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30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge #2

It’s easiest to tackle how my fibro has affected my life so I’ll start here. This is such a broad question though so it is a little overwhelming to tackle. 825 more words

30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge #1

I’m going to try to do this challenge to help me focus on this blog more and help give you a more complete picture of my health and challenges. 151 more words

Proposed Bill Wants Couples To Test For STDs Before Getting Married In Oklahoma

One politician from Oklahoma is working hard to enable a law that requires couples get tested for STDs before walking down the aisle.

Sen. Anthony Sykes (R) introduced  293 more words


1960s England: Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll. But a Prison Sentence if you're Gay...

Last week I told a patient in clinic that they have HIV. As a doctor, you are trained from day one in the art of “breaking bad news” and as a HIV specialist it is an unfortunate norm to tell people that their test has come back positive. 913 more words

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4 Tips for Awesome Sex

4 Tips for Awesome Sex
So I’m sure most of you are familiar with Cosmo or other “Spice Up Your SexLife” titles. But I’m not here to tell you how to use ice cubes in the bedroom or what is the latest and greatest sexual position. 462 more words

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Journal Entry: What happens after you tell the Internet you have herpes

1. As soon as you hit publish, you start crying. You can’t explain why—it’s a strange moment of bodily supremacy where your brain has been thinking about this decision for months but your lungs decide… 622 more words