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How to Pray for your Upcoming Missions Trip?

You are well on your way to taking part in your upcoming Short-Term Missions trip.


Image of the week: Phase behavior of ternary oxide layers

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter is currently collating a Special Issue on the fundamentals of chemical functionalities at oxide interfaces, with the help of guest editors Stefano Agnoli and Matthias Batzill. 231 kata lagi


Week 1 is complete!

It’s now Sunday evening and raining as I type up this update. The rain has cooled things down a little–it was another fairly warm day. I had a good worship this morning with a group of nationals at a local Baptist Church. 434 kata lagi


Making Progress

It’s Friday night here in Honiara, and I am watching as the NAS is being backed up on the newly re-built backup computer. I was unable to repair the file system, so I had to re-install Linux. 262 kata lagi


2017 - Honiara, Solomon Islands (Guadalcanal), South Pacific

As I was getting prepared to start a new blog series for this year, I realized I never really completed last year’s set (no pictures or final “I got home same” message). 240 kata lagi