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Steven Avery's Sons Speak Out For the First Time: WATCH!

At this point, it seems like just about everyone involved with the Steven Avery murder trial has had their say.
Even Avery himself issued a statement, despite bizarrely being barred from talking to the media by the Wisconsin Board of Prisons. 9 kata lagi

Steven Avery: Was He Framed By a Notorious Serial Killer?!

Ever since Making a Murderer first captivated Netflix viewers back in December, hundreds of theories about the murder of Teresa Halbach and the arrest and conviction of Steven Avery have surfaced online. 13 kata lagi

4: 'Let It Be' by The Beatles

After the loss of his dream world, Steven once again feels miserable. He seeks solace in the belief of Mother Mary. Whenever he feels sad, he sees her stand before him, telling him everything will be okay. 61 kata lagi


Murphy's Day

Apparently today was freaking Murphy’s day for me. What’s a Murphy’s day? Murphy’s day seems to be a variation on Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong and at the most inopportune time. 370 kata lagi

Post #2: Emerging Africa and Millennium Development Villages

As learned from previous readings, it is quite difficult to induce change at a national level. Through a different approach, Africa is slowly moving towards lowering the poverty level one city at a time. 769 kata lagi

Rock that hat (and dress)

Hello guys,

Paris Fashion week is finally over. And after this exhausting but awesome week, it’s very great to be back at home, rest a little and be back on the blog. 541 kata lagi


Steven Avery Issues Statement to Supporters: I Am Innocent!

Even if you haven’t watched Netflix’s wildly popular documentary series Making a Murderer, you’re probably at least passingly¬†familiar with the strange story of its subject, Steven Avery. 12 kata lagi