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Free Yedi Sticker | Built for the wild

Free Yedi Sticker

Score a free Yedi sticker or free Yedi Catalog. On a side note, stickers are good for craft projects and scrapbooking. You can cut the letters or parts you want out. 159 kata lagi


Limited Offer: Bookmark Window Stickers

Until July 31: Paypal $5 per bookmark sticker to primal.spiral@gmail.com with quantity & address in note to receive anywhere in the world.  Limit 25.

Talk about a beautiful misprint!  54 kata lagi


Rain, sunshine, overwork, sushi and finally longweekend!


Teeth and the Eyes 

It’s exciting and it thrilling, it’s the terror of vampire teeth and blood shot eyes on the hunt. For it looks for the next victim.


Pop-Up Phone Stickers

Have you seen those pop-up things on the back of phones? They’re pretty cool, propping up the phone to watch videos or just making it easier to hold larger smart phones. 220 kata lagi