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When the Old Masters Are Taken to the Streets: Dulwich Outdoor Gallery

In 2013 street artists from all over the world were invited to Dulwich, an area in South London, for the Dulwich Festival. The artists visited the… 1.242 kata lagi

Street Art

More than a few lines and a circle

The psychology of Stik’s work I find interesting.  How can something painted on concrete which is basically a few lines and a circle somehow become comforting?  128 kata lagi

Ox-Tongue Steak (Indonesian/Mom Style)

Artikel dalam Bahasa Indonesia, klik di sini :)

Here in Indonesia, it is hard (expensive) to have a steak quality beef. So, unlike western-like steak which the beef only being grilled (after being marinated, sometimes), we need to process our beef more to have it tender enough to be a steak. 647 kata lagi


What is there to love about street art?

What is the first thing you imagine, when you think about street art?

For somebody, one of the Banksy’s work will pop up as the first thought, somebody will imagine train wagons covered with the graffiti writings. 676 kata lagi



Who would’ve thought that a couple of lines and dots could make such an impact in the street art/ graffiti world?

STIK, who was once homeless and found himself squatting alongside political activists in abandoned buildings in London, is one of my favourite artists that I came to know about and understand on this journey through my project. 187 kata lagi

Creative Defiance

New Stik Street Art In Hackney Road

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday globally acclaimed Street Artist Stik laid out his freshest London piece on Hackney Road. This marks the second work from Stik in London in 2015, with the first being the… 150 kata lagi

Street Art

Stik Book Review - Stik

This year’s Edinburgh Book Festival saw Stik promote his self-titled book that records his work to date thematically and chronologically, mirroring his development, focus and ultimate success as an artist. 567 kata lagi

Street Art