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World of Warships - Stopwatch Aiming

Yesterday a video showing the Stopwatch Aiming as been published by Aerroon. This video shows how this cheat helps you aim and hit your enemies giving you an unfair advantage. 193 kata lagi


UART Controlled Stopwatch Using an FPGA

Being able to interface an FPGA project with a device that has a serial port allows for a basic means of sending and receiving data between the FPGA and a PC. 3.190 kata lagi


A Moment's Silence

There were no keepers left in the midst of all

To receive the hour, for time to call

So make haste O weary soul!

And seize the hour shall yet control… 88 kata lagi

My Poetry

Stop and Search- Is It Working?

Since its introduction the use of stop and search by police has proved a controversial power with widespread allegations of misuse and discriminatory application.

Race has been a key sticking point with… 312 kata lagi



My run started so good. I was so excited to start week 3 which introduces running for 3 minutes. The weather is beautiful, it is very cool out which I prefer. 249 kata lagi


What makes a run a good run? Last week I claimed I had a bad run. Today’s run was not necessarily better in that it was easier, but I would claim that it was a good run. 379 kata lagi