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I painted an American Flag

I believe it’s time for to take American patriotism back from the right.* Toward that end, I have painted an American flag, complete with 13 stripes and 50 stars. 126 kata lagi


Purium Shaker Bottle Sticker

Here is a full page of Purium Shaker Bottle Stickers you can use any time but especially wonderful during the 10-day transformation or the 90-day reset. 176 kata lagi

Crunchy Nana


Blogging from high-speed train Ankara to Istanbul. I feel like I am already on the other side.


DIY Stamp Stickers

Craft level: Newb/annoying

So, my ink pad is not planner friendly. It will bleed through the pages. Am I going to let that stop me from using them?? 24 kata lagi

no entry

Busted, Pac-Man in Montmarte Paris.



Sand Drawing

sticker boardcolored sand, condiment bottles

  1. pour some of the bulk colored sand into condiment bottles
  2. peel off the cover sheet to expose the adhesive side of the sticker board…
  3. 65 kata lagi

Bubble Poetry

Iris Roggema brought me this poetry found in the streets of Nijmegen, which she was made aware of by a friend of her’s. How social media can be great! 15 kata lagi

International Blowing Bubbles Day