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Federico Musto of Arduino SRL Shows Off New ARM-based Arduino Boards

I caught up with Federico Musto, President and CEO of Arduino SRL, at the 2016 Bay Area Maker Faire. Their company is showing off several new boards being prepared for release as early as next month. 626 kata lagi

Arduino Hacks

Feed Your Head: Sunday is Montreal Museums Day so free admission, free Bixis and free shuttles

Sunday is Montreal’s 30th annual Museums Day. Veterans will know that this means free access to more than 36 museums, which will be featuring special activities as well as their exhibitions. 213 kata lagi


Meet Mandi Delgado and Nicolas Suarez coming to ISM September 2016 - internship Noah's Ark

My name is Mandi Delgado, and I am from Rosenberg, Texas! I attended Christ for the Nations Institute and I majored in Global Missions. Upon graduating, I was supposed to attend field school in Africa but things didn’t go as planned. 241 kata lagi

Missions School

26 weeks - baby #2

My dad decided he wanted to come down to visit for a day to see me (and P) this week. It was a super quick trip but nice for Palmer to “meet” him since she hasn’t seen him since she was just a few months old. 619 kata lagi


Amali 2 STM1202 Mac 2016

Amali ini dilaksanakan secara individu.

  1. Laksanakan pemasangan sistem pengoperasian Windows 7 ke dalam set komputer yang diberikan.
  2. Wujudkan ___ partition ke dalam komputer tersebut
  3. Tetapkan sambungan komputer kepada Access Point…
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