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Episode 078 - "The Watcher"

And now we start this, the first of the so-called “pseudo-historicals”. These were stories that took place in a historical setting, often with historical characters, but feature elements of science fiction. 356 kata lagi

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Falling In Love with Steven Universe

Lately I’ve been suffering from some pretty hardcore migraines and headaches, and I’ve been finding it difficult to get into too many films where I have to pay attention for more than a short amount of time. 339 kata lagi

Film Grimoire

Brandon Steven - The Importance Of Philanthropy

Brandon Steven is a successful entrepreneur and uses his success to help others. He is a dedicated philanthropist and works hard to help the charities in Wichita and to improve his community. 233 kata lagi


My Thoughts on Story 016 - "The Chase"

So the third appearance by the Daleks is done, and Team TARDIS at the end looks almost entirely different from how it looked at the start. 279 kata lagi

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Episode 077 - "Planet of Decision"

This is the final story with Ian and Barbara, and this is their final episode. It’s quite sad in that way.

But before we get to that, we need to take a look at the rest of the episode, including the rather bizarre Mechonoids. 338 kata lagi

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In the Dragon's Den: Interview with Steven Erikson Part 3

In the Dragon’s Den: ¬†Interview with Steven Erikson Part 3

TCD:¬† Picking this up again, we were talking about SF, and it and your love of absurd comedy masking some pretty pointed observations and satire brings me on to… 2.449 kata lagi


Final Report

Well this is the last Monday. I am truly blessed and honored to have been this set apart servant of the Lord. I have reached the end of this wonderful experience and am glad to report that I have served well. 346 kata lagi