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Tribute to Ingrid Beazley the street art pioneer who founded the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery

It’s an odd thing to say in 2017 that there should still be street art pioneers but in Ingrid Beazley, who died last week, we really did have a leading light. 1.273 kata lagi

Street Art

London’s Best Street Artists

London’s street art scene has long been heralded as one of the best in the world. From Camden to Brixton, Hammersmith to Dalston, street art is an ever-present sign of the capital’s creative culture. 841 kata lagi


Past, Present and Future

Lurking just round the corner from last week’s lonesome man, are a haunting trio.

Stik uses his street art to present aspects of local life and issues facing society.   92 kata lagi


Shoreditch past, present and yet to come

It was a particularly grey London day when I took this picture of one of Hackney artist Stik‘s murals.

Representing the past, present and future of Shoreditch, the figures really stand out in, peering down at the traffic on Old Street. 72 kata lagi

Solitary Stick Man

Stik is a British street artist based in the Shoreditch area of London and known for his distinctive stick men.  They often pop up on bright coloured doors and shutters, but this lonesome man is perched high on a wall near Old Street station. 21 kata lagi


Veste, zakaj zbolimo?

Ker skrivamo svoja čustva. Ker si ne pustimo čutiti tistega, kar se “kuha” v nas. Ker smo bili naučeni, da čas celi vse rane in ker so nas bombandirali s stavki, kot so: “Eh, saj bo/ Saj bo minilo / Saj ni tako hudo.” … 409 kata lagi