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Shit changes

Shit changes. It’s as simple as that. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. There’s not much you can do about it really. You can try your hardest to keep things exactly as they are but whether you like it or not, things change. 2.062 kata lagi


Electric Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard

Doom has always had a sense of timelessness about it, coming seeped in nostalgia almost by definition but being so singularly unconcerned with anything but its own feculent purple haze that it can simply exist in whatever time period you happen to be in, like Bill and Ted. 348 kata lagi



Hi. For the sake of staying somewhat anonymous I’m not going to give you my name or a summary of my life. Throughout a lot of my stories you’ll learn what you need to know, whether or not you’re able to follow is something you can work out by yourself. 1.071 kata lagi


Belgian stoners Grotto release Circle of Magi

Circle of Magi is an album full of psychedelic riffs by the Belgian stoners Grotto. best served loud.
New Music

Fusion Shoegaze Delicacy

See, this is the first Cloakroom record that I’ve lent my ears to – after stumbling upon it accidentally – so I have absolutely no clue how they’ve sounded in the past and how much they’ve evolved over time. 664 kata lagi


KING OF RUST, the mixtape with the Heaviest and Slowest SLUDGE Music

KING OF RUST is the new entry in Guerino’s collection of mixtapes. This series of mixtapes explores the fascinating world of Sludge, a musical genre that here in this blog we appreciate a lot.  89 kata lagi


Gardenia - Kyuss

Kyuss are for connoisseurs. To anyone not submerged in the form, tropes and variants of heavy music Kyuss are a bit scary. Not because of a overtly halloweeny image like some ghost painted Death Metal Bands. 317 kata lagi