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Naked Tree

I wonder if trees dream, and if they do, I wonder if they ever dream of being caught outside in broad daylight naked? Have you ever had that dream? 21 kata lagi

Black And White Photography

Anime Review: Blood Blockade Battlefront. Look at me with your "special eyes".

Hello all, and welcome to my review for the first season of Battle Blood Blockade, I mean Battlefront Blocks Blood, I mean….

So yeah let’s just call this show BBB for sanity sake as I don’t know how many times I’ve mixed those words around by now. 773 kata lagi


I Can See the Grinch

When in doubt, lead with a cute bear.  My husband, Steven, did some more indoor decorating today, so I took a few pictures to dress up my blog post, in the perhaps forlorn hope of disguising the fact that I have very little to say these days.  334 kata lagi


Steven Colbert is a boldface liar to get a joke over 

Steven Colbert intentionally mislead his viewers by telling that he is from South Carolina while making fun of Southern Culture. Someone defending Roy Moore stated that he never asked the age when he asked permission to take out a girl. 132 kata lagi

All Mary's

“I’m real, you know. I’m not just a doll.”

“You’re not my Mary,” a slightly drunk Pitch Darkly grumbles. He looks up. “What did I get you for our one month anniversary together?” 370 kata lagi

*Second Life

Here's Looking at Yew

I’m a sucker for farm animals. Especially the friendly, curious ones like this who had learned that people would offer an apple core or a scratch on the head. 35 kata lagi

Black And White Photography