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New paper published -- Leaf economics and hydraulic traits are decoupled in five species-rich tropical-subtropical forests

text by Guo Dali

Ülo has recently coauthored an article with Prof. Guo Dali’s lab from the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 257 kata lagi


Visiting scientist – Nathalie Leonhardt will give an ENVIRON lecture

Welcome to the ENVIRON’s lectures!

On June 4th at 10:15 in Chemicum, Ravila 14a, Tartu room 1019.

You are invited to join the guest seminar by… 37 kata lagi

Abiotic Stress

The Climb

Plants need water in order to survive, but they don’t have a digestive and circulatory system to move liquid through their bodies. Instead they utilize the adhesive and cohesive properties of water with two structures called xylem and the stomata. 120 kata lagi


New paper published - Global effects of soil and climate on leaf photosynthetic traits and rates

/Here is a guest post written by Vincent Maire for his new paper in which Ülo Niinemets is one of the coauthors./

There is a longstanding debate among ecosystem ecologists to conclude if the soil has an independent impact on ecosystem productivity at global scale (Wang, Prentice and Davies 2014; Huston 2009, 2012). 1.039 kata lagi


Stomata of Arctotis (dicots)

Photo credit: Google

Arctotis arctoides (Asteraceae)

The foliar micromorphology of Arctotis arctotoides (L.f.) O. Hoffm

by Badmus A. A., Afolayan A. J. (2010)

in Academic Journals – Vol.4(16), pp. 151 kata lagi



“Diffusion is a form of passive transport (no energy required) in which substances flow from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration:” 60 kata lagi


Photosynthesis in CAM Plants/Succulents (L80)

Give one or more reasons that photosynthesis is challenging for plants in a desert environment. Describe in detail the adaptations that plants have made in order to deal with this challenge. 203 kata lagi