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Veste, zakaj zbolimo?

Ker skrivamo svoja čustva. Ker si ne pustimo čutiti tistega, kar se “kuha” v nas. Ker smo bili naučeni, da čas celi vse rane in ker so nas bombandirali s stavki, kot so: “Eh, saj bo/ Saj bo minilo / Saj ni tako hudo.” … 409 kata lagi


STIK needs your help please

Community street artist STIK a true champion of helping the homeless and the forgotten! Needs just a couple of clicks of your time to undo an injustice of stolen art from the young folks of Gdansk in Poland. 150 kata lagi

Mitch Hicks

516. Grimsby Street, Shoreditch (1)

Stik is probably the most instantly recognisable street artist in the world. His simple stick figures hide a sophistication that is quite baffling really. They appear to convey such strong feelings and emotions, often compassionate. 103 kata lagi


An Alternative London tour

First published on State of the Arts

Not that long ago street art was considered a synonym for vandalism. Tags scrawled by young louts hanging from railway bridges when they ought to have been home at night and who didn’t respect the value of people’s property. 397 kata lagi


New Stik Street Art 'Past, Present & Future' In Shoreditch

Just over a week back saw the completion of Stik’s latest London Mural, with a superbly placed and constructed work located in the Red Gallery on the corner of Old Street.  197 kata lagi

Street Art

Stik on the changing face of Shoreditch


Please give the above clip a view….. A really good insight from Stik and friends on the changing face of Shoreditch…… Enjoy …….. Mitch

Mitch Hicks


STIK // Photographs by Robyn Barrow

Characterized by tall skinny legs and a white head with a smily face, this street art is known as STIK. 65 kata lagi