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I Believe in Yesterday

Today was a rough day, overall. It started out great, but slowly spiraled into one of those monthly days where it is best to lock oneself in her room rather than have to be around people. 590 kata lagi

Doing Laps Around My Old Self

I run with my stopwatch on my phone set and in hand. When measuring your success in milliseconds, this is a useful tool. Unless you do what I did today. 183 kata lagi

Stopwatch with the Basys 2 FPGA

A stopwatch is a good FPGA project that covers many basic, yet interesting areas of FPGA design. We will need display multiplexing for the multi-digit display, synchronous cascaded counter circuits to increment time registers for seconds and minutes, and a finite state machine to give us start, stop, and reset functionality. 1.632 kata lagi


DataTable Row Loop c# Performance Testing (Linq vs. Select vs. Parallel vs. For)

I still find myself using DataTables (from SQL Server, mySQL, etc.) on a regular basis. In an effort to see how some different methods of looping through the data performs and what method might be the fastest, I put together some small, fast tests, below are my test results. 260 kata lagi


Quick Hits: Create and Start a Stopwatch in One Line

Ok, so this is a pretty trivial thing but I happened to stumble across this while doing some work on figuring out a bottleneck in one of my scripts. 175 kata lagi


Calculating Execution Time in Unity

Be a good developer we have to measure all aspect in the execution especially in game development. Time execution affects all running process. We can know our code is effective by calculating time execution in our code. 94 kata lagi