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Stomata and its working


What is stomata?

A stoma (plural stomata) is a minute pore that is used for gas exchange. They are mostly found on the under-surface of  244 kata lagi

How did plants evolve stomata?

A blog post by an old friend a couple of months ago (Ancient CO2 estimates worry climatologists), at this time of all times, set me thinking about how Earth has changed over time and how it is changing today in what is often described as a new, human-influenced geological epoch – the Anthropocene.   960 kata lagi

TREES AND US: More in Common Than You Might Think!

The Schuette Oak has been living at the corner of Letts Road and Rush Road for probably 500 years. In 1973, it was recognized in the Champion Trees National Register.   2.214 kata lagi


Upcoming seminar - Julie Gray about stomata

Tomorrow! Guest seminar by Julie E. Gray – March 17, at 14:15, Nooruse 1, first floor auditorium!

You are warmly welcome to the seminar by prof. 49 kata lagi


The Stomata Experiment

We all once heard that talking to plants would help it grow right? Well they weren’t wrong! Living organisms such as ourselves produce CO2 which is what plants need to survive. 1.055 kata lagi

Woodwardia and Psylla - our BSc student Mirjam won a picture competition

Text and pic by Mirjam Grosberg

Nature Conservation Circle of Tartu Students organize an annual nature photo contest. This year the theme was Body, and they wanted the perticipants to bring out the beauty and lives of the bodies through the photos. 175 kata lagi

Other News

Through the phone via microscope and macro lens attachment

I have been looking at a variety of things and taking photographs through my phone.

The following images were taken through the microscope.

From the recent PMS box – stonefly nymph mouthparts. 68 kata lagi