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College offers young people money to have sex on camera

Haven’t kids had enough sex education by college to know the benefits of using a condom?

Via NY Post: A school in England is making some people hot under the collar — by offering to pay young couples to have sex on camera. 301 kata lagi

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An amino acid in Red Bull is found to treat psychosis

In this study, taurine, an amino acid and modulator of neurotransmitters which is found in Red Bull, could decrease the brain’s hyperexcitability during a first time psychotic episode.   115 kata lagi


Layo's Thoughts: Full disclosure or nah? 

My dilemma with meeting new people who are essentially strangers when it comes to dating or even friendships is that in general people don’t tend to offer up bad information about themselves and even if they do sometimes you don’t just know what to do with it. 529 kata lagi

8 emotional stages of getting a Pap Smear using Kim Kardashian gifs

There’s no denying that Pap Smears play a super important role in preventing cervical cancer and the detection of STI’s, but no one said anything about having to like them! 505 kata lagi

ABCs of STIs

We always talk about unplanned pregnancy but let’s not forget about  sexually transmitted infections (STIs). STIs are quite common and not restricted to infecting a certain ‘type’ despite the stigma they may carry. 384 kata lagi

Sexual Health

Health Services Helps Herpes (and other diseases, too)

By Emily Depasse


Sex is associated with feelings of pleasure, and with that pleasure, comes risk.

Most have probably heard the, “Sex is like riding a bicycle,” cliché. 1.036 kata lagi

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