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Male circumcision: a cut to save lives?

Male circumcision is the removal of the foreskin of the penis. This is the retractable fold of the skin that covers the end of the penis. 557 kata lagi


WA Event: SIREN Symposium on Sexual Health and BBV issues

The third biennial SiREN Symposium will bring together West Australian practitioners, clinicians, researchers and policy makers with an interest in sexual health and blood borne virus (SHBBV) issues. 99 kata lagi


5 truths about... Contraception.

A topic that many feel uneasy about. Taboo. Not to be discussed in public. But why? Humans are one of the few species that have intercourse for pleasure as well as mating to produce offspring. 596 kata lagi


Daisy (Bergen) on Sexual Education

Daisy Wakefield (Bergen) writes about using her art to break taboos.

I have always gravitated towards making feminist artwork, discussing taboo topics such as menstruation, in order to question the viewer’s discomfort. 129 kata lagi


Sexual Health for St. Patrick’s weekend

With St. Patrick’s weekend around the corner, we think it is important for all of us to remember that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can present no visible symptoms, meaning that you may have an STI without even knowing it. 465 kata lagi


In UFO STI WTF, Even Aliens Need STI Checkups

(Source: kotaku.com)

UFO STI WTF is a short, visual novel browser game, built by a team as part of a game jam during the sex, love, and relationship-focused Australian games festival… 719 kata lagi


Platinum Magic

After writing a vagina post that went over a lot of people’s heads two years ago, we going back in now. Take the pun or leave it, it’s up to you. 407 kata lagi