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Three Decades of Hype

1986 was a very fruitful year for the Beastie Boys. Nearly every track from their debut LP saw a 12″ or 7″ release (It’s the New Style b/w Paul Revere featured here), and the band, with a lot of help from producer Rick Rubin, sold a very sizable amount of records. 8 kata lagi

American Girl Crafts Nail Sticker Craft Favors

Each package contains 4 party favors. Each favor contains 110 nail stickers, for a total of 440 nail stickers
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Eye in the sky

The eyes watching over up all , seeing what we are up to . just floating there with his friend reko the T-Rex.


Stick It

I’ve released a couple of different products on redbubble for those of you that enjoy Music & Flannels. Check em out!



And on the 8th day, God sobered up! MINIATURE Sticker

‘And on the 8th day, God sobered up!’ MINIATURE Sticker. Width: 5.25 inches, Height: 1.5 inches. Stickers are printed on high quality Starliner Premier Polypro water proof paper and adhere with adhesive to your motorcycle helmet, notebook, locker, or other surface appropriate for a miniature sticker.
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