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Let's Talk About Sex

Biologically, humans are sexual beings. We have physical urges and desires that need to be fulfilled. Yet, in American society, sex and sexuality are taboo… 502 kata lagi

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Are you aware of your Sexual Health ?

Sexual health doesn’t just mean sexually transmitted diseases but also your reproductive state, emotional state, physical and mental being.

Conditions concerning Sexual Health


Enfermedades venéras en Ecuador

Here in Ecuador, my Spanish classes have been based primarily around speaking, presenting and learning the language in a dynamic setting rather than sitting and memorizing verb charts.   405 kata lagi

"In theory you're sleeping with everyone they've ever slept with"

University is often portrayed as a period of hedonism and promiscuity and as it is a time when many students first experience living independently, this often results in boozy nights and subsequent sexual encounters. 1.278 kata lagi

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Of loneliness and STI's

Ill-conceived ideas that lesbian sex or rather lesbianism is not prone to STIs’ or HIV usually and most certainly always lands my fellow colleagues with injection needles in their butts! 316 kata lagi

Would You Wear A Spray-On Latex Condom?

Behold, the future: the year is 2015, times are tough, and one enterprising design student has come up with a new way to make life worth living again. 540 kata lagi

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Are We Irresponsible?

A couple of days ago I read this article in the Telegraph about internet sperm donation. It wasn’t the usual sensationalized nonsense that you find in some tabloids, but it certainly did have the old “using a known donor is irresponsible” sting in the tail that these articles often do. 1.752 kata lagi