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God, she’s beautiful, Steven thought. The soft afternoon light danced through her auburn hair, lending different shades of orange and pink throughout. That little smile and her eyes. 1.450 more words


What I'm Lovin': My Spring Break Suitcase

Greetings from Arizona! I’m currently spring-breaking with the fam. If you follow me on Instagram (and you should), or read last week’s post on packing, you would know that I brag some mad packing skills.   117 more words

What I'm Lovin

Good Friday

Last Friday, we woke up to discover that raccoons had gotten to our two young chickens. Feathers (and blood spots) were all over our deck. This hit me pretty hard because I had personally nursed one of them back to health. 34 more words

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Numbers, popularity and Galaxy 4 (1965)

Fans who like scoring, ranking and evaluating Doctor Who stories in minute detail (or in other words, fans) must love Doctor Who Magazine‘s irregular surveys of every story ever. 1.044 more words

Well-loved love note

Benjamin carried around Steven’s love note all day. He even took a nap while clutching the note.

Kids - Toddlers

Love note for Ben-Ben

Benjamin had a very different reaction from Matthew when Steven gave him a little love note.

Kids - Toddlers

WCW - Moves that led to their fall from grace

On March 26th 2001, WCW produced it’s final show. After spending most of the 90s battling the then WWF for wrestling supremacy, the financial strain finally took it ‘s toll on the former NWA affiliate. 728 more words