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3 health risks that might not be on your radar

It’s no secret that your wellbeing is paramount, and you probably try your best to stay happy and healthy. From coughs and colds to eye infections and earaches, you might consider yourself a pro when it comes to dodging the most common health problems. 639 kata lagi

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Love in the time of balanitis

The morning after my 5th date with Whippersnapper, we both got ready for work. It was the first time he had stayed over on a weekday. 2.034 kata lagi


Monogamy may not be natural, but it is esssential

“Monogamy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Or at least it’s not a “natural” way for people to behave in society, according to Scarlett Johansson….She says that while marriage is beautiful in concept, it’s not something she believes is a ‘natural’ state for people, given the tremendous difficulties people face committing to it”, as reported by Theresa Avila. 822 kata lagi

Let's talk about STI screening?

I debated for a while as to whether I wanted to write about this subject. It’s quite a personal topic and while they’re becoming more common than we may like to admit, there’s still a large stigma attached to talking about Sexually Transmitted Infection’s, let alone admitting you have had one. 976 kata lagi

Love drug: Canadian researchers are working on a syphilis vaccine

We may be one step closer to getting rid of syphilis as a team of researchers in British Columbia are currently testing a candidate for a syphilis vaccine. 457 kata lagi



Ditinggalkan atau meninggalkan.

Waktu lah yang akan mempergilirkan.

Tak ada yang lebih tersakiti, pun menyakiti.

Aku tidak pernah suka ditinggalkan. Lagipula, siapa yang akan menikmati menjadi yang ditinggalkan?

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Guide to Safe Sex Part I: Risk

Since the eminently unqualified Betsy DeVos is taking over our public schools and sex-education is already shitty, I’m performing an end-around by just tackling it myself.   1.176 kata lagi