series where we’re aiming to build a cross platform mobile application using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In… 1.023 kata lagi


Blindfold Drawing

Scout chooses/or is given an animal (or whatever) and is blindfolded before trying to draw it so other Scouts in the team can guess what it is. 22 kata lagi




Hey guys! Today I made a stopwatch website, that I KNOW that I will use, a LOT! I thought I would actually make something USEFUL today, so here it is! 22 kata lagi

Arduino Stop Watch using ILI9328 2.4 inch Display

The sketch and all the images can be downloaded from my GitHub page here.

There are a number of versions of this ILI9328 TFT colour display, but the one shown in the picture above and here on… 530 kata lagi


Android 5 Development part 8 – Nested Fragment

Fragments in activities allow us to reuse code and make our apps more flexible. This chapter is continuing from project before.

Stopwatch github and workout_manager github… 1.271 kata lagi